Wallace’s Close Encounter

“As time passes we’re becoming privy to increasing amounts of UFO sightings direct from our militaries. Sightings they are at a loss to explain. The ‘Tic-tac’ video being one such sighting. What does this mean?”

I wrote this story in answer to the following prompts:
Authorworld — Picture – Between Heaven and Earth
Ragtag Daily Prompt — Elephant
Your Daily Prompt – Vacuous
Pensitivity’s Three Things Challenge — Roll – Steak – Sandwich – Congrats on 700 prompts Pensitivity!

Wallace’s Close Encounter

‘Somewhere in the vacuous space between Heaven and Earth, the planes fly.’

“This is EJ 2001 two EJ 2002, over,” said Wing Commander Wallace Tate. He was cruising along at 25,000 feet in his Eurofighter Typhoon. Capable of speeds up to Mach 1.8 (1370.17mph) the jet with its Mauser cannons, missiles and precision-guided bombs, was rapid and lethal.

‘EJ 2002, receiving loud and clear, over.’

“Good to hear your voice, Ronnie. Let’s turn south-east and scout the Norfolk coast before returning to base, over,” Wallace gave a bearing and prepared to turn.

‘Roger that. Turning now, over.’ Ronnie acknowledged his voice sounding hollow over the radio.

“Received, over,” Wallace took rapid deep breaths through his oxygen mask, inflating his lungs to handle the G-forces as he made the turn. Without the special breathing techniques, turning at these speeds would cause a pilot to blackout.

As the Typhoons compasses and GPS displays registered the new heading, Ronnie’s voice returned to the radio, ‘When I see a golden sun on the horizon like this. I can’t help wondering if there is a heaven up here somewhere.’

“I know what you mean,” Wallace gazed from the golden sea stretching to the horizon below, to the purple hues of the flat stratocumulus clouds around him. For a moment he felt one of the cloud forms resembled an elephant as he soared beneath it.  “If it were possible to build a house on a cloud, I happily live up here. It’s so serene and beautiful.”

‘You’d always be wet though!’ Ronnie chuckled.

“Too true, I …” A warning tone filled Wallace’s cockpit. A quick look at all his gauges and controls revealed the issue. “Radar picking up a bogie. Range five miles dead ahead.”

‘Received, awaiting instructions, Wing Commander.’ Ronnie replied.

“EJ 2001 to Heathlakes, over.”

“This is Heathlakes, go ahead, EJ 2001.”

“Heathlakes, radar has picked up a bogie now four miles dead ahead and closing.” Wallace gave precise location details. “Can you advise as to identification as we are not on any commercial flight paths? over.”

“That’s a negative, EJ 2001. We see the radar hit. If it is another plane it’s not transmitting its transponder code. Proceed with caution, over.”

“All received, over.” Wallace switched over his communication channels. “EJ 2002, this is EJ 2001, over.”

“Go-ahead EJ 2001, over.” Ronnie’s voice quavered showing a little rising stress.

“Let’s climb another five thousand feet and get eyes on our mysterious friend, shall we?”

‘Roger that. Climbing now, over.’

Wallace watched the typhoon on his right-wing lift its nose. Its massive turbofan engines roared as it gained altitude. Smiling, Wallace engaged his controls and followed.

‘So, what would you like to find in heaven if it exists, over,’ Ronnie asked.

Wallace knew he was using the small talk to calm himself now. “Ha! A café selling a nice big steak sandwich would be nice about now.”

‘Amen to that. I’ll take an egg and cress roll.’

“Roger that, veggie.” Wallace chuckled as he checked the GPS again. “Bogie now two miles out.” He gave the vector and bearing as he began searching for a visual of the craft in the sky ahead of him.

‘We should see it by now, right?’ Ronnie replied.

“This is Heathlakes to EJ 2001, over.”

“This is EJ 2001, go ahead, Heathlakes.”

“EJ 2001, be advised the unidentified bogie is right on top of you.”

Wallace gazed through his windshields desperately searching for the unidentified craft. “Received, we have no visual. What are your orders, Heathlakes?”

“You are cleared to take evasive manoeuvres. Do not engage until identification can be made. That’s, do not engage pending identification, over.”

“All received, standby for identification,” Wallace flicked over his communication channel. “Did you hear that, EJ 2002?”

‘I heard it loud and clear. I know you’re the Wing Commander, but how on earth do we identify something we can’t — ahh!’

“Holy shit!” Wallace gulped in the face of the brilliant white ball of light heading straight for his cockpit.  He wrenched the steering yoke hard left. His typhoon went into a hard barrel roll before the experienced pilot brought safely under control again.

‘Is that an order? Over,’ Ronnie asked.

“That’s a negative, over,” Wallace replied while scanning the skies and his instruments, searching for the blinding object.

‘Well, I think I need new boxer shorts anyway. What the hell was that?’ Ronnie said voice almost a shout.

Wallace was feeling the same injection of adrenaline. “I don’t know. Stay calm and find that … bloody hell! It’s below — rising fast — bank right — do it now!” Wallace rolled left.

The ball of light rocketed between the two typhoons, missing them by the smallest margins.

This time as Wallace looped his typhoon through the darkening air, he saw it. “You seeing this, Ronnie? Over.”

‘I saw it and if my eyes aren’t telling whopping lies. We’ve got a UFO, over.’

Wallace had come close enough to the object to see through the brilliant white light. Now, he realised the blinding aura was nothing more than a force field around a black triangular craft. It terrified him in the way that it displayed abilities and technology his highly advanced typhoon wasn’t even close to matching.

‘Wallace, are you okay, over.’

“Sorry, Ronnie. Initiate evasive manoeuvres. We can’t fight this thing and we’re getting the hell out of here.” Wallace gave new bearings as he angled his jet back to the base as fast as it would go.

“Heathlakes to EJ 2001, do you read?”

“This is EJ 2001, go ahead, Heathlakes,” Wallace replied with his head on a swivel searching for the unidentified craft.

“We lost you there, EJ 2001. Radar specialists tell us the object is likely ball lightning, over.”

“Well, those specialists need new jobs, Heathlakes. We’ve just witnessed a triangular UFO with technology outweighing ours. We’re retreating and returning to base, over.”

“Roger that, EJ 2001. See you on the ground.”

“EJ 2001, out.” Wallace fell silent as his typhoon rocketed him through the air. He’d heard many tales of unexplained aircraft during his time as a Royal Air Force pilot. This was the first time he witnessed one himself.

The UFO tracked the two typhoons for several miles before peeling away and vanishing.

Wallace and Ronnie landed a few minutes after dark. Within moments of them exiting their aircraft, they were approached by the base commander. He had them write detailed accounts of the event. They were then sworn to silence.

We only have Wallace’s account because he smuggled it out to us through desperation to alert the public to the aliens in our airspace.

The End

Thanks for reading my friends.

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