Beating the Failure

“Todays Word of the Day is KAKORRHAPHIOPHOBIA : The abnormal fear of failing.

This is something I have experienced. I failed almost every time I tried to publish Holly’s mysteries. 3 publishers screwed me, I had several editors go wrong, I lost a friend, I had beta readers tear me to shreds. I got to a point where I was afraid to try again because I knew I’d fail again. Kakorrhaphiophobia told me if I tried again something bad would happen.

Here’s the thing; failing is giving up and never trying again. If we don’t stop trying we’ve never actually failed. We’ve just suffered a few setbacks.

So, I tried again and that resulted in The Steam Train being published and Holly’s Story being republished. It’s not been without issues. My curse has just deleted a whole manuscript of edits without a trace from my editors computer. She wont quit or fail and the next story will rise from the ashes soon. Do not give in to kakorrhaphiophobia keep going and you will not fail!”

Beating the Failure

You will fail
I will prevail
You’ll only sin
Wrong I’ll win

You’ll always lose
No, I refuse
You’re so weak
I’m strong and unique

Your hopes will decay
Yet I’m positive today
You’ll still fall short
Not with my friends support

Time for you to fail
Enough of your blackmail
Now, you’ll fall and bleed

Wrong, I will succeed!

Thanks for reading my friends.

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Have a great day!

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      1. I try and read all the posts of anyone I follow. That way I get to see great new creative work and this helps inspire me. You’re a great writer Mason, you have a wonderful ability to paint the picture 🙂

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