Holly Ward Investigates – Holly’s Story

“Good news my friends. My mission to bring my special sleuth Holly Ward to you is gaining speed. I bring you the perfect way to get to know Holly in her companion e-book of charming short stories:

Holly Ward Investigates: Holly’s Story

Holly Ward is a natural-born mystery solver. She spends her days as a waitress in her mother’s restaurant, and her spare time scuppering criminals. Trained from a young age by her Detective Grandfather, she sees all puzzles as a challenge and loves to try and work them out, leading to all sorts of mysteries and adventures.

This collection of stories is an introduction to the Holly Ward Investigates series, and of course our cozy-mystery solver Holly: her background, her upbringing and how she came to be the crime solving sleuth she is today.

Available now on Amazon

Did you enjoy that and want more?

Holly Ward Investigates: The Steam Train

When waitress Holly Ward is confronted by mysterious holes in a garden, she’s compelled to investigate. The smallest amount of sleuthing reveals suspects galore. Then a garden variety murder stokes the fires. Holly knows she must unravel Arthur Bassham’s steam train of mysteries before her sleuthing takes the lives of a whole family.

Available now on Amazon:

The mystery-adventure is just beginning there will be more exciting mystery’s from Holly coming in the future. Thank you all for you continued support of my writing.

Thanks for reading my friends.

There’s more in the Poetry CornerPoetry Nook, and the Short Story Collection

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