Night of the Rabbits

A dream comes in many forms, the worst is a nightmare. Every dream and nightmare has a purpose. It is your brain working to solve the mysteries and problems of the day. So … What on earth does this dream mean for our special sleuth?

I shard this nightmare for the following prompt.
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Night of the Rabbits

The only way to describe it was to be standing on a tundra during a whiteout. She was stood on a cracked and worn country road that disappeared into the dazzling, cold white light which encircled her. But something was wrong with the picture; no cars travelled along the desolate road.

Worse she was standing on the tarmac with bare feet and wearing only a flimsy white cotton dress. Shivering with cold she watched it happened in super slow motion. A midnight blue Focus appeared out of the brilliant yet misty whiteness. It travelled past her with…

“Sam help me!” screamed the girl feeling terror grip her. She might have been screaming into a soundproof room for the foggy brilliant white light seemed to absorb her voice. She felt so alone so vulnerable standing on that strange road. She felt abandoned by her guardian in the footballer as he kept on driving dead ahead, never stopping, never slowing to save her.

Then it struck her, no engine noise emanated from the car. Wherever this was it defied the laws of physics in terrifying ways.

Then a white curtain-sided seven and a half-ton lorry appeared in a flash of light and turned right in front of the car. The driver was a long-eared white rabbit wearing a top hat. It was looking right at the girl with a leering, evil smile as the lorry turned. Without warning the car slammed into the lorry sending sparks and metal fragments flying into nothingness.

The girl screamed and broke into a run. Before her, the car rolled onto its side and burst into flames. In front, the lorry also detonated into a raging inferno as white rabbits spilt from the back.

“Sam, please no! Please be okay!” screamed the girl. The car appeared to be fifty metres away and certainly no more. So, why couldn’t the poor girl reach or even get close to it?

On and on she ran in floods of tears. Her bare feet burned as the harsh road scraped and tore at her skin. Despite that, she would not stop until she reached her special man, her boyfriend Samuel Reed.

It did no good, she could get no closer. Wherever this place was it didn’t conform to science. It seemed to have a mysterious life of its own.

Looking at the burning vehicles, the girl could see a figure laying on the road by them. Her heart went into palpitations as she realised it was Samuel. The white light seemed to pulse as she staggered on desperate to reach him.

 A disarticulated bumper appeared at her feet and tripped her over. She hit the floor hard causing pain to flair in her right thigh. Pressing a hand to it, she felt blood but she had to get to the footballer. Rolling onto her knees she began to crawl to him, tearing her dress and scraping her hands on the rough tarmac road.

“Sam, please let me reach you. Please let me get there.” the girl screwed up her icy blue yet warm eyes, squeezing more tears from them. She felt them run hot down her smooth cheeks and opened her eyes again. Now, as if by magic she was kneeling beside the prone footballer.

He was wearing his yellow and green Broadland City Football kit. On his head were a pair of pink and white bunny ears.

Looking at his handsome face, she let out an anguished cry.

He was grey almost white. His eyes were open yet covered in a deathly film. His features were twisted in pain though he was unmistakably dead.

She lifted him at the shoulders only for his lifeless head to lol horrifyingly backwards. Lovingly supporting him against her, she hugged him close and that was when the laughter began.

It was eerie taunting laughter very close at hand. Looking up, the girl saw she was surrounded by dozens of large white rabbits. It was they who were laughing at her. Fearing them she gently laid the footballer back on the tarmac and stood up. Her sadness becoming hatred, pure anger at these horrible creatures. One of them hopped close and pulled her long shiny black ponytail. The girl slapped it off and watched it scamper away.

“How could you kill him? How could you take him from me?” she cried. Without warning a rabbits flung itself at her. She kicked out at it and squealed in pain. It had bitten into her leg. Withdrawing in a hurry, she could see the creature had fangs. This was a vampire rabbit and that was all the girl could take.

“I don’t know what’s going on here!” she screamed. “I do know I’m Holly Ward and this is all nonsense!” she kicked another rabbit away. “This-is-not-real!” she screamed breathlessly. At once the rabbits piled on to her and she fell to the floor beneath their writhing bodies …

To be explained – one day!

Thanks for reading my friends.

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Have a great day!

10 thoughts on “Night of the Rabbits

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  1. Disturbing… but in the very best way possible. Wow. I didn’t know you could write so freaky! Great job!! Holly better be okay, though…😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Lorraine.
      Sadly this dream is for the 10th in the series but it was fun to revisit and share it. I love that you spelled backward – backwards. Nice touch. in fact, the dream shows how a sleuth like Holly can process what’s going on even when sleeping.
      Thank you for reading!


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