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Trees of Life

“Every day millions of trees are lost. Forests are burned and chopped down. Copses annihilated for building plots. rare species hacked down for money. With every lost tree the air grows ever unbreathable. Pollution grows ever denser as the remaining trees fail to cleanse the air of the toxins produced by humans. Thirty years ago one in ten people would suffer from cancer. Now it’s one in two because that is becoming a toxic cesspool. In the coming years the last trees will fall and that will signal the end of life on earth. Only by coming together as one united world as people. Only by putting racism, greed, land borders and selfishness behind us can we all come together and save our earth. Save ourselves from our own extinction event.”

I wrote this story for the following prompt.
Sadje’s What Do You See – picture above – Shane Rounce Unsplash
Ragtag Daily Prompt – Filter

Trees of Life

The trees need me and you
They more than just a pretty view
The roar when the wind blew
We need the oxygen they spew

Tree’s filter each breathe of air
Providing the essence of life everywhere
Everyday their numbers pare
Where forests grew, no trees stand there

Soon all trees will be lost
Life on Earth will face holocaust
So stop all trees from being tossed
Killing Earth is an unbearable cost

Save the trees and Earths mortality
Regardless of race, religion and sexuality
We’re all facing extinction level fatality
We must work as one to change that reality

Thanks for reading my friends.

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  1. It is such an important issue but it seems to have dropped beneath the radar, swamped by the continuing concerns of covid. I sometimes wonder if Mother Earth has found a new way of fighting back these past 18 months.

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  2. Hello. Loved this poem. I’ve started a movement against deforestation and animal extinction, it’s called the #Boycott4Wildlife. This is a boycott on supermarket brands that are RSPO members and yet still continue with illegal land-grabbing from indigenous peoples and also deforestation for palm oil. Here are the brands to boycott – they are the biggest food brands in the world. It’s great to meet you!

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