Gerald’s Bauble

“However hard life is for you. Spare a thought for the homeless.”

I wrote this story in answer to the following prompt:
Friday Fictioneers – Write a 100-word story based on the Photo Prompt image above by PHOTO PROMPT© Na’ama Yehuda תודה חברה שלי

Gerald’s Bauble

Gerald trudged through fresh snowfall in the park. His fingertips, blue with cold, clasped a slivery-pink bauble.

Arriving at his tent, he smiled through missing teeth while hanging the trinket on a branch.

He remembered a childhood of wonderful Christmases while watching it sway on the icy breeze. A tear froze on his cheek as loneliness crushed his spirit.

His only friends were at the soup kitchen. He had no family.

Gerald wrapped himself in his ragged sleeping bag and lay shivering.  

He froze to death that night while smiling through memories of good times.

The End

Thanks for reading my friends.

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41 thoughts on “Gerald’s Bauble

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  1. A very poignant story, Mason. I like the way you contrast Gerald’s childhood Christmases with his present experience. The contrast increases the horror of his lonely death, but it also gives a sense of consolation because he has the memories. And even as you think, “Well, I’m glad he had those good memories,” you remember his wretched situation and think that no-one should have to suffer like that.

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    1. Hello Jade.

      The single bauble in the tree just seems so lonely and sad, I had to try and get those emotions in the story.
      I feel all the family from those past Christmases for waiting for him on the other side.

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  2. This breaks my heart in so many ways. I knew a Gentlemanly homeless veteran. He picked me up from the street and helped me to the hospital after I was hit by a car and no one stopped to help…even 9-1-1 whom we called never sent anyone. So, he helped me get help. Three weeks later, he died curled on a bench in sub-zero weather because the shelter had turned him away. What a D* sick world we live in. Sorry, it still brings anger and sadness to think of him.

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    1. Hello Bear. No need to apologise.

      I’m shocked to read that 9-1-1 didn’t come after you got run down! I’d have sued them for that. You could have died because of that. I’m glad you’re okay.
      That poor veteran should never have been homeless the country should have cared for him for his service. Its so sad and horrifying how people can be neglected like that.

      Thanks for reading!

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