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Freedom Heist

“Why do plans so often go wrong? You didn’t double-check all the details – that’s why?”

I wrote this poem in answer to the following prompts:
Fandango’s Story Starter – I’d imagined this moment so many times, but I never expected…
Ragtag Daily Prompt – Break
Word of the Day – Expatriate
AuthorWorld – Picture above – Freedom

Freedom Heist

I’d imagined this moment so many times, but I never expected the gang to go ahead with it.

Yet the armoured bank van was drawing closer on its way into our little seaside town.

‘Come on, Tina!’ I said to myself for my place behind the style gate.

Rogers held up an “okay.” hand signal from across the road. Tina was in place it was go time.

That bank security guard was so lucky. Tina was that hot blonde you always hoped to meet when she suffered a car breakdown.

The van passed my position. I could smell the wealth in the back. It was worth the anxiety threatening to give me a heart attack just then.

The brake lights glowed red as rolled to a stop.

Tina’s car prevented it from passing.

I leapt the style gate, with Abe.

Rogers came from the hedge on the other side.

Together we conversed on the back of the van.

Ahead the security guard was already out of the van and conversing with Tina. She was doing a great job showing him her every curve.

“Lucky swine, she never flirts and plays with me, like that!” I said.

“Make her do that later. Just get on with it!” Rogers hissed.

“Whatever.” My father is a fully trained and highly regarded locksmith. The bank had called him several times when locks failed on these vans. Taking out my own set of lock picks and tools, I went to work on the van’s rear doors.

“Ooh, Tina just let him kiss her!” Abe whispered.

“Atta, girl! She’s got him right by the boxers then,” Rogers replied with a filthy grin.

“Only Tina could sedate a man with sexiness!” I said while remaining focused with an ironclad gaze and my enemy. The mechanics of the lock clanged and clunked as I worked into its inner sanctum.

“Come on, Pete!” Rogers urged.

“We should have used C4. It would have been much quicker,” Abe added.

I hid a smile as I remembered the Italian Job, “No need, boys,” I clicked the lock off and stepped back.

“Nice one!” Rogers said with a hungry smile.

Tina and the security guard were now looking under her bonnet. If he was really examining crankshafts, rubber hoses, and spark plugs, I would have been amazed.

Abe and Rogers threw open the back door. The idiots almost fell over each other in their hurry to get into the van.

“Here take these!” Rogers threw me a pair of black plastic deposit boxes. Both heavy, indicating good plunder inside. He dropped two more on the back for himself.

“We did it!” Abe remarked having stuff three more into a holdall. “Let’s go!” he added once he and Rogers were on the tarmac again.

I swiftly relocked the doors as they clambered over the style gate. Taking out my phone I sent Tina a text message. ‘Done, go!’ That’s when it went wrong.

As I picked up my plunder, the police car pulled to a stop. Thank my cunning I was wearing a realistic mask and looked like someone completely different.

“Freeze!” yelled the officer behind the wheel.

I leapt the gate and ran into the cornfield as fast as I could. “Extraction now, Police!” I yelled.

The sound of Tina’s engine starting and then driving away left me smiling. At least she might get out of this without a criminal record.

Rogers burst through a hedge at the bottom of the field and held the branches back. “Let’s go!”

Abe and I said nothing as we plunged through and increased our speed across the next field.

The sweat poured from me and I was struggling to breathe and I hauled myself up the next style gate.

Rogers almost vaulted it like an Olympic high jumper.

Abe crashed into it, hurled his plunder over and faceplanted himself in his hurry to climb over. How he didn’t break his nose, I don’t know.

Landing a little calmer, I sucked in deep breaths and set off running again.

“Freeze! You’re all under arrest!” yelled the officer still in the field.

We were now running down the coast road. Waves from the sea were pounding in the distance. The smell of the salty air should have been calming. But no, the three of us were in flat-out panic mode as we ran into a caravan park and split.

When I first moved to the seaside town, one of these caravans was home for a few months.

Now, I zigzagged between sunbathers, and the guy cremating burgers on a barbecue. Leaping between dog walkers and kids with a football, I came upon the beach entrance. Nothing more than a sand slipway between two high dunes topped with marram grasses.

Abe and Rogers were already on the beach.

“Where’s Emil, boys?” I yelled.

“Shit! If he gets us nicked, he’s dead!” Rogers replied with his head on a swivel.

“I’d like to see you kill him from in prison, you plank!” Abe retorted.

Freedom at the end of the heist was supposed to be waiting here. Instead, the sea was devoid of the expected escape route.

“Well, we can’t stay here,” I said beginning to run in the direction Emil was supposed to be coming from.

“We can’t run all the way to the dock either. The police chopper will be in the air looking for us soon.” Abe said looking tired.

“Damn it, we’re screwed!” Rogers was wearing the most moribund look I’d ever seen.

I slapped him, “Shut your face and follow me!”

“Hit me again, I’ll kill you!”

“Shut up and run,” I angled back into the dunes and climbed into the marrams.

Beyond the dunes here was a sandy road bordered by shiplap timber clad, single-storey houses. None had proper gardens; giving them an abandoned sort of look.

Reaching the first, I pulled back some screening revealing a space beneath the home. “Chuck the loot in here, split and scarper. We’ll come back and get it when the heat’s off.”

“Good idea.” Abe chucked his holdall under the house and sprinted away.

Rogers gave me a suspicious look.

“Just do it — go on and get lost. See you later!” I urged him.

Rogers nodded. His two secure boxes went on top of mine and then he was gone.

I dumped my loot and mask inside and made a show of running away. With a smile, I doubled back just as quickly. Taking out a bunch of keys, I unlocked the house opposite the one concealing the loot and stepped inside. I sat down moments before the police chopper thundered overhead. ‘Had they seen me?’

Luck was on my side, for the next couple of hours several police cruisers kept coming past. But none stopped to check my grandmother’s old home.

Over time, I grew more confident in the plan. I switched on the radio and delighted in hearing both Rogers and Abe had been captured. The rotten slugs had ratted on me. The police were now looking for a Pete Sanders in connection with the bank van heist. Just as well you never trust your companions when breaking the law. Pete Sanders never existed and neither did Emil. My name is Leroy and those fools just made me very rich.

As darkness fell, I was on the move again. I slipped under the house and used my lock picking tools to open all the boxes. I soon had £75,000 stashed in the holdall.

With the money over my shoulder, I walked back down onto the beach. This time a jet ski had been abandoned in the surf. Jumping aboard, I started it and angled out through the choppy waves.

“Freedom!” I yelled as the beach receded from view behind me.

The white sails of a yacht appeared on the horizon. A light was flashing beneath the mast. ‘…  .-  ..-.  .’

I smiled, a few years in the military was always well spent. The message was easy to read as I angled toward the vessel.

Ten minutes of bumping over waves brought me alongside the yacht named ‘Freedom

“About time you got here,” said Tina leaning over the gunwale to take the loot.

“Better late and safe than never, ask Abe and Rogers,” I replied with a sneer as I joined her on deck.

“Idiots!” Tina chuckled as she wrapped her bikini-clad body around mine and gave me the sultriest kiss.

Remember, I said, ‘she never flirts and plays that way with me’ all part of the plan. If Abe and Rogers saw Tina and I together too much, they suspect we were up to something. Couldn’t let that happen if I was to get both the money and the girl, now could I?

“Let’s set a course for Holland and expatriate ourselves, shall we?” I said as I walked the deck to the wheelhouse.

“Hmm, use Autopilot. After turning the security guard to putty, I’m ready to test out the bunkroom.” Tina made a noise like a cat and disappeared below decks with the loot.

I smiled after her, feeling victorious. “Lesson learned, boys. If you want to come away with the loot, remember to double-check every little detail so nothing can go wrong. Enjoy your cells!”

The End

Thanks for reading my friends.

There’s more in the Poetry CornerPoetry Nook, and the Short Story Collection

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