The Sculptor

“Respect what you have especially if its love. Love is a precious thing, a powerful thing that can turn pure evil if you besmirch it.”

I wrote this story for the following prompt.
Sadje’s What Do You See – picture above
FOWC with Fandango  — Brick
Your Daily Word — Vitiate
Pensitivity’s three things challenge — Petty – Single – Duet

The Sculptor

The bust of Vie was magnificent. Every detail was perfect down to the curls in her hair and the elegant angle of her nose.

Vivienne felt nothing but disdain for it. The sculptor, Marcos, didn’t deserve the glory, in her eyes. Vivienne had been young and single when she began her lessons as a sculptor. Marcos was her teacher and he became so much more.

She recalled how he began to vitiate her innocence in the way he would touch her arms and back. Those kisses on her hands as he guided the hammer or chisel, she held.

Marcos was the owner of some carnal magic by the way he made her putty in his dexterous hands.

Vivienne remembered all those nights after class with a smirk. Posing nude for him, so he could craft his magnificent statues of her.

When he was done with his chisels, he would join her in a lusty duet upon the pedestal until it was time to go home.

Every night, she would ask, ‘Do you really love me?’

He would answer, ‘My love is only for you. I’ve never kept another lady after class to share my infatuation and love for. You own my heart.’

Vivienne shook her head, she’d believed every word like a naive little schoolgirl. Then he double-booked himself.

Just last week, Marcos had left her a text message. ‘Join me in the studio at 8 PM we’ll finish the piece and have a little fun.’

Vivienne said she would. She put on an alluring red dress for him and dashed down to the University. Arriving almost exactly at eight o’clock she entered the sculpting studio.

Marcos was so deep in the throes of love on his desk, he never noticed his new arrival.

Vivienne watched him and his new lover writhing like anacondas with a mixture of anger and horror for almost a minute before she left.

Marcos, called an hour later asking why she hadn’t turned up. Called her petty when she said she’d seen everything and would never come again. His excuse was that it was hard to resist so many beautiful ladies in his class. He had the sickening guile to say that she, Vivienne, was still his special one. That she should forgive him.

His words only stirred fiery disdain within Vivienne. The bitter fury grew stronger as the week elapsed. Then the sign appeared on campus.

‘The magic of Vie collection – by sculptor Marcos Pezzone. Opening this Wednesday.’

It was now 2 AM Wednesday. Vivienne lifted a bucket of thick, stinking, black motor oil and poured it over the bust of vie. “Marcos, I’ll teach you for being a vile snake. You called me Vie when you used me. Now, you will not have the honour of showing me to the world!”

Dumping the bucket, she watched the oil ooze down the bust, drip onto the pedestal and begin pooling on the white floor.

That was just the beginning. Vivienne took a brick from her handbag. Running her long red manicured fingernails along the rough surface, she eyed the other statues.

Full length, erotic, embarrassing in the way that left her feeling used and abused by the horrible sculptor.

Vivienne let out a cry of anger and ran to the nearest.

The brick exploded through the face. Blow after blow crushed the perfect smooth abdomen.

Vivienne hammered away until the brick and statue resembled a pile of rubble.

Picking up another bust, she hurled it at a sculpture of her in a reclined pose. Both cracked and crumbled under the thunderous impact.

“I’ll teach you!” Vivienne screamed as she tore down a speaker and tripod. Seizing a bar from the tripod she continued to vitiate the sculptural display. Not one statue of her remained intact when she was finished.

A sigh left her body along with all the anger she felt. With a wry smile, she left the gallery.

Amid the destruction, Vivienne left one statue intact. This one was the lover Marcos had replaced her with. Three lipstick words were daubed across the abdomen, “Enjoy her, Marcos!”

The following morning, Vivienne hid in her car and watched Marcos walk into the gallery in his finery. Within minutes, he reemerged with his head down and a handkerchief pressed to his face.

Vivienne started her car and drove away. This was the last time she’d ever see the University and Marcos. Was she petty destroying the statues? Maybe. Did Marcos get what he deserved? Perhaps. Vivienne would hold some regret for the rest of her life. However, as long as Marcos learned to respect women, she felt it was well worth it.

The End

Thanks for reading my friends.

There’s more in the Poetry CornerPoetry Nook, and the Short Story Collection

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      1. I don’t know why, but you’re really good at writing stories about very angry people. women in particular. “As Good As it Gets” with Jack Nicholson! The secretary at his publishing house asked him “how do you write women so well?” he says “I think of a man, and I take away reason and accountability.”

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      2. I got told my ‘angry’ ‘argument’ pieces were weak and rubbish, so I practiced them. I’m sure they could be much better still but they’re improved anyway.

        My method is just to imagine if I was the lady what would I want? how would I feel in the situation? How would I react? and then try to get that on the page.


      3. You’re good at it. Especially tackling the women with a taste for vengeance. And they are not weak. They are just something that requires practice as you are putting yourself in the mindset of not only a character, but one o fthe opposite gender, and sometimes that’s very difficult if you’re not prone to those feelings in your real life.

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      4. Based on what I’ve read, you have a very good grasp on female charachters, but I only know the revenge mentality and the “playful” side. Not really the serious or relaxed version – the closest to serious was the cop.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. You should do a story with the word prompts at some point about a guy who has a day off from work and he lives alone, and no one he knows will be around until later on in the day as it’s a typical work day. What would he do?

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Watching TV, maybe futzing with card games on the computer. Reading if he’s intellectual. Probably some form of sports watching though. He lives alone, so who needs to look pretty? Maybe boxers and a white sleeveless undershirt (called wife beaters around here). A beer?

        Or… maybe he’s more of the relax with fancy. Like button down shirt and slacks, reading a book with the light coming through a window, sipping on some fancy tea that he normally doesn’t drink.

        Or maybe cleaning… like cleaning out the garage or attic and finding old stuff.

        There’s a lot of ways to relax. OOOH! A bubble bath is also a good way to relax

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      7. futzing and wife beaters, there’s some weird terms lol. I need something to happen though. A story about a block having a slovenly day isn’t exciting at all.


      8. It can be. What if he were just having a slovenly day… but there was something else going on in his mind throughout the whole thing. That’s why he’s inclined to just stay home. Something happened. The woman or man walked out on him, the passing of a beloved pet or something. Something that he’s doing these things to avoid thinking about but he’s thinking about it anyway.

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      9. Yeah, it just doens’t feel right. I tried a few with more deep thoughts and it’s just wrong. I’m useless at psychology and it lacks feeling and meaning like a terrible comedy sketch. I’m more of an omniscient writer. I’m standing 300 yards from my characters describing whats happening.


      10. You’re fine! I can type enough for thirteen of us LOL

        Oh, another story idea along the same path. A married couple instead of single (lets you have your dialogue) doing what most do on a Saturday when they don’t have kids yet: Watch a few episodes of TV. You have now incorporated Doctor Who into the workings of your mind, you can do some version of the Saturday my ex and I first watched it together.

        Before that, I never watched it, but he watched it on reruns as a child on public tv here in the states. Then it came back and he loved it. I was usually doing something else because I didn’t care. The first time I paid attention at all I was walking past to get coffee and the daleks were on screem. OMG! I started SOOOO bad. At the time, I never heard of a pepper-pot as that’s very British – to me they looked like rolling trashcans with a plunger arm and giant tumors. From that day forth I tormented him as he was watching it, telling him how stupid it was. A tv show with rolling cancer ridden, plunger carrying trashcans that are supposed to be scary. he babble about how that was the first villain ever 50 years ago whatever, i didn’t care. I only ever came in after it was started, watched long enough to see the bad guy guys and then rip into him for being interested in this crap. He always watched it at exactly the same time on saturday. One Saturday I came in and I started my usual tormenting of him, but he didn’t get annoyed when he had to pause it he was just laughing at my take on the stupidity of it. It was strange. Then I realized it – he already watched the episode and I didn’t realize it. He put it back on because he knew I would do this and it gave me some type of joy to annoy him. I got very crushed (I don’t know why) and plopped on the tv. I told him to play because if he’s alreay seen it then I can continue to rip the show to shreds and at least enjoy the time. He put it on. I’m not kidding – 5 minutes later I was not torturing him, I was engrossed. When the episode ended I was upset. We could pull the older episodes from the season and I watched them all. My Doctor is David Tennant, his Docor is Tom Baker. The Doctor you really watch for the first time is pretty much your doctor. You know they will regenerate at some point, but when it happens to your doctor you totally freak out and the next doctor is just not good enough for the role for about half a season. That’s how you know you found your Doctor – no other Doctor, no matter how good, is JUST NOT THE DOCTOR. and when they regenerate you’re sad but excited for the next one. 13 actors, and you can watch almost all of them. The only one that makes you furious is when YOUR doctor leaves. That’s how you are sure he’s your doctor. But the sampling I gave you will rest your hand and give you something new to do while you’re resting.

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      11. I saw one SO and one PB. I don’t like DC. I didn’t like the other two either. Not my kind of movie I guess. Don’t really like the whole shagging spy kind of thing. Didn’t even really like Austin Powers which made fun of hte whole thing. Although Mr. Evil was awesome.

        Liked by 1 person

      12. Yea. For me, it has a slightly more detailed plot than a typical soft core porn, and the details from the plot are few based on the actual movie – it’s more because they’ve added half a bit of information per movie, and now there’s like other characters and a semi-plot because of that. It’s just girls and big over-the-top chase scenes. There was actually an enitire doctor in the 70’s who was trapped on Earth because the TARDIS broke down or something. He drove a fast car, Played off the bond, and the actor who liked fast cars and suchI can’t rememver his name


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