Friends of Cheeky Chimps

“I love a little paranormal and magic don’t you?”

I wrote this story in answer to the following prompts:
#Writephoto Challenge — Picture above by Image by KL Caley
Your Daily Word — Flounce
Word of the Day — Self

Friends of Cheeky Chimps

Kennedy May was the owner-manager of the Cheery Chimps Community Centre. She loved working in the building which provided the local community with a safe place to have fun, relax and get help. Kennedy prided herself on ensuring Cheery Chimps was the friendliest and most helpful place in the city.

To achieve her daily goals, Kennedy posted herself as the first person in the morning and the last to leave at night. That was how she knew something strange was afoot within her favourite building.

The picture resembling a grey shutter door with the word ‘community’ in the centre; had always been on the shelf as an interesting decorative element within the lounge. Two months ago an old lady called Anneliese had brought in the five figures. She had names for all of them and wanted to add colour to the shelf. They were:

Ned – the naval officer

Mack – the mechanic

Tracey – the telephone engineer

Sam – the Scout leader

Indy – the ice cream girl

Anneliese had placed them in a nice row in front of the community picture. “There, now the community as a family,” she said before walking away.

Kennedy never saw Annaliese again. She loved having the little group of friends on the shelf though. A close look revealed that they represented the many walks of life within the real community around Cheery Chimps. I was just how it should be. Kennedy had always ensured that everybody no matter who they were or where they came from was welcome here.

At first, everything seemed normal. Kennedy opened and closed as always. The centre’s guests came and always left with a smile or at least help they required.

Then one night, Kennedy smiled at the little people on the self. They were all in their neat row. “Good night!” she said surprising herself. That was the first time she’d ever spoken to toys. Glad there was no one around to make her self-conscious, she locked up and went home for the night.

The following morning, she entered Cheery Chimps and walked through the lounge is normal. Her eyes were immediately drawn to the shelf. The little people were no longer in a row. Ned, Mack and Tracey stood in a semi-circle as if chatting to each other. Sam and Indy were stood apart and seem to be chatting too.

“Weird, did somebody move you around?” Kennedy muttered as she straightened them back into their line.

They remained straight all day.

By the following morning, they were back in the little groups talking to each other again.

“What in the world?” Kennedy approached the shelf. She switched Indy with Mack and put Ned beside Sam in a straight line. “Now, stay put,” she ordered.

And stay they did, for the rest of the day.

The following morning, they were back in the same little groups as before.

“I don’t believe it!” Kennedy straightened the little people into the line once more. This time she focused a CCTV camera on the shelf. She was certain somebody was playing games with her and she was determined to discover whom.

The little people remained still all day. Some of the regulars to the community centre visited them, but none touched them.

Kennedy was sure they were still exactly as she left them before heading home for the night.

When morning came and Kennedy returned to work, she was hit by a buzz of excitement like electricity. The figures had moved, now she was sure to have evidence on camera to prove it.

Running into her office, she logged into the computer. She alone had access to the CCTV system, so the evidence had to be there.

On-screen, the image of the community centre lounge came up big and clear.

Kennedy scrolled through the day. The feed turned green as it switched to infrared to operate in the darkness of night.

It happened just after 2 AM. Sam the Scout leader leaned forward and hugged Indy as they turned to chat with each other. Ned and Mack high-fived as Tracey completed their semi-circle.   

Kennedy watched in total shock as the five figures gestured, laughed and joked with each other. Their conversation continued until 3 AM. It was then they clambered off the shelf and vanished into the community centre. By 5 AM they climbed back on the shelf. After a few moments of conversation, a stillness came over them. There they remained until Kennedy appeared in the room. As she walked past the shelf, Ned gave her back a cheery wave.

“Cheeky little bugger!” Kennedy said with a flounce toward her screen.

That night she waited until everyone had gone home. Approaching the shelf, she placed her hands on her hips. “Right, you five. I know you can move and talk. I watched you on the CCTV camera. Now, you to tell me what’s going on.”

The little the people remained statuesque and silent.

“Come on, let’s move.” Kennedy picked up Indy the ice cream girl. “I’ll drop Indy in the bin if you don’t talk to me!”

“Ahh! No, don’t do that!” said the little figure of Sam the Scout leader throwing his arms up in horror.

“Please, put her down!” added Ned the naval officer

“That loosened your tongues,” Kennedy smiled as she returned Indy to the shelf.

Sam hugged her at once. “There was a rotten trick!”

“I’m sorry. Now, maybe you can tell me how toys can live?”

Tracey stepped forward, “Anneliese is a witch. She felt bad energy here. Something threatening all the wonderful good that you do in helping people. She enchanted us as Friends of Cheeky Chimps. Our job is to protect the building and those within against that bad energy.”

“So that’s why the old lady didn’t come back,” Kennedy replied thoughtfully.

“Yes. You must forget you saw us move. Delete your camera footage and allow us to look after you,” Mack told her. “So, long as we’re here to replace the charms around the building each night all will be safe and well.”

“That, I can do.” Kennedy looked between the faces of the little people with a smile. It was weird and exciting at the same time to have living toys protecting her community centre.

Cheeky Chimps did invite everybody to share the community centre – why not enchanted toys too?

The End

Thanks for reading my friends.

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Have a great day!

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