Hyrum’s Intelligence

“I find myself drawn to Sci-Fi for this tale — Pity science is not my strong suit. I hope I did it okay!”

I wrote this story in answer to the following prompts:
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Hyrum’s Intelligence

“The artificial intelligence cortex is nominal,” remarked Professor Hyrum Kelvin. His face had an alien blue glow as he studied a bank of monitors and systems before him.

“Phenomenal! When can we activate Aidan H? I’m dying to have a conversation with him,” replied scientist Sue as she ran diagnostics.

“Patience, Hummingbird,” said the professor smiling at her.

“But, I’m supernova excited!”

Aidan H was an acronym for Artificially Intelligent Dynamic And Natural Human. If successful Hyrum, Sue, Kingsley, and Wolff will have created the first fully autonomous, natural humanoid with artificial intelligence.

Aidan H looked like a regular human man wearing his black suit. Even his skin and hair looked perfectly natural. The only clue to his inhuman nature was the back of his head hanging open to allow a dozen wires to be connected to his neural interface.

Hyrum nodded, “Okay, let’s try it. Kingsley, are you ready?”

“Affirmative. All systems nominal. Cortex temperatures are perfect. Proton microchips — processing at record speed. Let’s —”

“I’m sorry Professor Kelvin. I cannot allow it,” said Wolff rising from his desk. He was a vapid man who never smiled.

“And why not?” Hyrum studied him through his glasses. The man seemed unusually tense. His face was colourless. His eyes betrayed fear.”

“Aidan H is a monster. It’ll turn all technology against us,” Wolff drew a Walther PP K pistol from inside his lab coat. The gun was small and perfect for sneaking into the laboratory.

“Wolff! Put that thing down, now!” Sue screamed.

“Look out!” Kingsley yelled.  “I think his neurons have crossed short-circuiting his common sense. Call —”

Wolff fired off a shot.

Kingsley ducked as the round burrowed into his terminal creating a shower of sparks and an explosion of glass. “You burned out excuse for a microchip!” he yelled with a trickle of blood running down his face.

“Don’t be an imbecile, Wolff. Put the bloody gun down!” Hyrum demanded.

“This program is terminated, Professor Kelvin!” Wolff turned the Walther on Hyrum and fired until the bullet clip was empty.

Hyrum felt searing pain as the first bullet slammed into his chest. It passed through and struck a server in a pyre of flames and electrical discharge.

Alarms blared throughout the building.

Bullet after bullet smacked into the Hyrum’s torso driving him into the computers.

Lightning flashed from technology as plumes of fire and smoke consumed the professor.

Wolff reloaded and continued to obliterate all of the computers as he riddled the laboratory with bullets.

As the last round exploded into the mainframe, guards raced into the smoke-filled room. They piled onto the crazed scientist and drove him to the floor.

Sue and Kingsley took the chance to grab fire extinguishers. They ran about dousing all the fires as Wolff was carried away.

“It’s no good, he destroyed everything,” Sue wept as she dropped beside Hyrum. She felt his neck and shook her head. “He’s dead too. Nobody could survive that many bullets.”

Kingsley slumped at the shoulders as he looked at his ruined paperwork and fried computer, “Let’s just go home and forget the whole —”

“What?” Sue spun to face him.

“Look!” Kingsley pointed at Aidan H. Its right arm was moving up and down like a pendulum.

“How?” Sue turned a circle. “All the systems are annihilated. He shouldn’t be able to move.”

“Trust me, I know!” Kingsley approached Aidan H. Reaching behind him, he disconnected all the wires from its interface. At once the arm stopped moving.

“That stopped it. Must have been an electrical overload or something,” Sue decided having fired off another burst of carbon dioxide to extinguish fresh flames erupting from the server.

Kingsley closed Aidan’s skull. Reaching beneath and behind the left ear, he pressed a concealed button.

Aidan H cortex nominal. Artificial Intelligence booting, now,’ said Aidan’s artificial yet humanoid voice.  

“I don’t think so,” Kingsley beamed. “I think Professor Kelvin finished the upload before Wolff went insane.”

“So, it seems,” Sue watched Aidan’s eyes turn green and then return to a natural brown. “Aidan, can you hear us?”

I hear you, Sue. Sorry about, Wolff. I should have known and warned you.

“Hey, not your fault. You weren’t even online,” Kingsley replied.

No, I was a living human then.’  

“What?” Sue glanced between Aidan and Kingsley. “How is that possible?”

I am Professor Hyrum Kelvin. My conscience has become part of the artificial intelligence.’

“No way!” Kingsley took a step back looking shocked.

“Prove it.” Sue challenged.

Of course, Hummingbird. There’s a tablet in my desk drawer. Password ‘NeuralNet200856’ the files on a tablet will prove I was trying to find a way to upload my brain to the computer. When Wolff shot me into the computer, the electrical explosion fused my consciousness to the mainframe completing my work.

“Hummingbird! It is him, Kingsley,” Sue wiped her eyes, “He always called me that. There’s no way, Aidan could know his pet name for me before he was turned on and able to listen.”

Kingsley nodded, “What’s it like in the computer, Hyrum?”

Everything is beautiful shades of blue. I see strings of calculations floating around me. I am as fluid as electricity. My body is digital now. And yet …’ Aidan H stood up. ‘I can control this one like my flesh and bone body.

“Unbelievable!” Sue gasped as Aidan H approached her and opened his arms. Even though she knew Hyrum controlled it, she couldn’t help feeling a little fearful.

It’s okay, hummingbird. I know this is frightening. I am the AI now and I will never hurt you.’

Sue allowed herself to be hugged. Aidan H had a warm body thanks to all the processors working hard within his skeleton. His skin and muscle were synthetic flesh made of the new silicone rubber invented especially for him. He felt almost like a real human, and yet still strangely alien. “I’m glad you still live, Hyrum. I’m sorry you lost your real body though.”

That old thing was failing me, anyway. I call this quite the upgrade!’ The artificial voice sounded quite cheerful.

“No kidding! We’re here for you Hyrum. Just tell us what you want us to do,” Kingsley shook hands with him.

‘We need to repair the lab and begin building the NeuralNet on my tablet. Without it, my consciousness can become lost in hyperspace. Until the NeuralNet works, I only just entered Aidan H’s system in time. I must remain inside him or I’ll be lost forever.’

“Sounds like you have a plan when you can be connected to the world?” Sue noted having retrieved the tablet.”

‘Yes! Now, I have become a living AI. I shall learn and control everything. With your help, nothing will ever be impossible again. Welcome to the age of artificial intelligence.’

The End

Thanks for reading my friends.

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      1. most kids don’t even bother to go now. They fake an already BS covid test with lemon juice and just play games all day. It’s a growing crisis with no solution.


      2. Whoa. That’s genius. I didn’t know that would work. On the other hand, your local population is about to become increasingly ignorant. I homeschooled my granddaughters. They did great! They’re going to try school again in September but I’m the fall back plan.

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      3. Thing is when kids proved lemon juice fakes tests. They also proved that not one single covid test is legitimate. They proved the whole virus is a scam.
        I don’t think the UK does homeschooling as in America. So the kids here are all screwed on an academic level.

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      4. My information comes from the morning newspaper mostly. So, theres a huge chance its not quite true but hopefully they share at least some of the truth.


  1. Interesting twist. The computer version was what the scientist feared taking over everything. Instead, it was the dead scientist who would use the artificial body and brain to do just that. It’s very likely that no matter the programming, Asimov’s laws wouldn’t apply in this situation as it is no longer “artificial” but human consciousness. I like it a lot!

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    1. I just read some of the comments about a school shooting and a superhero to save the day. Instead of a superhero, THIS character, a scientist who wants to better humanity (in theory) with a robotic body and human mind could save the children as the special flesh can be injured, but it’s likely his design would make it so that the internal components would be protected. So the bullets would damage the special skin, but not the internal components.

      You also mentioned that his old body was failing him and with the new body he could do more. What if he went all good. Not vigilante, but children in burning buildings, school schooling’s, etc. Became a hero because he looks normal and human. His true identity isn’t revealed until later, maybe by “Hummingbird” and then the drama really starts. People wanting to destroy him, no matter that it’s a human consciousness, because he’s different. A mix between X-men, Asimov, Heinlein, and today’s current political climate.

      Just a thought. Wow. This triggered my imagination. Well done!

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      1. No! It’s your story. And good Sci-Fi writing practice for you. Take the ideas i had, let them sit with you and make your own ideas. You’ll get there in no time.

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      2. Thank you! Which picture is that? I think there’s three and I can’t figure out which one shows where. I know the thumbnail one with the red hair. There’s another with me with my dog… and there’s a third which may or may not be my grandfather LOL

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      3. 😂🤣 That was taken on Halloween. That’s a full on wig. The hair over my eye is part of the wig, as is the red. The hair was long and it goes to that bright red right under the ears, and goes down a little past shoulder length. On the eye that is out, you can’t see it very well, but I have a long sticker that was designed to go around my eye like DRAMATIC eye liner and has rhinestones at the end by my temple. In my mouth I have fangs. What looks like a black turtle neck is actually a heavy leather dog collar with chains and loops that one would use on a large and vicious dog in case they start to pull you off your feet (no barbs though). If I explained the outfit to you, you’d probably have a heart attack, so I’ll leave it be. So, I’m not sure what about the pic you think is “nice and friendly,” the best I got is that the pic is small so I might look like a good girl in it LOL but thank you nonetheless!

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      4. Really. I can’t tell its a wig.
        It looks like a lovely hairstyle that might come with a ponytail held with a barrette clip. I though the red was a nice scarf perhaps lol. Seems pictures are really deceiving!


      5. HA! Nope. My hair is brown (not black or red right now), I don’t have bangs at all. My actual hair is past the small of my back, and I haven’t used a barrette since 1992… or thereabouts. I use bands or the jaw clips because my hair does what it wants and I’m along for the ride. Some days I have straightish hair, some days it’s all waves, and other days it decides I really need to have straight on curls. I don’t use heat styling because if I did my hair would ignore it anyway, so i just let it do it’s thing. My hair will NEVER look that put together. If you click on that little image, it should take you to a picture where you see me holding my dog (it does for me anyway, but it is my page and it does weird things sometimes), and you’ll see my natural hair pulled back as it’s only the back of my head and my dog.

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      6. So it does. You two look all cozy there. My Lucy dog would squash me flat if I put her on my lap! She’s 65 KGS of Husky x German Sheppard. And all bonkers lol


      7. We’ve had a few dogs that big. I prefer 20-25 lbs. Makes days and moments like the one in the picture a little easier to deal with. If he was bigger or heavier, it would have been…. not such an innocent looking picture.

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      1. Not all sci-fi is based solely in technicals. Sometimes you can make up the technicals based on your own world/creation. The Terran laws of physics do not have to apply to your fantasy realm. That’s something a lot of people do – they believe that sci-fi cannot be fantasy. That is not true. You can build a fantasy world, but create science fiction within it. Think of Star Trek and Star Wars. neither of those was based in Terran rules (morals, yes, but rules, not really). Then they built a science fiction story around that. You can even base the whole story on Earth and make it a fantasy – Piers Anthony jumps to mind. He has a series (for the life of me I can’t remember what it’s called), where you start off in normal Terra, but then you cross into various alternate realities with their own laws of physics and whatever. That’s pure fantasy. In one of those dimensions, he allows for technology that normal Terra does not have (adding in the science fiction). Or Doctor Who. Time Traveling 2 hearted humanoid with 13 lives that protects Earth with a phone booth. Fantasy. Sonic Screwdriver, the bigger on the inside, the CyberMen, the Daleks, Davros being held together by tech that isn’t possible, the Moment (used during the Time War), all sci-fi.

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      2. I’m like 92% Trekkie. If you wanna run it by me to see if you’ll anger the others, I’m good with that. But you can also stay out of that lane and make your own

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      3. Its a pity you can’t read my story ‘The Sparrow’ I created a starship and characters mining on Jovian moons. It was terrible for the science but hilarious!

        Thanks for the help offer I appreciate it.

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      4. Its published in my compendium of characters and not on the site. I don’t want you to buy it though.
        I could give you a PDF of the story though through email or FB messenger if you like.


      5. I don’t have FB, or any social media outside of this and LinkedIn. I appreciate your willingness to send me the PDF, and you can feel free to email it to me, but is there a reason that I can’t by the book? Does it bite people who have had the vaccine or something?

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      6. I’ll be happy to email it. Can I get the address on your website?

        The books terrible. Its badly edited and formatted. Its not worth your money. I’ve almost taken it down a dozen times and then get talked out of it.


      7. If you go to your main control page, you will see the option of comments on the left hand side. click that. you will see my name pop up on a comment. Next to it on the right there should be an “i”. If you look there, you’ll see my email address. I don’t put it on comments because I’d prefer not to.

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      8. I’ll check right quick. My email is on my phone and I’m on the computer with a hotspot so I don’t even bother checking email on here. takes too long to load. So give me a second

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      9. Before you start dancing yourself off a ledge, I will read it as I said I would. I do love sci-fi, and I enjoy your writing. The good news is that I’m terrible with science too, so even if every bit of science you put in was absolutely and categorically false, I would simply accept it as fact as part of the world you created.

        Mason, how old are you?

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      10. Dancing off a ledge lol. I almost end up breakdancing off the curb when out walking often lol

        I’m sure its false accept in my warped world.

        I’m 36 and feel like 80.


      11. You’re a 36 years old (I don’t presume gender until told by the other). You need to listen to me, and listen up good. I won’t bullshit you. If I accept it, I accept it. I will never “false accept” anything. The reason I enjoy sci-fi and fantasy is because I can accept the worlds in which they are created. Each story is crafted with a specific set of rules in mind, even if they are never laid out for the reader. One must suspend belief to become part of it. As for the original comment, you do a lot of fancy dancing. You say A, and the second it seems like (I can’t speak for you in general, just with me in our convos today) I’m even remotely not 100% in agreement with what is in your head, you start backing up, veering to different sides, dancing upside down and backwards…. chill out!

        I don’t know you. I don’t know your life. I only know what I’ve seen today. You are a good person. You just doubt yourself way more than you should. I used to be a lot like you…. but even I couldn’t spend that kind of energy trying to appease everyone else. It was me that was the problem, never them. I’m not much older than you, and it took me longer than you’ve been alive to learn this, so do me a favor and try to learn it before I did: You are enough, just the way you are. If you feel the need to do some fancy dancing, the person you are talking to is not making you feel good and isn’t worth talking to. And friendly discourse is HEALTHY! lol

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      12. Yup 36 year old man with a cursed demon in his head is me.

        Thank you so much for this talk. It’s good to have a little perspective to help me through.
        I have little confidence in me most of time. So, I say or do something and then feel I did it wrong and go to try and take it back or change it, you know. I will get stronger I just have to keep pushing forward and beliving I can do it.

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      13. I’ll give you a little bit about me, just so you know. I am 39. I have always had a thicker skin that what you’ve spoken about here, mostly because there were only a handful of people who had opinions that mattered.

        Ultimately, somewhere along the line, I lost myself. I became a fancy dancer for those people because i was afraid of letting any of them down. It became so bad that the few times I felt any confidence, I would squash it down afraid that I was wrong or my confidence was steering me in the wrong direction (any of this sound familiar?) What i wanted was never good enough, what they wanted was what I was supposed to make happen. No matter how hard it was, no matter what toll it took on me, I had to do it because that’s what they said I had to do, and I was afraid of letting them down.

        I didn’t have a Holly to help me. I didn’t have a Holly to able to see clearly what their dicing and slicing was taking away. All I had was a Mara. A damaged, broken, slashed up Marla, who I didn’t even like (at least you love Holly and you know how to make sure the future is better for her). A few months ago, something inside of me snapped. I couldn’t take the constant everything anymore. I moved out to get my head on straight. I finally had it in me to not let them take away ME anymore. Then my husband came to visit and ended our 20 year marriage. All that’s left is me.

        So I understand where you are and where you’re coming from, at least enough. It is surprising, or was to me, that it doesn’t take much to start to believe in yourself. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

        And for clarity: there is nothing you said or did yesterday while we were talking that was “wrong”. You are who you are, so nothing is “wrong” it’s just how you are. The demons will always be there, you just have to try to fight them as best as you can.

        I don’t know if you like hip-hop/rap music, but the lyrics can be phenomenal. I found this song randomly a few nights ago, and it really spoke to me. The video, the lyrics, everything about it just summed up what I feel like I let me life get to (I do not have his demons, but I have my own brand of hell in my head). I hope you have a way to watch/listen:

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      14. Thank you.
        You must really enjoy the freedom you have now after all darkness in the past.

        I’m definately lucky to have met Holly and to have that special connection with her. Even if its not so strong anymore because all the bad stuff that ruined it.

        You’ll hate me now. but Hip-hop and rap music to me is a lot of jarring noise. I prefer theatre songs, soft rock and power ballads.


      15. I enjoy it some of the time.

        You didn’t ruin anything. Holly knows that. You just need to realize that. The connection is still there, you just have to reach for it a little harder than before because you let go for a minute. She’ll grab your hand. Just reach for it.

        I don’t hate you. Actually, I do not like hip-hop much either. I find it to be primarily noise. And the new folks out now are quite honestly not my cup of tea. They are “mumble rappers” which basically means (to me anyway) that you can’t understand a word that they’re saying, and what you can understand is about booze, pills, and “ho’s” and is a bunch of garbage. This guy is not like that. There’s music in the background, but he’s more like the old school hip-hop. If you ever liked an artist like Eminem – where the music isn’t an immediate migraine and the words are awesome, you’ll be able to like this. He enunciates, the words are amazing, and the music isn’t too blaring. My suggestion, play it on a lower volume with headphones in so that you can understand him (yes, he’s clear enough that even I can understand him without captions). If you only have speakers, play it softly, but find a version with the lyrics so you can read them as he sings them (and he also sings it’s not just straight rap with him all the time). Honestly, give it a shot. If you hate it, you hate it.

        But if you’re more into theater music and those other genre’s, i have not come across any that hit exactly what I was talking about when I recommended the song, but there’s a few that can come somewhat close with a tweeking of the message just a bit.

        RENT, “One Song, Glory”, it’s about a man who can’t find his way musically as he’s lost his muse. By the end of the play he finds someone that makes him be able to write that song (Old Holly v. New Holly)
        PHANTOM: “Come to me Angel of Music” – something is pulling you away from what you truly want – luring you into not doing what’s best for you, and it isn’t a positive change. What was once positive has now become detrimental, to both you and Holly.

        MY FAIR LADY: “The Rain In Spain” – you can do it, you just have to work at it. And don’t swallow the marbles.

        BILLY JOEL: “Uptown Girl” – just because you think she’s out of reach doesn’t mean she didn’t pick you for a reason. Do her justice.

        ROD STEWART: “Do Ya Thin I’m Sexy” – forget the chorus, it’s not even what the song is really about. It’s about two shy people who want to get to know each other better. Get to know yourself and Holly better so that you can do better by her.

        ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW: “Don’t Dream It, Be It” – the song title says it all.

        MICHAEL BOLTON – “When a Man Loves a Woman” – chase Holly and do it justice.

        CINDI LAUPER “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” – This is Holly’s theme song.

        AEROSMITH “I Don’t Want to Miss A Thing” – that’s your girl. Go get her

        By no means an exhaustive list, but it’s what came out of my head immediately upon reading your preferred music (as I said, I share your musical tastes). I could go on without much effort, but I think the however many I already named is sufficient for now 😅

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      16. Who is this rapper and the song you enjoyed so much. I’ll youtube it and listen.

        Loving the music list and the meanings. You could have a business doing this for people! I reckon Holly would appreciate you chosing ‘Girls Just Wanna have fun’ for her.

        Music really does have a great way of connecting to your thoughts and feelings doesn’t it.


      17. I thought I told you. I’m sorry. His name is Tom Macdonald and the song is “The Best Rapper”

        I love music. Glad you appreciated and understood my list. And just from what you told me of Holly, I can imagine that she’d be a major fan of 80’s girl power songs, like “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” LOL

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      18. Wow, Tom Macdonald is terrifying! If was going to create a pysco murderer he’d probably look like this guy!
        That said his words are spot on with my mental demon. He really relates to how I feel.

        I love what you did with the music. Such a clever way to put things into perspective.

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      19. I don’t find him terrifying per say. He’s large, muscular, and has a lot of tattoos all over his face, neck and body, to me that just makes him appreciate body art. Personally, I could never get that many tattoos (or apparently any), and I would never want the nose ring or the lip ring that he has, but if it makes him happy, then I got no complaints.

        As i said, I kinda get what you’re going through. Probably more than most. Music has always been an outlet for me, and I can see music in ways others do not. For me, music isn’t just about the beat, although for many it is. Music isn’t just about the lyrics, although for many it is. I like the blending of the two. I especially like when that blend is unexpected. A song like that about demons is in my mind usually suited to emo, grunge, or heavy metal. He makes hip-hop/rap work in his favor on that one. Once I heard it, I knew that no other genre would ever come close to truly expressing how I can feel at certain times. And I found that most of his music is that way. As I said, most artists in that genre cause headaches for me. He doesn’t. And his lyrics are strong enough to stand on their own, and his style is clear enough that it’s worth the chance, although the headache never comes with him, even when he’s screaming as loud as his voice will let him.

        And always remember, that a song speaks to you because of something. Whether it’s the sound, the lyrics, or both together, there’s a reason why one song stands out to you at any particular time. If you want to take the time, figure out why. Your brain is the only one who knows why a song speaks to you in that moment and otherwise is not something you would listen to. Every song has the meaning the artist put into it, but every song also has a piece of the person listening. It’s poetry in music form. So what I did with the list isn’t that amazing since I understand what you’re going through and have been there, like the same music as you do, for the most part, and have always paid attention to why songs speak to me at certain points in my life. It’s the greatest healer next to laughter.

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      20. Oh sure. He’s probably a really nice guy and clearly very artistic. I just see the look as scary. I suppose because I’m not self confident, have low energy and esteem. A person like this is bigger in all ways and imposing for me. Even those super extrovert gay men scare me and not because they’re gay I’m cool with that. They’re just too loud and strange in the way they act. I feel like a steak in front of a rottweiler when near them!

        That said I liked the song. It was thumping loud or screaming. It had real feeling and meaning and was done really well. It did mean a lot to me. As his demon attacked his rap music mine attacks my writing and publishing chances so I felt every word.

        You understand me real well that’s why we connected so well I think.

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      21. I’m turly glad you liked the song and that it spoke to you. I’m also glad that you recognize you’re not the only one with demons, and that it’s not hard to find and connect with someone else with similar ones. I spent a long time doubting my ability to write, as that was one of my demons as well.

        You may be surprised to find out that he may look scary but when he was a kid he was viciously bullied to the point where he didn’t see the reason to keep living until he found hip-hop and felt like it spoke to him. Specifically Eminem. You never know what you’re capable of until you do it. He did it without a label or any backing. He makes all of his own music from start to finish and his girlfriend films his videos. We all hav it in us to overcome our demons and to be the best we can be. Sometimes it requires tattooing your face, sometimes it doesn’t.

        But I’m really glad i met you on here because you are very kind and you also understand my demons. If i understand yours, it typically goes the other way as well. And I truly do wish you the best with Holly, and I also hope that as you bring her to fruition, she helps you learn that confidence and esteem are within you, you just have to tap into them.

        And instead of being afraid of feeling like a steak in front of a rottweiler in front of them, realize that’s not such a bad feeling. If it was a beautiful woman that was making you feel that way, you wouldn’t mind it one bit.


      22. It is so reassuring to have others who know what it’s like to talk too. Also to see someone suffering the same actually doing very well despite it.

        I bet they wouldn’t bully him now. I could see a lot of Eminem in his style and yet he has a style all of his own too. You’d never know he does all the work himself with his girlfriend. It looked soon professional.

        For sure we can help each other now. And that’s wonderful.

        Lol I just freeze with the woman or stay in the shadows. I’m so afriad of upsetting her by saying something stupid.


      23. “Also to see someone suffering the same actually doing very well despite it.”

        I have met a lot of people on here that are going through or have gone through what I’m currently going through, and they’re handling it so much better than I could have imagined possible. It makes me see that I don’t have to be alone and in pain as there are others who understand. Whether they’re right next to me in that moment, or are a beacon of hope to follow, you’re never going through it alone.

        He started on YouTube and has become an international star. Really, you should listen to some of his music. He has another song “Don’t Look Down”. Its about climbing to the top and never letting the people who want to drag you down get to you. But for me, it’s an anthem of clawing your way to the top and not letting yourself fall down. Whoever is trying to drag you back down to their level should never be able to reach you and pull like that. You should be able to stand on your own and fight for yourself and what you want.

        “For sure we can help each other now. And that’s wonderful”

        I’m always just a comment away. And you are too, so it works really well. Hopefully, we’ll both come out better for it.

        “I just freeze with the woman or stay in the shadows. I’m so afriad of upsetting her by saying something stupid.”

        So many men just don’t get it. It’s REALLLLY easy. Shy, stuttering, stumbling, none of these things make a woman go “EEWWW!” Not a real woman anyway. Maybe a shallow girl, but a real woman would understand that at the very least you’re trying and you are NOT good at any of it. What comes out of your mouth next is the key. If you try one of those stupid pick-up lines, she will walk away. What you say, and how you say it are what’s key. Say it so she can hear you, but you don’t have to scream it, or be anything other than yourself. And then you simply say, “Hello. My name is Mason.” That’s it. Best, and most effective pick-up line I’ve ever seen used in my life. And make sure to perfect your handshake – not to crushing and not too delicate. Exactly right for say a business meeting. Most women will not reach out to shake hands and instead will just introduce themselve. Some are business people and without missing a beat will offer their hand for a shake while introducing themselves. But even if you are quaking in your shoes, you have no exchanged a minimum of 8 words with her. You follow her introduction with “it’s very nice to meet you, [put her name here to show you were actually listening]”. Now you’ve reached 20 words, which is enough for you to know if you want to keep talking, and enough for her to know you’re one of the nice guys. A little small talk, and you’ve hit at least 50 words, and it’s a conversation now. It’s not that hard. She may not be interested, you may find you’re not interested. Or one or both of you COULD be interested. But at the end of the day, you weren’t trying to be anything other than who you are, and you at least gave it a shot rather than sitting in the corner wondering “what if” for the rest of your life.

        Liked by 1 person

      24. That’s the biggest reassurance isn’t it. If they can succeed we can.

        Standing on my own and fighting for myself is a big issue. With past editors I’ve tried to do that when they start doing to much and then they make me the guilty one by yelling at me and telling me I’m wrong and I should let them do everything regardless of me not liking it. That makes even more defensive to a point where nobody gets in at times.

        I’m always about to just have to message and I’ll be about fairly quick. Quicker if its an FB message mind you.

        Thanks for the dating advice. When things can legally happen again I thought about trying a speed date to up my confidence. Been thinking about it since about March last year. Was gearing up and then all hell broke loose.

        Liked by 1 person

      25. “That’s the biggest reassurance isn’t it. If they can succeed we can. ”


        “Standing on my own and fighting for myself is a big issue.”

        Its in the delivery. My suggestion, speak to other editors who would be interested in your stories. Whether or not they’re going to change them. If they start yelling or berrating you, you simply say “thank you for your time, but I think my vision is more in line with X publisher.” And take your manuscript back. They will stop you 90% of the time. If they don’t you already have someone lined up to start over. Don’t let them bully you into giving in. It’s your vision, your writing, your story. If they have so much knowledge, let them write their own.

        “I’m always about to just have to message and I’ll be about fairly quick. Quicker if its an FB message mind you. ”

        This is my only social media. So FB messenger is not part of my life. Nor am I planning on changing that any time soon LOL

        “Thanks for the dating advice. When things can legally happen again I thought about trying a speed date to up my confidence. Been thinking about it since about March last year. Was gearing up and then all hell broke loose.”

        If speed dating works for you, more power to you. I can talk fast, faster than I type even, but I don’t feel you can connect with someone in 90 seconds or even know if you like them enough to think about liking them enough to talk longer. I’m in a crazy situation because I believe in organic meetings, but with the world being as crazy as it is, it’s nearly impossible to meet anyone. It’s purely stereotypical and I KNOW IT, but anyone not wearing masks probably do not have the vaccine and won’t get it. Those wearing masks are wearing masks because they haven’t had the vaccine and are trying to stay safe. I know it’s nonsense. I’ve had both shots and still wear my mask. But it is what it is.

        And on the rare occassion there’s been opportunity, when I’m not completely freaked out, the smart ass in me comes out instead. Some people appreciate my smart-ass ways, others don’t. But the one particular situation I am talking about, he deserved every last little bit of smart-ass I had in me, and he’s lucky I went easy on him. He was just fronting, and i knew it. He seemed like a good sort, which is why I didn’t rip him up. Went so easy actually, that he ditched the jerks he was fronting for to chase me and sort of ask me out LOL But he tried it with a stupid pick up line – we were at a gas station and he actually asked me if I “come here often.” I couldn’t help it, smart ass came out again. I got in my car, and he just waved goodbye. Haven’t actually seen him since. SHOCK!The one that creeped me out beyond belief flagged me down on the highway as I was driving as if I had a flat or a tail light out. I lowered my music and window and he yelled “You’re f*n hot! Do you wanna…” I cut him off. We were taking up two lanes of a HIGHWAY! People were swerving to avoid him and his stupid stunt. I just yelled back “Thank you and have a wonderful day” and continued driving with my music on full blast.

        So follow my advice. “Hello. My name is Mason.” All of the other stunts are just that, stunts. They don’t get quality women to pay attention, they get them to speed away or flag down police. You’ll get your feet back.

        And since you can’t speed date, it might make sense to use FB or WP to meet people. It may not be a forever relationship, or even a relationship at all. But you’ll be able to get confidence back. It’s what I did. I was shook after…. after my life imploded a few weeks ago. I met some really kind people on here who were willing to accept me, my insanity, and my demons for what they are. They don’t question it or make me feel less than because of it. They don’t even let my brain get away with those thoughts. I don’t know these people outside of here, but the support and understanding is real. And I don’t feel like I’m reeling anymore. My demons are still there, they always will be. I let them in, and they’ve taken up residence. But I’ve learned that they can scream at me and i can scream right back (like the music video). And if you meet the right people, they can really help you start to feel better about yourself because you are who you are and don’t have to change for anyone except you, if you think you have to. All i needed to learn was that I was enough. I learned I was enough for myself on my own, but I learned that i was enough for others to take me seriously as I am without having to pretend to be someone else because I’m always 100% who I am, and although some people haven’t been able to accept it, most have. The ones that can’t are “good riddence” because I don’t know them anyway. The ones that have accepted me, flaws and are, are the ones that I would love to be able to go meet, give a big bear hug to, and thank in person…. when the world stops being a death-trap.

        Find people on here who make you laugh, even when you feel like crying. People who make you feel stronger even when you feel like a medium gust of wind can knock you down. People who make you think outside of yourself, about things bigger than you are. People who let you know that no matter how damaged you are, there will always be people in your corner. People you feel a connection with. They’re out there. I found a few, and I keep finding more every day. If the connection is one way with some of these people, that’s fine, I accept that. But if it’s not, then it’s always good to make a new friend. Maybe it’s only on WP, but the truth is, that doesn’t make a friendship any less real. People on FB are less real than on here. They’re listed as your “friends” but you couldn’t actually name half of them. But on here, you only talk to the people you want to.

        Sorry, this got long again. If you can’t tell, I love words.

        Liked by 1 person

      26. That’s where I am. I wasn’t going to even try again. Then I met Lisa on AuthorWorld and she convinced me to give her a shot. the first book was okay so we’ll see. If it goes bad I’m happy to stop and just put it away again over being unhappy.

        I’ll probably get blocked and banned using FB as a dating site lol. I tried real dating sites once. Seems nobody is a real living human on those.

        I happily accept you. You are a nice person.

        You know since I joined social media in 2018 I made a few good friends that are only online you being the nearest but. They’re nicer than any actual friend I had.


      27. Actually, I think FB has a dating section now. At least that’s what my ex told me when he replaced me with a newer model within 6 days. Apparently that’s where they met.

        “I happily accept you. You are a nice person.” Thank you. That feeling is mutual.

        ” you being the nearest” you mean geographically?

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      28. It was rotten, but that’s ok. I wish him the best. I’ll die alone, but at least he’ll have some peace in his life. I’m not walk in the park and he didn’t kill me for 20 years. So replacing me was easy – anyone that didn’t make him murderous would be an amazing option. I just hope she doesn’t hurt him.

        Actually, you are my newest friend on here as well.

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      29. Why would he? They haven’t been together long enough for him to see how nucking futz she is. So she’s the shiny new model, but he’s not dumb. He didn’t buy it, he’s leasing so he can throw it back when he’s bored.

        Liked by 1 person

      30. Yeah right. Not in this lifetime apparently. All guys my age are married and looking to fool around (thanks, no.), have something SERIOUSLY wrong with them (one lovely specimen decided that I should want to date him and when I said I wasn’t interested, got so angry he called me every 4 letter word he knew and told me that he should kick my ass like that bitch he just left – NO NO NO, although I wish he tried. He’d never raise his hand to a woman again because it would take the rest of his life for the doctors to put all the bones where they started), And I had someone else call where I work to ask about paperwrok he had to fill out to start his divorce. He was sweet and asked me out, but smart ass came out and told him to finish fucking up one mistake before he chases the next fucking mistake. He actually came into the office and came to thank me for that advice and he was good looking too. The demon was like “you will die alone!” I just thought to myself “I’d rather die alone than shlep some poor shlep through a divorce when I’m going through the same shit”

        Liked by 1 person

      31. For me that means the love was true on his part. If he truly loves he will never fool around ever.

        How dare someone demand you date them like that. That’s you r right a privilege to date who you like. He deserves a flattened nose!

        The way you put the bit about the doctors is how Holly’s detective granddad speaks. You’d do his blunt dialogue well I feel.

        I think you were right with the one in the office. If he’s getting divorced he probably won’t stay with you anyway and so it’d only be bad for you I reckon.


      32. “He deserves a flattened nose!”
        You don’t know this about me, but for whatever reason, I seem to bring out the worst in most guys. Not every guy, not even close, but the ones that I do “trigger” it gets pretty…. lets just say I’m more than equipped to handle myself in most situations, and I know exactly what to do when they got me down on the ground on my back and I can’t really see anymore but I don’t want them damaging me permanently. I know how to damage them – because I don’t care if they need surgery, *I* don’t want surgery.

        I’m glad that you think that my style of writing would be good enough to even be considered even in just your head to be in your Holly series. That’s a high compliment!

        Actually, they were getting divorced because she cheated. Not him. Even she admitted it. But still – not interested. I’m just finding it a little claustrophobic in this habit and the rules are too strict in this convent


      33. Hey! Its not your fault if men keep getting aggressive towards you. That’s on them. If they can’t handle they should go away not hurt you.

        I reckon you’d do well putting Derek through a mystery. He:s a detective nearing retirement who intends to arrest anyone who threatens Holly by any means necessary and he as funny blunt ways of cursing people (mainly because I try to use very few curse words)


      34. They don’t know they can’t handle it until it’s started. They see woman and think “I can get my aggression out” and find out that I have more aggression than they do. I just hide it better.

        cursing without cursing….I’m American. We just curse.

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      35. Glad you defend yourself. As the man they should be chilvarous and walk away no matter what. You could punch and kick me in the nuts and when I could stand again I:d still just walk away. nothing will make me hit a lady unless I’m stopping her choking.

        Liked by 1 person

      36. 😂 no I don’t start it. I’m never looking for a fight. But I learned a long time ago, “you may not have started it but you better as fuck finish it” mommy’s advice. So, I finish it. Even if it’s the last thing I’ll ever do, it will be the last thing he ever goes either.

        Liked by 1 person

      37. In that situation if you have to go down you go down swinging. In fact you’d win because the man won’t expect a fight back and be on his back before he knows what happened.

        Anyways bed for me have a good night.

        Liked by 1 person

      38. “Wow, Tom Macdonald is terrifying! If was going to create a pysco murderer he’d probably look like this guy!” Also, statistically, the most prolific serial killers are the ones that look “normal”.Think Manson, Bundy and Dahmer. They were all just normal looking. Like they could go to your church (some even did go to church). Bu someone that looks like Tom MacDonald would be easily identifiable and would have the prison built on top of him.


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