Moondust Magnetism

“I don’t venture into Sci-fi too often. I don’t want to look silly when I get all the science wrong. However, it is fun ruining physics. Einstein and Newton would hate this one!”

I wrote this story in answer to the following prompts:
FOWC with Fandango  — Essay
Authorworld — Picture – Moondust
Your Daily Word — Rankle

Moondust Magnetism

The dormitory door flew open, crashed against the wall and slammed shut.

Allen’s superhero collection danced on the shelf through the vibration. “Thunder in quietly why don’t you, Ivan!” Sighing, he caught Spider-Boy and returned him to the shelf before focusing on his physics essay again.

“Sorry, bad evening.” Ivan flopped onto his bed as lightning cut through the dark skies outside.

“That’s no excuse to break the door,” Allen said without stopping typing. “Lexi dump you?”

“That’s it, go on, rankle me and make it worse!”

A pillow thumped into Allen’s back, “Geez! I was only asking, man!”

“I’m sorry, dude. I —” thunder crackled loudly outside. “On the plus side, at least I made it home before Zeus started breaking wind out there!”

Allen chuckled in the blue glow of his computer screen, “Atta boy, always find the bright side.”

“Yeah, right, bright side.” Ivan approached the rain-spattered window. “I’ll never find real love, you know.”

“That’s because you’re doing it wrong.”

“How would you know, Allen? The only thing you love is your keyboard and hero collection,” Ivan scoffed.

“And you’ve shagged half the female student body right here in this room. When they don’t come back for seconds you dismiss them. They —”

“What’s your bloody point?”

“Love between two people isn’t about the bedroom Olympics. It’s more chemical. Deeper in affection. More special than that. It’s about everything you do to —”

Lightning flashed causing lights to blink out momentarily.

Ivan flinched back from the window. “Wow! This is an evil storm! Anyway, how would you know about love? Not having secret relations with Spider-Boy and Cat-Lady are you?”

Allen shook his head and smiled. He saved and dropped his physics essay onto the start bar. “Look.” He showed his desktop screen to be filled with the University Messenger App. The profile picture of a blonde lady smiled out at the boys. “This is, Karolina.”

“She’s hot. Can I meet her?”  

“Hell no! You’re not sh—”

The loudest rumble of thunder exploded in the clouds over the University campus. In that instant darkness reigned as the power died.

“Shit! I’m glad I saved that first!” Allen said cursing his dark screen as he and Ivan pulled out torches and phone lights for some illumination.

“Allen – what’s in your cupboard?” Ivan said backing toward the dormitory door.

“What?” Allen turned and gasped.

The dorm room consisted of two beds. Each was served by a desk and a walk-in wardrobe-like cupboard. Allen’s door was pulsing back and forth a few centimetres. A bizarre green light was issuing from inside.

“What is it?” Ivan gulped as the lightning continued to light the room with brief, violent flashes.

“Well, it’s not my boxer shorts that’s for sure!” Allen stood and flinched as his phone rang on the desk. Seeing the caller’s name on screen he grabbed it and answered at once. “Hey, Karolina. You okay?”

Ivan scowled.

Allen grinned at him. “No, don’t be scared … The storm will pass soon. It’s okay … look, we live in the same building. Come upstairs to me until the storm passes … Okay, see you soon, sweetie.”

“Arsehole! The girls aren’t calling me for help!” Ivan folded his arms.

“That’s because they think you only want them for duvet sports.” Allen moved closer to the cupboard. He couldn’t hear anything but he could feel the energy radiating from inside. “I haven’t even come close to asking Karolina to join me in bed. Yet she still loves me.”

 “Whatever! Must be the kryptonite you got in there attracting the right kind of girl.”

Allen rolled his eyes as he wrapped his fingers around the pulsing door and drew it open.

All the clothes on the rail were gently swaying as the sleeves tried to reach the back of the cupboard. The pile of shoes and trainers on the floor were being affected too.

“Bloody hell!” Allen watched all the shoelaces reaching towards an ordinary-looking cardboard box high on the back shelf.

“What in the world? You got some kind of weird physics experiment in that box, Allen?” Ivan asked, now standing on the bed as far away from a cupboard as he could get.

“No. That box contains a sample of moon dust. My father’s an astronaut you see.” Allen returned to his desk and took out a grey album.

Inside were a series of photos from the recent moon landing in August 2023.

Allen selected a photo. “You see the lunar rock the astronaut is leaning over in this picture?”

“Yeah, that’s a bit sci-fi!” Ivan said still standing fearfully on his bed.

“All the moon dust in that box came from this rock,” Allen dumped the album on the desk and focused attention on the cupboard. “Only problem is, moondust does not give off energy or light.”

“Well, apparently your dust does. What do we —”

A gentle knocking on the door interrupted him.

“Come in, Karolina,” Allen called with a grin at Ivan.

“Arsehole!” Ivan breathed in perfect time with a rumble of thunder.

“Hey, Allen. Thanks, for letting me come over. I’ve always been scared of storms,” Karolina said shakily as she came in wearing her teddy bear nightdress and slippers.

“You’re always welcome to come for anything,” Allen bought her into his arms and gave her a protective squeeze. Looking over her shoulder he stifled a laugh at his roommate.

Ivan was caught somewhere between drooling over the newcomer and rankled over Allen being her boyfriend. His expression of mixed amour and ire was hilarious.

“Thank you, darling.” Karolina broke from the embrace and kissed his cheek. It was then she noticed the strange goings-on in the cupboard. “Allen, what’s going on in there?”

“Moondust apparently,” Ivan answered tersely.

“Really?” Karolina moved closer to the cupboard. “Seems farfetched.”

Allen joined her. “That’s Ivan. He’ll be after your knickers if you give him chance. In this case, he’s not lying.”

“Hi, Ivan,” Karolina smiled his way.

“Hi,” Ivan returned the gesture before flipping Allen a two-fingered salute.

Allen grinned and shook his head. “We better take a look.” He entered the cupboard with Karolina right behind him. At once he could feel the force drawing his clothing toward it.

“Ahh, it’s pulling on my pigtails!” she squealed.

Allen watched the two blonde bunches draw out horizontally from her head.

“See, I knew it had to be some form of kryptonite for collecting the best girls,” Ivan scoffed from the safety of his bed.

“Shut your face, Ivan!” Allen pushed through the sea of hovering sleeves and grabbed the box.

“Don’t bring out here. It might be radioactive!” Ivan warned.

“No, it’s not. I used to keep it beside my computer. If it was radioactive it would have affected the screen and it never did,” Allen left the cupboard and grinned at how Karolina’s hair followed the box.

“This is so weird,” she said.

Allen put the box on the bed. The force immediately bunched the duvet around the cardboard. Taking out a penknife he slit the Sellotape and opened the box.

“It didn’t magnetise your penknife,” Ivan noted.

“No, it seems only to attract textiles for some odd reason,” Allen reached into the box and withdrew a glass cube.

“It attracts my hair too, don’t forget.” Karolina indicated her levitating pigtails.

“It’s pulling on the elastics you have holding your pretty bunches.” Allen raised the cube in front of his eyes. Two centimetres of moon dust lay inside. It was normally a non-descript grey colour. Now, it was glowing like cartoon radioactive waste.

Karolina took the red-velvet elastic from her right bunch. The hair immediately flopped onto her shoulder. “Oh, you’re right. I can feel it pulling on my fingers instead now I’m holding this.”

Alan nodded in a state of confusion, “I’ve no explanation.”

“We don’t need one. Can we form this stuff into a ring or something?” Ivan indicated the front of Karolina’s nightdress hovering above her knees. “The boys on campus would pay a fortune to be able to do that to the girl’s skirts.”

Karolina scowled. “Are you going to slap him, or can I?”

“Be my guest,” Allen said with his eyes fixed on the dust. Even as he watched light was growing dimmer. The pull against his clothes reducing.

“It was just a thought!” Ivan rolled his eyes. “Nobody’s allowed fun anymore.”

“Looks like the fun’s dissipating too.” Karolina indicated her dress and hair had stopped levitating.

“Yes, look.” Allen indicated the window. “The storms passed away from us. The electricity in the air must have charged the moon dust somehow. Now the energy sources gone, the dust is running out of power and magnetics.”

“Shame it could be worth a fortune,” Ivan said as the lights came on around the campus.

“I reckon it still is,” Allen returned to the cupboard. He bought out a tabletop version of the Tesla coil. With the plugged in and generating energy, he placed the cube of moondust beside it.

“Jackpot!” Ivan punched the air.

Allen smiled, “That’s the secret. When the air has a static charge, it powers up the moon dust.”

“So, what we do with it?” said Karolina.

“Apart from stopping Ivan from selling it as a bizarre sex toy you mean?”

Karolina scowled at him. “Exactly!”

“It has to go back to the space agency. The scientists at the laboratory there will need to investigate this. It may have uses for the world. There’s a chance the reaction could be dangerous too.”

“Will they pay for it?” Ivan asked.

“Maybe.” Allen shrugged as he unplugged the Tesla coil. He returned it and the dust to the cupboard “I guess we’ll find out in the morning.”

“Can we come to the space agency then?” Karolina asked.

“Sure, I’d love you to come,” Allen rolled back his duvet and patted the pillow. “First we should get some sleep.”

Karolina grinned and kissed him before climbing into the bed.

Allen winked at Ivan.

“Arsehole!” he replied before shutting off the lights.

The End

Thanks for reading my friends.

There’s more in the Poetry CornerPoetry Nook, and the Short Story Collection

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26 thoughts on “Moondust Magnetism

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      1. I like how the smart guy who always has a nose in a book gets the girl in that one. I was always the girl with her nose in a book, so I like that it turned out the way it did

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Bookish guys aren’t always lonely. That’s a misconception. Smart guys are the ones adult women like. Sometimes younger girls, but typically they are too shy to say anything as well.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Well you would know from a male perspective, I only know from a female perspective. I know the kinds of guys that me and my friends are interested in i cant speak for all other women.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I know from stereotypical tv that bookish guys and geeks just get laughed at and picked on like I did. They seem always to be alone and the but of the girls jokes for how they look too.


      5. Yes. In school. Rarely out in the real world. I hate to say this bveause I truly wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy,but you should watch some Hallmark channel. Real life is not the same as tv and movies. Just think of Weird Science LOL

        Liked by 1 person

      6. I have a Christmas themed Hallmark Romance that I wrote and published.

        I think my big issue is that I rarely go into the world now. I’ve been isolated since 2017 really.


      7. Let me guess, the magic of Christmas brings a grinch together with a really, really nice person and together they live happily ever after, infused with the love and light of Christmas.

        “I’ve been isolated since 2017 really.” Why?

        Liked by 1 person

      8. No, I nice lonely writer (Me) finds a pretty runner injured when returning home from a dog walk. He gets her to hospital and learns she has no one to care for her. He ends up taking her home after ankle surgery. She begins to fall for him but he discovers she’s married and things get sticky.

        2017 is when I moved into the old dairy, miles from the everything. I haven’t even eaten out since then. I just stay here and on the fields. now.


      9. Something similar.

        The New dairy is along the road. Get the occasional bull come for a walk. Thats fun! Our toilet is the grain store. The lounge the old shop, the bedrooms milking sheds all made into a nice little home. Its very cheap rent so although kooky it works.


      10. No we just rent it.

        I’m sorry I don’t really count my mum and dad much. They’re just my parents not friends or relationship partners. I don’t mean that I don’t love them,. I do. I’m so lucky to have bioth. Icook their meals every day to show that.


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