Never Obsolete

“Do you say ‘I can’t do this.’ ‘I’m not good enough’ ‘I’m old and useless’ ‘My work sucks’ ‘I’m obsolete and might as well give up!’ Yes – then shut up! In the nicest way of course. You are not obsolete, you are good enough and you can do it! Believe me – keep going and you will cross the victory line soon!”

I wrote this story in answer to the following prompts:
FOWC with Fandango  — Repeat
Pensitivity’s Three Things Challenge — Fast – Past – Last
Your Daily Word — Obsolete

Never Obsolete

Time for you to repeat
You are not obsolete
But capable of an incredible feat
Send doubters a victor’s receipt

Leave your demons in the past
You have a positive forecast
Just keep working hard and fast
Those doubters will come in last

You’ve got more than you know
Be brave and go with the flow
Every step will see you grow
Through the positivity that you sow

Now the past is in the bin
Fight through thick and thin
Find the passion and desire within
Stand tall, walk forward and win

Proof! If I can make this happen with all that went wrong for me. You can do it too! I believe in you!

Thanks for reading my friends.

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Have a great day!

22 thoughts on “Never Obsolete

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      1. I wish I could ask “when” and get a very detailed answer that amounts to about thirty seconds from now….but I know none of that is possible. i just hope it happens before I go insane with the roller-coaster of it all.

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      2. If it’s any consolation. I wrote Holly’s mysteries from 2011 I’m only now beating the demons and getting to see them be published. You can do this!


      3. Keep looking for that right person to help you. My breakthrough was in finding an editor who loves Holly as much as I do. Find that person for you and they’ll expidite you to success so much faster.

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      4. It’s actually funny, I reread the post and I see where you’re coming from, but I read it totally differently first time through (and second). For whatever reason the Kindly image didn’t register as a book that you had written but as an advert. The poem spoke to me as someone who is getting older and is starting to doubt the life choices that let them to where they are, thus having to learn that they are a little older but not yet obsolete and can still do whatever it is they set their minds to. It’s the message of the poem, I just took it as less about writing and more about the stage of life I am currently in.

        So it’s a double-whamy of good job! All the emotions you portrayed were spot on,but it was vague enough (until one realizes that you had a book published) that it can be more personal.Proof that everything can mean something different based on who is reading it

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      5. I see. I aim my positive poetry to anyone who needs a lift and a reason to carry on. For me it was directly aimed at writing as that’s where my tough path lay. Please take the lift in the way that will help you most.

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      6. I did and I still do. It’s the beauty of poetry. I was just confused by your comments which is why I read it again twice more over the last day. That’s all. And I have to say it was amazing because it spoke to me personally in a way that you had not intentionally intended with that piece which is a sure sign of a good poet.

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