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I am Darkness

“For years I’ve watched ghost hunts unfold on TV. Taken part in a good few myself. I’m most taken by those of supposed ‘demonic activity’ Surely if demons exist they’re capable of more than knocking the teapot of the counter right?”

I wrote this story in answer to the following prompts:
MindloveMisery Menagerie – First Line Friday
Pensitivity’s Three Things Challenge — Shrug – Found – Slime
Your Daily Word — Egregious
Ragtag Daily Prompt — Off

I am Darkness

I am the monster of every story.

I am the egregious presence which darkens every doorway. My essence invades the mind of every writer. They may shrug me off and try to write something light, but I always turn them back to the darkness.

For time immemorial I hear you humans decreeing that demons don’t exist. I laugh in the face of ghost hunters as they tackle lost souls with bad tempers. They call those demons. Let me tell you — those aren’t even close to being demonic. They’re nothing more than pitiful poltergeists compared to me!

When I arrive, you’ll know it by the blackening of your soul. Like a viscous, toxic slime, I’ll steal away your happiness, your hopes and dreams. I’ll poison your mind with depressive thoughts and leave you a hopeless shell of yourself. Yes — you’ll hope you can go through with the suicide. Not that even can save your soul from me. Your body might be found, but your newly dark soul will always be mine!

Yes — I am the vilest, most corrupt existence that walks the planet. I’ll malign your heart until it withers and dies in a pool of putrid negativity. Your life will be a living hell when I’m. Gahhhhhhh — at least it will be if I can just stop humans walking through my body.

See the blonde guy with big black spectacles. Walked right through me just now. Didn’t even notice. How can I be the most demonic, foul and dark presence in the world if I have no substance? DAMN IT!

Time to change that …

“Hey, four-eyes!”

Yes, turn and look at me you, pitiful man-slime!  

“What who’s there?”

“The Lord of Darkness. Welcome to the end of your time!” Oh, how I love the bass in my voice when I speak out like this.

“Ozzy Osbourne? I didn’t know Black Sabbath were playing in town this week?”

See what I mean? How can I be the most terrifying, reviling, petrifying blackness humans have ever seen like this?

“What’s the chances of getting your autograph?”

Stupid man, “I’ll sign my name in your chest with your blood!”

“What? I, I…”

“Oh, look at the blood draining from your face. That scared you, didn’t it?” If only my ectoplasm had a face. I’d be sneering right now.

“P-please don’t hurt m-me!”

“Oh, this won’t hurt. It’ll abuse and torture. It’ll inflict mortal agony. Excruciate and maim your soul without prejudice. I’m gonna make you scream so much even your ancestors will whimper and wither from the pain. I’m —”

“Well, shut up and get on with it then. I’m late for my meeting!”

Sigh — See? Even when I’m trying to be the most frightful, evil presence I can be. People react as if I’m Casper the friendly bleeding ghost!

“At least show yourself – Lord of the Darkness.”

The way he laughed as he cleaned his glasses went right through me. My plasma filled with demonic rage. Sending it forth I cackled as all the lights exploded around him. “Are you scared yet?”

“No! Dynamo could do that.”

“Then try this!” Like a tornado from Hades, I roared across the car park and burrowed into his chest. The feeling of his muscles tensing as I slammed him against the wall – joyous!

I bent his spine back until it cracked and left him screaming. Reaching into his brain, I filled his mind with untold torture and suffering. He screamed and screamed until even his blood ran black as it poured from his mouth. Then he was gone.

It was the funniest feeling standing in his body and watching his soul float up through the ceiling. I could have sworn he flipped me off before disappearing.

Finally, I had a body in which to inflict my pain, darkness and suffering upon the world. Looking down, I shook my head – the only slight snag, I look like the geeky boy in Dexter’s Lab.

Oh well, time to raise hell!

The End

Thanks for reading my friends.

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Have a great day!


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