Timbered Prank

“I tried a prank three times as a kid and three times it blew up in my face. I hung up my pranking gloves after that!”

I wrote this story in answer to the following prompt:
Friday Fictioneers – Write a 100-word story based on the Photo Prompt image above by © Brenda Cox

Timbered Prank

Nobody liked Headmaster Hammerstein. He made University miserable.

Thomas and Reichert had schemed revenge from the campus mall for weeks. Now, it was game time.

“Why so many trees?” Reichert asked.

“The Mythbusters proved one won’t work. Hurry! He’s coming!” Thomas finished a knot and legged it.

Hammerstein jumped into his Mercedes having had his usual coffee.

The boys watched with glee as the car pulled forward.


 All three birches tore from the ground; smashing windows and flattening cars.

“Holy crap!” Reichert said.

“You two are banned from campus!” Hammerstein yelled.

Thomas looked sick, “But, the termites’ did it!”

The End

Exciting news!

I finally did it!

Holly Ward Investigates The Steam Train is coming on June 25th Pre-Order Here.

Thanks for reading my friends.

There’s more in the Poetry CornerPoetry Nook, and the Short Story Collection

Have a great day!

66 thoughts on “Timbered Prank

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  1. Ha ha. Blame it on the termites. 🙂 At my college, we had a big rock on campus that students would paint messages on — sometimes birthday greetings, all different things. It was always done secretly, but it wasn’t exactly a prank. It was a tradition, and no one was punished for doing it. One day, some students did do a prank concerning the rock, taking control of a front loader that was being used for construction on campus and actually trying to move that rock. That didn’t go too well. 😛

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    1. I love that, A ‘message rock’ is a lovely idea. especially as it saved graffitiing the buildings and gave a place to leave a secret message.

      Oh boy! I have a feeling the front loader lost the fight!

      Thanks for reading, Susan!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. In a very odd way, I couldn’t help but think of “Scent of a Woman” thought his prank is way worse than paint over a car… Well done, young man! And congrats on the launch! break a leg!

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      1. The whole premise of the movie is how Charlie (Chris O’Donnell) is more of a gentlemen than the guys who pulled the prank. He kept mum and would not rat them out.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my, we’ve all had those teachers or administrators that made our lives miserable for a period of time. I love the way he blamed the termites for the prank gone astray. Entertaining story, Mason. Best wishes with your book!

    Liked by 1 person

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