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Night of Nyx

“Woohoo! I found a story and its a monumental one. Never take anything for granted. Enjoy everything and every moment you have while you can!”

I wrote this story in answer to the following prompts:
FOWC with Fandango  — Hack
Pensitivity’s Three Things Challenge — Person – Dangle – Hopeless
Authorworld — Picture – Dark Planet
Your Daily Word — Twine
Ragtag Daily Prompt — Breach
Word of the Day — Trend

Night of Nyx

Nobody saw it coming. An extra-terrestrial wraith. From deep space, it appeared like a globe of writhing, light-absorbing, crude oil.  The dark planet had arrived.

Heath could barely breathe. His body pulsing with raptures of ecstasy. He thrust open his eyes and took in the sultry blonde hair of Laine as she caressed his lips with hers and rubbed her body against him. The twinkling stars above them seem to fade in the lustful energy they were creating.

“Hmm, this feels incredible,” Laine gasped as she pushed him to the side and mounted him.

“You’re incredible!” Heath had yearned for Laine more than any other person since high school. She’d been the beauty that all the footballers and hugged wanted. Now, Heath smiled – the class geek had bucked the trend and gotten the sexy head cheerleader. “I lo- oh —wow!”

“What’s wrong, hotty?” Laine asked before assaulting him with fresh kisses.

“Our lovemaking has caused an eclipse!” Heath rolled her into the sand and stared into the starry sky. The summer night had come with a romantic, silvery full moon. Now, only a crescent remained. The rest obscured by a much larger black disc.

“Weird, I didn’t see anything about this in the news feeds today,” Laine said.

Heath felt his sweat run cold. Something was very wrong. He knew he wasn’t looking at a regular lunar eclipse. The Earth wasn’t passing between the sun and moon. Something was passing in front of Earth blocking the moon and stars from view. “We need to go!” he said. Bounding to his feet and setting off along the beach.

“Heath, sweetie!” Laine called.

“What? Hurry, this should be happening!”

“Heath! If you don’t get dressed first; the only thing that’ll be happening is you getting arrested for indecent exposure,” Laine giggled.

Heath looked down at himself and felt his cheeks reddening. “Bugger! Thanks.” Grabbing his shorts and t-shirt from Laine, he dressed as he walked. “We’ll finish this later, I promise.”

“We bloody better, I was enjoying that!”

Heath gave her a grin and then glanced skyward. A deep darkness descended over Earth now the moon was hidden aside from an eerie blue halo around the impenetrably dark disc.

“What is that?” Laine asked.

“Let’s find out,” Heath led the way off the beach at the jog. Entering a holiday campsite, they soon arrived at his tent. He took his laptop from inside his sleeping bag. He’d stashed it there for safekeeping. Sitting down he logged in and began tapping away at the keyboard.

Laine perched beside him as she tied her hair back with pretty red twine. She began massaging his arms as he worked.

Heath’s profession was software manufacture in the aerospace industry. It came with a few perks. One of which he was using now. His fast fingerwork allowed him to hack into NASA’s computers.


“So, it’s been long rumoured that there is a hidden black planet in the solar system. No proof of its existence could be found and yet space research and scientific study seemed to hint at its existence.”

“Until now?”

Heath nodded. “We just witnessed the arrival of Planet Nyx.”

“So, what? Time from Apocalypse? Or Ming the Merciless type stuff perhaps?” Laine locked eyes with him.

Heath could see and feel the fear and panic coming from her. “I —”

The campsite lights flashed out.

Heath made to speak again only to watch his laptop die.

“What the hell?”

“Planet Nyx must have huge electromagnetic fields. They’re knocking out all the electronics on Earth.” Heath left the tent and stood beneath the outer cover. What he saw left him swearing.

There were no stars left to be seen. The whole sky was crackling with electricity as Planet Nyx began to breach the atmosphere.

Heath watched blue fingers of lightning racing throughout the upper troposphere.

Then the black rain began to fall. Covering everything in the viscous oil-like slick.

Laine screamed as the fluid burned her skin.

Heath pulled her inside and cowered as an inferno erupted into the sky. Alien rain that fell into campfires was igniting. Flames boiled across the ground hungrily consuming the liquid fuel.

The smoky air was soon full of screams from panicked and hurt people.

“Laine, you okay?” Heath asked as he sluiced her burns with bottled water.

“No, what the hell is this?” she said tearful and shaking.

Heath felt hopeless. He picked up his useless laptop and let it dangle from his fingers. A glance outside revealed fires growing ever nearer. “We gotta go!”

“How? The rain will melt us before we even get the car!” Laine showed red burns on her arms.

“I know!” Heath grabbed a roll of tinfoil and set about covering his arms and legs. “Wrap yourself quickly!” he ordered.


Heath dumped his things off his camp table. It was made of aluminium. The best chance. “Let’s go!”

“I’m —” Laine shrieked as the back of the ten burst into flames.

“Shit!” Heath raised the table and pulled her beneath it. They exchanged nods and ran.

The alien rain hammered upon the tabletop. It reacted with the aluminium at once. Spitting and sparking as it dissolved the metal.

“Bloody hell!” Laine cried as they rain through thick black smoke and rolling fire.

“Keep running!”  Heath led through burning bushes and passed balls of fire that used to be cars. Reaching the largest of the campsite facilities he rushed up to the door. The table hit the frame and buckled as the two tumbled inside.

“Well, at least we have shelter for now!” Laine said as she kissed him and stood up. At once she shrank back against him. “Ugh!”

Heath looked past her and felt the urge to vomit. A person lay on the floor just outside they were almost dissolved to the bones and blackened both by the acid and flames. “Shit!” Heath glanced back outside. It seemed to him as if the whole world was on fire.

“Now, what?” Laine said.

“Come on!” Heath led the way into the dark, cheerless games arcade. Other people were sheltering here. Most injured and crying, others just sat there helpless and petrified. Heath tried his best to ignore them as he rushed through and into the restaurant.

“They’re all dead!” Laine pointed to people lying outside in the swimming area beyond the dining room. All of them burned and melted. Even the pool was ablaze outside.

Heath couldn’t bear to look as he dashed past and went behind the bar. He grabbed the phone and listened. No dial tones. Useless. “Damn it!”


“Nasa needs to know about the fire. It’s our only ch—” Heath burst past Laine and sprinted back through the arcade. Making a right, he headed for the entertainment lounge.


“Rockets!” Was all he said as he burst through the seating area and leapt onto the stage. Tearing the curtains aside, he entered the performer’s lounge and passed through into the stores.

“Yeah, blow more stuff up that’ll help!” Laine slapped her thighs incredulously.

Heath grinned. “Yeah, it’ll help!” He’d seen a pyrotechnics delivery earlier in the day. Finding the boxes of fireworks, he set to work. He soon had all fifty of the skyrockets strapped together. “Take these to the front entrance, don’t go outside!”

Laine nodded and walked away with the rockets.

Heath spent a few more moments preparing a detonator to ignite them all. Then with a silent prayer, he ran after her.

“What the hell are you doing?” asked the man of the suit by the door. He’d taken the rockets from Laine.

“Trying to save our arses!”

“By blowing more stuff up. I’m Paul the manager. I can’t let you do —”

Heath snapped past the rockets and punched Paul hard in the mouth.

The man uttered something and slumped unconsciously to the carpet.

 “Sorry, pal. No time to argue!” Heath said as he picked up the rockets and set to work by the door.

Outside nothing but flames and smoke could be seen.

“Nice punch!” Laine remarked looking impressed.

“Thanks. Everybody, get into the dining room and cover your head!” Heath finished his connections and pressed the ignition button. He waited long enough to see the detonation cord sparkle into life and then dragged Paul away.

With a fiery bang, all fifty skyrockets whizzed high into the air. The alien rain began to dissolve them but not quick enough. The rockets vanished into a cloud of smoke and detonated. A blast of rainbow sparkles exploded into a ball of yellow fire which raced in every direction across the globe.

Every window that remained below exploded in a terrifying shockwave.

Earth’s atmosphere was burning, igniting and destroying the alien rain from Planet Nyx. It did more than that, the fires raced along the streams of rain entering deep space.

Satellites recorded laser-like streams of liquid fire striking Planet Nyx and igniting its toxic surface. Nyx vanished in a supernova explosion that rocked Earth and moved the moon’s orbit.

Some hours later, Heath stood looking at the setting full moon. “I never thought I’d see the moon again?”

“Me either!” Laine hugged against his shoulder. “You saved us all.”

Heath kissed her. “I did what I had to. Now, you’re wearing too many clothes.”

“What?” Laine gave him a wry smile.

“I promised we’d finish what we started on the beach later, remember?” Heath turned to hug her properly. “Now, it’s later.”

“Oh, sure! The last time we had sex on the beach it caused an apocalypse. We going for Armageddon in the bedroom, now?”

The End

Thanks for reading my friends.

There’s more in the Poetry CornerPoetry Nook, and the Short Story Collection

Have a great day!


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