Bad Directions

“Around three thousand people a year and rising are killed by people using satnav systems and mobile phones when driving in the UK alone. Please don’t tech and drive. Pull over if you need to interact with a device.”

I wrote this story in answer to the following prompt:
Friday Fictioneers – Write a 100-word story based on the Photo Prompt image above by © Liz Young

Bad Directions

“David! The roads more to your right!” Steve gulped.

“What? The satnav said, go left.” David leant to inspect the screen.

In 50 yards turn —”

The car mounted the curb

“DAVID! We’re on the bloody path!” Steve yelled.

“Damn it, Steve. I didn’t hear the satnav!”

The car veered between trees. The driver’s wingmirror vanished in an explosion of glass.

David looked up, “Waaaa!”

Steve swore. “Now, will you listen to Maaaaah!”

David stomped the accelerator instead of braking. He corrected too late. The car ploughed through a wall and stopped hanging over a drop.

Steve groaned, “Bloody technology!”

The End

Thanks for reading my friends.

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  1. Funny. 🙂 I had to remind myself what a “satnav” is. I was familiar with it. We call it a GPS or “GPS device” here. Still, somehow I was imagining something quite different at first glance. The word looked so Slavic to me. 😛 🙂 Good, funny story though.

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    1. Hello, Michael.
      I always use my maps first too. I like to familiarise myself with the route and any possible issues before allowing the satnav to send me the wrong way up a one way street!

      Thanks for reading!

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    1. No kidding, even with GPS we must still concentrate on where we’re going and only follow given directions that we can see are safe to do.
      Thanks for reading, Tannille.


  2. The stat above is so true, we all rely on satnav far to much especially when they are on our phones. I am just as guilty of it, what happened to map reading… though I was never very good at that and it caused more arguments than it was worth….

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    1. I think the problem is map reading requires a bit of work. Satnav’s are easy and quick so just use those right?
      A satnav is perfectly fine so long as we dont mess with it whilst driving. We must also remain engaged and think before we follow directions too. then we’ll be fine.

      Thanks for reading.

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  3. Your story was hilarious. I don’t trust them, they’ve gotten me lost and taken me down some lame streets. Also when my phone goes out of range of signal it’s useless. I much rather paper maps.

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  4. This reminds me of something I wrote a long time ago. The first satnav, which we call GPS, system I ever used was bossy and always wrong. I wrote what was supposed to be a running joke in a series that was never produced. That the GPS was thrown out of the car and later comes back for revenge. More recently, Google maps told me to turn on to a freeway offramp. I’m pretty sure it was trying to kill me. Skynet lives! Good story, Mason. I feel you on this one.

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      1. That series was DOA. There’s a lot of PC backlash, mockery in it. Then, PC/Woke/Cancel Culture took on a life of its own.

        Google wants to control us all. It only kills the dissenters.


      2. I’m sorry culture killed your series. Thats worse than publishers killing mine.

        I refuse to have those google homes and Alexa things listening to my life. I wont even use google search unless I have too.

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      3. It’s a tough world. We have to persevere. Jack London was rejected over 100 times. Stephen King used to nail his rejection letters to the wall.

        We are always exposed and trackable. I don’t know if off the grid exists anymore.

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      4. I got three publishers. All three screwed me, meanwhile editors ripped my heart and dream to bits. I havent much money to do a lot on my own so that ended my chances. I’m not done but any route to success for me is slim.

        SO long as we’re online were tracked period. Off grid is living in the woods and thats it I think.

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      5. Yeah but at 100% failure. Am I just asking for further trouble trying more. I feel safer just leaving the stories in the drawer where myself and Sleuth Holly are safe from harm.


      6. 100% anything is nearly impossible to maintain forever. Not trying will lead to failure 100% of the time. If you believe in yourself and/or your work, you’re the one doing harm by giving up. I’ve done far too much giving up in my life. Unless you move on to something better, there’s nothing good there. Work to improve and push on.

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  5. Great one Mason…and you raise a really good point. I was in Canada at a Martial arts meeting, and the guy driving needed his map app to get to the coffeeshop every morning of the five day event. He never learned the way.

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    1. Oh sure. A GPS device is only there to advice its user. Its down to the user to apply logic and decide if the advised route is safe or not.

      Thanks for reasing, Athling.


  6. I remain the navigator, using atlas and printout of google maps. For fun, sometimes, I turn on the GPS google map on my phone when I’m out walking to see where it might send me. Yes, bloody technology!

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  7. That was fun and glad you let them live to learn a lesson, or not – most of us never learn form our mistakes, just blame something else! I have a love/hate relationship with technology – after all we’re all here on WordPress!

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