It’s the spiders time to shine as we revisit Arachnophobia for todays ‘Fandango’s Flashback Friday

Cucumber Spider


Why are spiders so damned scary

I know, they have eight wiggly legs

No, maybe it’s because they’re hairy

Did you know they lay tiny eggs

Nothing’s freakier than eight beady eyes

A face full of silky web, will make you scream

 A spider’s your friend, it catches nasty flies

And yet it makes a nightmare of any dream

There are forty thousand different kinds

Not all are deadly, yet they all have fangs,

They live everywhere, from forests to coastlines

Tarantulas are the largest, of all the spider gangs

A Spiders is an arachnid, that’s not an insect

They drink their food, never eating like we do

They don’t have antennae, utilizing hairs to detect

You know, mites, ticks, and scorpions are arachnids too

I find it funny how a little beasty, causes so much strife

Don’t squash them, they deserve to live in the world too

So that’s all you need to know about a spider’s life

Still an arachnophobe? Antarctica’s the place for you

Thanks for reading my little spider poem.

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28 thoughts on “Arachnophobia

Add yours

      1. Unfortunately, that’s for REALLY good reason! The same reason that stops us from freedom camping down there. Interesting fact, none the less 😀

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  1. Thank you, Angelique, I was an arachnophobic too, I used knowlege to defeat that. Now the little critters are not so bad for me.


  2. Thank you, Gill. I don’t know where this one came from. I was just compelled to write it. The only problem with Australia is that its full of deadly creatures, isn’t it.


  3. I know of Possums but not bilby’s I will research them, I’ve met a roo at the Banham zoo, he was quite tame. They are good boxers aren’t they?


  4. Great poem! 🤗 they’re useful, but actually scary 😟 I found photos on FB about Spider Season where cobwebs lie all over everything! Scary sight but amazing still! But if there’s ever scarier than spiders, I’d say roaches lol!

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    1. Yeah in America around the great lakes the baby cob spiders take flight and fly over the water on web-kites and the wind carries them in big clusters. When they land they cover everything in web.

      I live in an old dairy. We got giant house spiders. Tennis ball sized. and daddy long legs every where, I put several outside a day. Don’t have fly issues though lol.

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