Ancient Aliens.

This was a 750 word challenge story for the above picture by Russian Illustrator Anton Semenov.

I’m please to share it for the following prompts
Fandango’s Flashback Friday
Word of the Day Challenge – Bobsy-die

Ancient Aliens

“Stop, Siro! There’s an opening.” Pieter raised a hand to the digger driver, while peering down into the excavation with a hungry look. “Yes, a tomb where none should be. My finest moment! Come on, Frankie.” he beckoned to his wife.

She was the historian on the dig. “Coming,” she said with a smile.

Grabbing a torch, the archaeologist scrambled into the sandy hole and to the opening.

Wasting no time, he dropped inside and helped Frankie down beside him. Through the dust motes floating in the torchlight, they found themselves in a sandstone corridor. The way behind them sealed by a rockfall. The way ahead open, stunning, aside from a strange metallic smell.

“Look, the walls are covered in painted glyphs. The beings have elongated skulls.” Frankie pulled out a camera and took some shots.

“Same as Egypt, and Peru. We’ll find the truth here. I can feel it!” Pieter strode down the corridor, the static energy of the place enthusing him.

“Please stop, darling.”

Pieter heard the concern in Frankie’s voice, looking to her, he saw fear etching her beautiful green eyes. “Why what’s wrong?” he asked.

“Look.” Frankie indicated the glyphs again, her voice quavering. “The beings with the elongated heads are torturing and killing humans. That smell, I think its blood!”
“It’s okay, Nobodies been down here in two thousand years.” Pieter stepped forward.

“Please, stop, and look!” Frankie aimed her torch at the floor. There, the sand and dust held bare footprints with strange long toes.

Pieter saw them. The hairs on his arms rose, prickling. He gulped as his heart rate rose with trepidation. Those prints were not old, at all.  

“Okay, safety first.” Pieter drew his old revolver. ‘Never go unarmed. you never know when a bobsy-die will erupt and need shooting,’ he always said. “Let’s see what’s here.”

Frankie shook her head, ran to him, and took his hand.

He gave her a smile and edged on into the depths of the tomb.

The place was vast, labyrinthine, full of creepy scorpions. Pieter ignored the smaller side tunnels, always sticking to the wide main one.

Every step forward, danger seemed to close in, like eyes were watching from every shadow.

“Here, this tunnel has air flow.” Pieter went left.

The passage sounded as if it was breathing, like a hideous monster lay in wait within the darkness. The glyphs were growing ever violent here, leaving them desperate to run away.

“We’re going to die in…” Frankie cannoned into her husband, he’d stopped dead.

“Oh shit!” he managed having run out of floor.

Before him, the void yawned into a chamber below. Burning torches gave it an eerie light. There was a human bone framed oval upon the wall.

Pieter barely saw that. His attention taken by no less than twenty beings. Each with hairless, elongated skulls, thin faces, and small mouths. They gazed through large, soulless eyes as black as night.

The beings stood staring straight back at Pieter, and Frankie. It was they who were breathing deep, like a single collective being.

“What in the world, are you?” Frankie managed.

“Be quiet,” Pieter urged.

The beings remained silent, breathing deeper.

Something was happening, he could feel it. His heart was pounding through his chest, he was sweating buckets despite the cold. “Let us leave, we’ll tell nobody about…”

Frankie screamed, Pieter flinched, struggling to breathe. He spun straight into another of the beings. Its long fingers curled around his wife’s neck.

She couldn’t move, frozen in panic. He raised the revolver, it wouldn’t fire, rendering him helpless! “Let her go, please … I beg you.” Pieter saw a tear flow down her cheek. “It’s my fault, let her go! Take me.”

“Go home.” the being didn’t speak. The words resonated straight into the archaeologist’s skull.  

“We will. I …” Pieter made to take Frankie, and leave.

The being shot out a skeletal arm. Its inhuman hand breaking the man’s nose. He staggered, and fell into the pit with the horde of beings. With ease Frankie was sent flying down, after him.

Like hyenas, they dove upon him and Frankie, tearing their clothes, hauling them up. Pieter was lifeless, Frankie whimpering and terrified. She couldn’t fight them, they bound her to the wall beside the bone oval, Pieter the other side. The beings began to mumble. A red light oozed from the wall, and Frankie screamed, that scream would be her last.

Siro the digger operator, entered the room hours later. He found nothing alive, save for the scorpions. In fact, all that remained were two modern skeletons, hanging from the wall.

The End

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  1. Thank you Gill. I learned a while ago, I a woman says something is dangerous, or won’t work, she’ll be exactly right! Sorry I scared you!


  2. I’m amazed created such a reaction with something I wrote. I truly must be getting better. Thank you, Gill.


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