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Sheer Volume

“It’s not often I promote and review a book. Sometimes one just deserves a shout out. Today I bring you the Loud Music series by Author Gloria Geiger. My main focus is book 2 Sheer Volume but before you read that here’s the first book in the series Loud Music

Loud Music

Ryan Davies is the lead singer of America’s most popular rock group Loud Music. His face is on just about every magazine cover, website, and news program in the country and around the world. With T.V. endorsements and film offers, Ryan is set to become one of the most famous super stars of all time. That’s only on the surface, under it all there are problems, drugs, alcohol, sex, run-ins with law enforcement and his adorable face on the nightly news reporting yet another embarrassing moment in his life. To top that off, his controlling and money hungry mother still wants control of all things Ryan Davies, including money! His band mates hate him and he has been arrested so many times the jail might as well have a revolving door just for him. All that glitters isn’t gold in his life, that is until a court judge decides to make him the example by sending Ryan to work on his estranged father’s Kentucky horse ranch. At first, Ryan thinks this might be the death of him, until he meets the family he never knew and starts to form bonds with each of them including a special needs cousin who will teach Ryan that there is more to life than being rich and famous.

It’s easy to think that being a member of a very popular band is easy. Author Gloria Geiger takes you on tour, on stage and into the life of a rock band Loud Music to show you what it’s really like. Turn your Amplifier to the max its time for SHEER VOLUME!

Sheer Volume

Trevor Knight, acoustic guitarist for America’s most popular rock band, Loud Music, has always been in the Hollywood spotlight thanks to his days as a child star on a popular TV show. Trevor met his current bandmates and friends, Bobby Wilson, Shawn Martin, and Troy Sparks when they all attended the same on lot school between filming, becoming best friends and eventual bandmates. One night as the boys are practicing in the garage of the Sparks home, Mr. Sparks brings in a friend who owns a record label, David Speck. After hearing the boys play, he signs them on the spot, only one problem though. David wants a different lead singer than Trevor and replaces him on lead vocals with a guy by the name of Steve Williams. Steve is problematic from the start. When he isn’t falling down drunk at public appearances, he’s high as a kite during interviews making the entire band look bad. Once Loud Music starts losing sponsors for their tours, venues, and even fans, the boys come together with David Speck to have Steve ejected from the group. Everything works out great and Trevor is set to take back his original role in the group as lead singer until the day a kid from YouTube comes into their lives and it’s all over. Sometimes what looks like jealousy is nothing more than disappointment with a twist of anger. Because Ryan Davies is another problem just waiting to happen. “The last outsider practically destroyed the group…” Disappointment is a way of life for Trevor Knight, but can things change for the better? Only time will tell.

Sheer Volume Review

I’ve just finished reading Sheer Volume. Now, as most of my friends and followers will know I’m an action and adventure type guy. I would never normally pick up a book like this. However, I was lucky I did. Sheer Volume follows the amazing Loud Music in a masterpiece of writing and storytelling.

Gloria Geiger brings to full colour the visceral lives of the whole rock band. Each character has such unique and wonderful personality and comes alive. They captivate and hold you as their music plays right out of the pages.

Sheer Volume comes from the points of view of lead guitarist Trevor Knight and singer Ryan Davies. Through both, you feel the highest of highs and the lowest of lows as they travel the rollercoaster of rock band life. If you can get through Sheer Volume without laughing, crying, exclaiming out loud, and applauding; you need to see your doctor. This story puts you through the wringer and leaves you wanting a hug.

It doesn’t matter if rock music or drama stories are not your thing; you will connect with these characters and love every minute of this story.

Oh! And then there’s the spider. ‘What?’ I hear you cry. No – buy Loud Music and Sheer Volume and find out for yourself!

Loud Music Review

A Loud and Proud novel.
Loud music is a unique and wonderful tale encompassing all that comes with the phrase ‘Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll. From the perspective of lead singer Ryan Davies, it depicts the highs and lows of a successful band and singer in America.

Vividly well written, well paced, and very enjoyable.

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Go on buy these wonderful books and thanks for reading!


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