Agate Apple

“When love is real it is an amazing powerful thing. If you’re lucky to have a special someone, seal your love with a beautiful, meaningful token. I don’t mean a wedding ring either!”

I wrote this story in answer to the following prompts:
Word of the Day Challenge — Smiker
Ragtag Daily Prompt — Agate

Agate Apple

“I hate it when you smirk like that,” Katie banged her coffee mug down on the kitchen counter and stalked out of the French windows into the garden.

“Babe! I’m sorry, alright?” Jayden called after her. She couldn’t help being a smiker. He just loved to joke. He sighed the pretty lady in a little pink shorts and white crop top didn’t deserve that though. “Babe?”

Katie didn’t answer him.

Jayden abandoned his coffee and followed her into the garden. It was a sunny spring day with just the smallest breeze. A quick look about revealed her down by the Orchard.

She was holding a long blonde hair as she watched the birds amid the white and pink blossom.

“Babe, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that!”

“No, you shouldn’t.” Katie focused on him. Tears of anger welled in her pretty blue eyes. “And now you apologise before doing it again to me tomorrow.”

Jayden reached to take her hand.

She shrugged him off and turned away.

“Katie, please. I wore my muddy boots through the kitchen for joke. I was going to clean up.”

“I spent all morning cleaning the kitchen. You know I like it clean and you ruined it in seconds!” Katie hid her face behind her hands. “You think it’s a joke but is not funny if one of us gets food poisoning as a result.”

“Come on, babe! It’s not like we eat dinner off the floor, is it?” Jayden began to massage her shoulders. He enjoyed the feeling of her supple skin and strong arms beneath his fingers.

Katie rounded on him and poked him in the chest. “You’re still making a joke of it!”

Jayden couldn’t hide another smirk, “Not intentionally, you know I like to mess about. I really can’t help it sometimes.”

“I can’t help thinking —” Katie looked away and wiped her eyes.

“Thinking what?” Jayden felt like she’d ingested lead. He’d never meant to upset her this much.

“Thinking you’d never do this to me if you really loved me.”

“Oh, Katie. I love you more than anything in the world. There’s a comedian in me that likes to get out that’s all.”


“Really,” Jayden turned Katie to face him. He wrapped his arms around her in an apologetic cuddle. Feeling her breathing against him was euphoric. “I can prove it too”

“How?” Katie gazed up to him with intrigue

Jayden met her gaze, grinned and kissed her nose.

She giggled.

Jayden kissed again. Gracing her lips with a deep-seated love as his hands smoothed her hair. “I was going to bring you out here on Thursday. That’ll be the twentieth. The exact date our soul entwined a year ago.”

“Aww, it’s so sweet that you remembered.” Katie was smiling now. “Why are you going to bring me out here?”

“Soon after we met, he went for a walk in the park. Do you remember what I told you?” Jayden began.

“Every word. You said, ‘So long as the trees blossom and the apples grow your always love me.” A tear flowed down her cheek.

Jayden wiped it away. “That’s right … look,” he pointed into the boughs of the nearest apple tree. Something sparkled amid pink blossom.

“Aww, what’s that?” Katie freed herself to go closer. She brushed her hair from her eyes and peered at the trinket. Looking back to Jayden her eyes twinkled with fresh tears. “It’s an apple.”

“Not just any apple,” Jayden reached up and brought it down for her. The size of a tennis ball; the apple seemed to shimmer in the light. Veins of green, grey white and even red tones flowed around it’s bronze stem and leaf.

“It’s so pretty,” Katie said accepting it. “Well, heavy too!”

“This apple is made of agate. A mixture of volcanic and metamorphic rock form deep in the earth. Agate is a quartz that lasts forever. In the form of this apple hanging in our tree it acts as a symbol. Our tree will always be growing an apple and a that’s how you’ll know, I’ll always love you.” Jayden finished with another kiss.

Katie beamed at him, “This is the sweetest thing any man has done for his lady. I love this and I love you,”

“Good. I want you to remember this apple whenever I’m in a joking mood. Remember, I’m only having fun love you no matter what.” Jayden bent down and made a squeal as he lifted her into the air.

“Jayden! What are you doing? Put me down!” She shrieked.

Jayden laughed as he moved towards the tree. “There, hang your special apple again so our love can be eternal.”

Katie wrinkled her nose and a cute smile. She kissed the apple and hung it close to the trunk where it would be safe. “There. It’s done.”

Jayden lowered her back to the grass. “Happy Ann —”

Katie clapped her hand against his cheek with narrowed eyes. There was no malice only meaning. “This still doesn’t mean you won’t get a slap if you were my floors, Mister!”

“Oh, really?” Jayden raised claw-like hands and made the chase her.

Katie shrieked again, “Can’t catch me!” She challenged as a disagreement was forgotten in place of what was to be a mirthful, wonderful afternoon.

The End

Thanks for reading my friends.

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