The Jumper

“I’ve been close to the edge. I know what it feels like to realise you have no future – no way forward – no reason to live. The times when the abyss is more inviting than living. If you ever feel that way yourself, please don’t jump. Find someone anyone to talk too – I’m here you can talk to me. Call your local suicide prevention hotline. Know, someone does love you even if you don’t feel it. Know there is a future there somewhere for you too! Live and fight, you got this!”

I wrote this story in answer to the following prompts:
Sadje’s What do you see – image above – Image credit; Sean Robertson @ Unsplash

The Jumper

He’s standing on the ledge
Tears landing on the edge
His future the vision of a dump
The decision to live or jump

He knows nobody loves him
It shows why his future’s grim
Far below life carries on regardless
Traffic flows and nobody cares less

Pedestrians just keep walking away
Ashes to dust on his death day
One foot thrust and he’s on his way
Could he adjust, could things be okay

Maybe suicide’s option is wrong
It provides nothing strong
Leaving the ledge, he’ll try once more
A knife edge; life’s worth living for

Thanks for reading my friends.

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Remember you can do this! Have a great day

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