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Wizaro’s Wizardry

“I’ve always enjoyed a magic show. I know! I know! It’s just a trick an illusion but I find it wonderous nonetheless. The artistry and performance as they pledge a simple unassuming object. The mystery of the magicians movements and sleights as they begin the magic turn. Finally the shock and awe as they bring forth the prestige and amaze with something that should be impossible. I love to ponder how it was done, for me that’s the most fun.
Do you enjoy a magic show?”

Wizaro’s Wizardry

A magician of acclaim
Wizaro enjoyed his rising fame
He didn’t do basic tricks
Forget wands and sticks

Audience volunteers painted the scene
One a jack, the other his queen
Both strangers; the magician’s pledge
Wizaro stands with a confident edge

They each choose a random card
He picks Jack of Spades with regard
She gets the Queen of Hearts
The turn in the magic arts

Cards between their hands
Neither man or woman understands
The prestige is about to begin
Wizaro starts to grin

“The strongest magic is love”
Wizaro produces a white dove
“When two hearts entwine
Their magic will combine!”

Bright sparks fill the scene
Now the jack is kissing his queen
Both cards fused together
Locked in love forever

The audience applaud although dazed
The volunteers are just amazed
They smile, can’t stop kissing
Wizaro is already missing

Thanks for reading my friends.

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