Me, My Demon and a Date

“My brain refused to go to Egypt for this image of the sphinx, instead I made him appear in this story as a metaphor. This story is how I thinking dating would go with my mental demon in tow. Although I’d be more likely to end up in A&E but I can dream … Enjoy.”

I wrote this story in answer to the following prompts:
Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie – Wordle — Park, Cherry Blossoms, Girls, Crêpes, Friday, Chase, Piquant, Exhume, Insecure, Admit, Awe, Masculine
Sadje’s What do you see – image above
Ragtag Daily Prompt – Glimpse
Word of the Day – Traffic

Me, My Demon and a Date

It was Friday and I felt like the most insecure man world. I will admit I’m not the slightest bit masculine. The simplest things could make me cry, and I have the physique of a TV dinner. Braveness isn’t my thing either. I mean the aspect of asking girls out on a date terrifies me. If I had to do that face to face, you’d probably have to exhume me from my grave through embarrassment. Yet I’d done it online and that was why I was here in the Park this afternoon.

Strolling along on this beautiful blue-sky day of spring, I smiled. Little fluffy white clouds were scudding over the parched fields of the park. The weather had been so unseasonably dry, the place was beginning to resemble the deserts of Egypt. The sphinx statue by the waterfall seemed right at home. At least the pink cherry blossoms added a beautiful splash of colour.

I arrived at the sphinx and gazed upon his Egyptian headdress, lion’s body and the dog’s paws. It was a replica of the sphinx built outside Khafre’s tomb in Giza. My mind started to wander to Egypt but I shook my head. That was a mystery for another day.

Many people were enjoying the sunshine in the park today. Most out with their dogs, a few holding hands with their partners. Others bringing their children to play on the apparatus at the other end of the park. Through all the human traffic I searched for her, but she wasn’t coming – at least yet.

The thought allowed my mental demon started attacking me. ‘She’s not going to turn up.’ ‘She’d have realised you are an ugly weirdo.’ ‘If she does come, you’re going to scare her a …’ “Shut up brain,” I chastised myself. Then I saw her and my mouth fell open with awe.

Could she really be here for me? Had that matchmaking website really delivered that stunning, piquant lady to the park so I could meet her?

She was mesmerising in a soft-white hanky-hemmed summer dress that bounced against her thighs as she walked towards me.

That can’t be Tina. She is going to walk straight past,’ said the Demon in my brain. ‘If that is her. One look at you and she run, anyway!’

“Hey, are you Marty? I’m Tina,” she said coming to an angelic stop beside me.

Her perfume electrified my nostrils and left me speechless as I stepped back in surprise. My mouth ran as dry as the deserts. Now I knew how the Sphinx of Giza felt after five thousand years of having sand in his mouth.

“You are, Marty. I recognise you from your profile photo now,” Tina grinned. “So, how are you?”

Speak to her then you blithering, idiot!’ “I … er — Hi. I’m good and you look beautiful. T-thank you for meeting me today.”

“Aww, you’re welcome. Do you like crêpes?” she asked.

“Grapes? Oh, yes, I like grapes especially when made into wine.” ‘She said crêpes, plank!’ I was sweating and close to passing out from the anxiety now.

Tina just gave me a bemused smile. “I’d love a glass of wine with you. But there’s a crêpe seller that the park entrance. I was hoping to try some.”

“Crepes! Oh, you mean pancakes.” ‘I’m going to slap you in a minute!’ “Sure, let’s go that way and have a bite to eat.”

“Yay! Thank you,” Tina gave me a quick hug.

It was enough to make me so hot under the collar I thought my lapels would catch fire. ‘Take her hand and lead the way, dumb, dumb!’ I wiped my sweaty hand on my trousers and interlinked my fingers in hers.

She grinned. “This is a perfect day for a romantic meet in the park, don’t you think?”

“Yes, it’s as lovely as you.” ‘Aaanndd now you’re laying it on like a lovesick hyena with a shovel!’  My heart skipped a beat as the nicety left my lips.

“Aww, you’re such a sweetheart.” Tina beamed as we walked beneath those beautiful cherry blossoms.

“So, what made you choose my profile?” I asked cautiously.

“Honestly, you were the only one who didn’t look fake. You weren’t trying to sell me hulk muscles or Ferrari-shaped manhood extensions. Better still, I could tell your objective wasn’t to bed every woman on the website. You were and are just a nice, honest gentleman.”

Now, it was my time to smile. That was what I wanted to imply. “Thank you, that’s all I try to be; a nice guy and a good friend.” Seeing the crêpes stall by the gate I added, “So, what flavour are you going to try?”

“Saucy, devil!” Tina gave a coy grin.

Bloody hell!’  

She must have seen me blanche by the way she giggled and said, “Just kidding. I thought the apple-cinnamon sounded delicious.”

“Aww, you cheeky thing!” I gaped and laughed back. “I reckon that’s a good choice. Sit, I’ll go and make the order,” I offered.

“Thank you, do you want some money?” Tina perched on a bench beneath a willow.

“Oh, no. My treat. Maybe you can buy coffees on our next date if you like?” ‘Damn, Marty. You can say smart things!

“Sounds good,” she said with a mesmerising smile.

I quickly ordered the crêpes and brought them back in the takeaway boxes. Of course, I tripped over my own feet as I approached Tina. It was a miracle I didn’t throw through the food all over her. “Here we are one apple-cinnamon crêpe and a bottle of pomegranate juice — I remember from your profile you enjoy that.”

“A man who remembers things about the lady in his life; you are a special commodity. Thank you, Marty.” Tina accepted her food.

Her soft fingers gracing my hand felt like shorting wires sending shivers through my body. She was real, pretty and talking to me. This wasn’t a dream. ‘Of, course it’s not a dream you, pillock!’

We ate in silence. Just enjoying the flavours and the feeling of sitting together in the sun. “That was delicious, thank you, Marty.”

“Mmm, it was. Good choice, Tina.” My eyes locked upon hers for a moment. “I’m enjoying today. Thank you for coming.”

“Me too,” Tina shifted to face me. “I’m still up for that glass of wine if you’d like?”

“I’d be delighted,” I scooted a little closer. “There’s a nice bar a few minutes’ walk that way.”

“That sounds …” Tina tilted her head evocatively and then we were kissing.

“Eww! Get a room!” Yelled a passer-by.

I leapt back from Tina through embarrassment.”

“Aww, you shut up!” Tina told the teenage girl with a bubble of ire. “I thought I was going to have to chase him for this kiss and now you ruined it!”

“Ha-ha!” The teenager snorted and carried on into the park.

“I’m sorry about that,” I said feeling redder than a radish. ‘Sorry for what you didn’t do anything!’

“Not your fault, sweetheart. Let’s go find a nice quiet banquette in that bar. Then we can discuss where we’re going for that coffee next week in private,” Tina said as we left the park hand in hand.

Holy crap, Marty. She wants a second date already. Maybe, you’re not so useless after all!’ I grinned inwardly at my mental demon. That taught him a lesson about me!

The End

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28 thoughts on “Me, My Demon and a Date

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  1. First off, thanks for joining in Mason. I liked how you turned the situation into a first date! Really enjoyed the story. As I said, you’ve great story telling talent.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Stephanie.
      Yes I think a lot of us have a demon. Having never had a first date I dont know if mine will effect dating but it was fun to see what could happen. Thanks for reading and commenting!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, thank you.
      In truth I failed a story in the worst way Saturday and almost didn’t write today through feeling inadequate. Thank you so much for reading and commenting. You made me smile.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This is so good, Mason. You had me at the “soft-white hanky-hemmed summer dress that bounced against her thighs as she walked towards me.” and never lost my attention. Well done.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I also realized that you already knew my advice before I told you. In each case you make it the female that does it, but in EVERY SINGLE ONE, the entire thing starts with a hello and an introduction. Plain, simple, easy to do.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I only know what gentlemanly etiquette tells me. Writing Sam’s part gets me to think ‘How would Holly want to be treated?’ ‘What would he say and do to make he feel loved and special?’ That sort of stuff and so hopefully I get it right on paper and can use it one day in real life too.


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