Mason Want’s to Know 03/05/2021

This is your chance to participate in something I hope will be fun. Each Monday I’ll prompt you with a question. All you need to do is create a post on your website/blog that answers or is inspired by the question.

How this works.

1. I ask the question.
2. You create your post. this can be a story/poem/article/art and photography post. Make it anything that answers or is inspired by the question – I don’t mind. This could even be a chance to introduce a character and have them answer the question.
3. Place the address of this post into your post either directly or as a hyperlink. This will create a pingback so your post is shared here. Alternatively drop your link in the comments.
4. Use the #MasonsQuestions in the tags
5. Come back and read some of the participants posts. I know there will be some great ones!
6. You’re done! Get excited for next week.

This weeks question:
“Have you or your characters ever suffered a fashion disaster?

My Answer
For me never. Why? I don’t do fashion, I do comfortable. If I feel comfortable wearing it I’ll wear it regardless of fashion. Fashion is too expensive anyway!

That’s it. I’m looking forward to reading your responses. Remember to have fun my friends!

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