What a Routine

“A part of controlling my negativity demon is giving it no time to attack me. I found the best way to do that it to live life on routine. It means I know what tasks I have to complete and by when and what’s next, leaving no time to dwell. Routine also increases my productivity which is always a bonus.”

I wrote this poem in answer to the following prompts:
FOWC with Fandango  — Abhor
Your Daily Word Prompt — Ascetic

What a Routine!

I live an ascetic life
Religious in my daily routine
I’m not even prodded by a wife
My day is a productive machine

I abhor being late
Everything must go to time
Can’t leave anything to fate
Including this little rhyme

Breakfast and walkies come first
Then I’m working by nine
Social media and a writing burst
Stopping for lunch is fine

Then writing until prompts are done
Into the kitchen to bake and cook
Creating dinner is always fun
Walkies to the babbling brook

The afternoon is ending soon
Quick read the writers blogs
Comment on stories, poems like a loon
It’s here, my brain fogs

The evening is all about friends
A little television and chat
This is me until the week ends
My routine is just that

Thanks for reading my friends.

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Have a great day!

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