Breaking Fear

“My number one issue is fear. When everything goes so wrong so often, you end up dreading, fearing it going wrong again. It gets so debilitating that you could have a golden ticket handed on a plate and turn it away. I may have done that. I may have blown amazing chances to succeed simply because I fear being the laughing stock, the sucker, the fool again. Scarily the only way that fear will break is by me taking a chance and not have it blow up in my face. One day soon I will take that chance.”

I wrote this poem in answer to the following prompts:
FOWC with Fandango  — Vagrant
Your Daily Word Prompt — Innate

Breaking Fear

Innate, strong imagination
Vagrant, prolific procrastination
If I have all this talent
Why can’t I be bold and gallant

Something’s chaining me down
Building dread, making me drown
It keeps me in first gear
You see, I’m paralysed by fear

I’ve gone badly wrong before
I dread a debilitating encore
Being branded a fool
Left feeling a useless tool

I must break the chains of fear
Be the master of my career
I’ll bring my talent to the light
And win this psychological fight

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Thanks for reading my friends.

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7 thoughts on “Breaking Fear

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    1. Good morning, Pete.

      Indeed, I need to get better at staying in control. At being diligent in my approach and then making smart decisions. Then I should proceed without becoming a fool again.

      Thank you for reading!

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  1. Fear is such a powerful force, and I’ve found that taking steps — some of them small — to work with it has helped me. Same with anxiety. It’s a shift in strategy from trying to “conquer” them to sitting with them and seeing what they bring to the table. For example, fear & anxiety have helped me become better at editing my work, since they push me to sharpen the stories rather than say “the first draft was good enough.”

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