Sunflower of Hope

“As Earth moves into a great extinction there is one last hope. We must buy and plant as many flowers and trees as we possibly can. We must unite in blocking all building on green land. We must unite to make hunting and plastic illegal. As one we can save our precious Earth.”

I wrote this story in answer to the following prompts:
Word of the Day Challenge — Gardyloo
AuthorWorld PromptMary filled her watering can, as usual, from the outside tap. First, she would water her favourite flower. A giant Sunflower, whose root system, deep below ground, was home to

Sunflower of Hope

Mary filled her watering can, as usual, from the outside tap. First, she would water her favourite flower. A giant sunflower, whose root system, deep below ground, was home to the Gardyloo. (If only those fairies knew what their name meant in Scottish dialect.)

Mary didn’t know about the Gardyloo. Though she may have wondered who was responsible for keeping her garden tidy all year round.  

Deep beneath the roots of the giant sunflower was an ancient oak burl. The giant root system of a tree long since felled to make way for the housing estate. Across the world, people were preferring buildings over trees and annihilating woodlands and forests at a murderous rate. Not realising the trees were all that gave Earth the oxygen it needed to live. Every tree they felled was bringing every creature closer to extinction.

Within the oak burl, the Gardyloo knew the dangers all too well. They hadn’t been pleased when the sunflower breached their home. Now though, its sweet nectar-like sap was being enjoyed by them all. It was serving a better purpose too.

The Gardyloo were not winged fairies, they’d evolved for life underground. Their thin root-like bodies and pointed features were perfect for walking around the warrens of caves they lived in. Caves made by rabbits and moles, no less.

Way above their home, Mary continued to water her sunflower. “My, my! Never, have I seen a sunflower grow as tall as my house before,” she said as the water from her can turned rainbow colours in the dappled sunlight.

Beneath her, the Gardyloo stood in a circle around the sunflower’s roots. Each with one hand on the right shoulder of the neighbour and the other hand on the root.

“Gardyloo, Gardyloo, from mother nature we empower you!” They chanted over and over, as the cavern turned bright green with magic. The sunflower sap seemed to shimmer as the energy rose through its capillaries to the flower above.

Mary saw that shimmer and smiled as it reached the enormous yellow petals of the dinnerplate-sized bloom above her head. Beaming like the sun, it cast a golden light over the garden. Where that light fell, wildflowers began to grow. “Bless me, my sunflower’s magic,” Mary wiped her eyes as the flowers grew all around his feet.

“Pardon the interruption, Human-Mary.”

Mary looked around for the owner of the voice but saw no one.

“Ha-hmm, I’m down here, Human-Mary. I am Wyrmwood, king of the Gardyloo,”

Mary gazed down at her feet and gasped at the two-inch tall root-like man. “A pleasure to meet you, Wyrmwood,” she managed as the shock abated.

“Likewise, I’m sure,” the Gardyloo replied with the tinge of disdain in his voice.

“You humans are destroying Earth. This sunflower can help undo that damage. If you are a good human, you will take its seeds when the time is right and disburse them far and wide. Will you do that for us?”

“Good gracious, yes. I’ve longed for a way to help save our beautiful planet. You must consider this task done,” Mary smiled at him.

“Well, time will tell on that one. For now, Human-Mary. Goodbye.” Wyrmwood vanished in a plume of oak leaves.

Mary would never see him again. Her sunflower grew beautifully on the spot every year from that day. She always saw to it that the seeds got disbursed as far as she could spread them. Each seed she planted with a ray of hope and words of wisdom. “Buy plant seeds and trees wherever you can. Resist the building of every structure and return the ground to mother nature. The world depends on you!”

The End

Thanks for reading my friends.

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Have a great day!

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  1. Mason, Was driving home this morning and passed a new development called Goose Pond Path. If there had ever been a goose pond there, or a path they had bulldozed it out of existence to put up some of themes awful McMansions in the world. Great Post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Argh! Makes me sick the way humans are intent on destroying everything natural and everything living on the planet just because it makes them money.
      Thanks for reading, Lou. I appreciate it.


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