The Power of Words

“Words are the writers tools. We wield them like a sewer stitching thread. Like a blacksmith working his hammer on steel. We writers wield our words like a wizard enchanting the reader with our stories, poems and characters. Yes, we writers are simply magic!”

I wrote this poem in answer to the following prompts:
FOWC with Fandango  — Monotonous
Ragtag Daily Prompt — Dusty Boots

The Power of Words

Writers live and breathe the words they use

Manipulated and woven, creating a special muse

Brought together, then read as one

Words create magic, energy as strong as the sun

Just choose a book and the magic will come

Read a horrific chiller that makes you go as cold as ice

An adventure, a romance that warms you with spice

Find a drama, a sci-fi saga that takes you back in time

Maybe a mystery to make you think, who did the crime

Books are filled with magic places, created from simple words

What else but words have the power to give all emotion

 They make you mad, make you happy, cause a commotion

Some will make you laugh out loud behind your hand

Oh damn, that should have been shorthand

Yes, words will make you fall in love or seek revenge.

Politician’s use words, only to tell a lie

Writer’s use them like pretty wings to fly

Barristers use words to help clients go free

Wizards use words to create the miracles you see

So, you see there’s no end to the power of words

My magic words created my sleuth Holly

She’ll make you laugh and smile while catching a wally

Words make characters burst into wonderful life

They draw us in as they go through happiness and strife

When the tale is done, words make you long for another one

Take off your dusty boots, have a seat

It’s time for your daily writing treat

Monotonous life fades as inspiration flows

Watch as that poem or story grows

Now, you’re harnessing the power of words

Anyone can wield words like a lord

A pen really is mightier than a sword

Go ahead write a poem or story

Share it with the world, claim you glory

For that, ladies and gentleman is the power of words

Thanks for reading my friends.

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Have a great day!

19 thoughts on “The Power of Words

Add yours

    1. Good morning, Susan. I’m pleased to have brightened your day.
      I know what you mean. When I don’t share some writing I sometimes get a few messages asking where I am these days. Makes me feel guilty when I have to stop writing for a while.

      Thanks for reading.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I think that when we transfer our emotions – it is kind of like that healing process where you write your issue on paper and then burn it in a bowl. Nothing awful about it. Not everyone is capable of disapating negative or even good emotions. Writing can be a very healing process. And when the reader takes a peak – I think they can empathize better when something similar has happen to them. And are prehaps are also more prepared when a new experience they read about occurs. So – don’t feel bad.

        Spell relief! 🙂


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