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AuthorWorld Connect Book 1

I’m pleased to announced the first every short story collaboration for AuthorWorld is out now. I’m honoured to have 3 short stories in the book along side 14 wonderful authors and I can’t wait to get my copy!

A big thank you to Lisa Simpson of LS Book Services and author Rowan Grey for making the book possible!

A Collection of Short Stories from Author World Connect

From the Authors of AuthorWorld Connect
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A Collection of Short Stories from AuthorWorld Connect : Book 1

A collection of short stories from the authors at AuthorWorld Connect. What’s better than fourteen authors bringing you 32 magical tales in one amazing collaboration? Open the pages and join the authors from AuthorWorld Connect. Unleash dragons, make best friends on the beach. Visit the circus from a child’s point of view. Discover magicians and aliens. Watch out for bloodthirsty vigilantes. Join scientists as they search a cave for a miracle cure, and much more. There are characters and stories for everyone. Which one will speak to you?

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