This was a crazy flash fiction story from my mixed up mind two years ago, enjoy.

I’m re-sharing this for Fandango’s Flashback Friday It also includes todays #FOWC prompt word – Lips


“Why so many statues, John?” Edward was walking through a garden of long lawns and stunning herbaceous borders. Everywhere he looked he saw marble statues of every creature and historic figure imaginable.

“They all have different personalities, you see. I began with the two gargoyles. They had a wicked sense of humour.” John led him along a path, through rose borders. Passing a dragon, velociraptor and a Viking. Each exquisitely carved in gleaming white stone.   

“Personalities? Sense of humour? They’re bloody creepy, if you ask me.” Edward steered clear of the dinosaur’s outstretched claws. 

John laughed at the thought as he took a left passed yet more statuesque warriors from times past. There he came to a granite bench flanked by those gargoyles. Cartoonish in looks they bared their cloven hooves with humorous smiles.
“See, how funny these two, look. Wouldn’t you like such a magnificent creature in your garden?”

Edward grimaced, “I have enough of a fright whenever my missus is sunbathing in the bloody garden, without something like these in there too.” he reached up and touched a hoof. It was strangely warm, he surmised from the sun. “So, what part of the garden did you need help with?”

“Oh, I have an area where the plants keep dying. I need your help to find a better fertiliser for it. Come this way.” John turned to walk deeper into the garden.

Edward stepped after him, never seeing the gargoyles humour fade. Never noticing their lips contort into devilish grins, as they reached forth to grab him.

The End

Thanks for reading my friends.

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Have a great day!

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