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Future Baby

“As the human race continues to pollute and destroy earth it gives life two options. 1. to die out. 2. to evolve and survive. How might humans evolve and at what cost?”

I wrote this story in answer to the following prompts:
Pensitivity’s three things challenge – Broken – Shrill – Lay
Fandango’s One Word Challenge — Lips
AuthorWorld – “She was born, 7lbs 4oz. We hadn’t named her yet. We’d argued the day before. Now we both cried together, feeling unmeasurable happiness, both beaming…..”
Word of the Day Challenge — Farctate

Future Baby

She was born, 7lbs 4oz. We hadn’t named her yet. We’d argued the day before. Now, we both cried together, feeling unmeasurable happiness, both beaming.

“I’ll leave you to enjoy your new daughter,” said the midwife. She’d helped Abigail all through the labour and delivery.

“Thank you,” replied Andy. The proud father was still farctate with joy as he held his daughter for the first time. He felt tears prick his eyes as she gripped his finger for the first time. Laying in his arms, she seemed perfect in every way. “We must settle on a name. What do you think?”

“I think her name should —”

A shadow darkened the doorway.   

Abigail looked up to see two men in black suits and dark glasses entering the room. Their appearance caused her lips to thin with annoyance. “Hey, this is my maternity room. You have no right coming in here without permission — get out!” she demanded.

“We’re here for the baby,” said one of the men approaching Andy.

Andy swiftly gave his daughter back to Abigail. “The only way our daughter leaves this room is with her mum and dad. Now, get out!”

“You do not understand. We must take the baby for your protection,” said the second man walking around the other side of the bed.

“No, you do not understand,” Andy closed the gap on the nearest man. “Lay a hand on my daughter or my wife and I will kill you!”

“The baby —”

“Enough!” Andy seized the man by the lapels and propelled him toward the door. “We told you to get out.”

The second man seized him, driving his wrist between his shoulder blades and forcing him down on the foot of the bed.

With the serenity in the room broken, the newborn woke up. Her cries shrill and yet sweet.

At the same time, an alarm rang out in the room.

“Help and guards are coming. You better leave while you have a chance,” Abigail warned having pressed the panic button on her bed’s controls.

The first man crossed the room and reached to snatch the baby from her arms.

Abigail threw out her free arm. Her fist slammed into his nose, shattering his sunglasses.

“Resistance is futile,” he said while shaking off the blow.

It was then a nurse ran into the room. On seeing the men, she burst into tears. “No, please, no. Not again! Mr and Mrs Quinn, you have to let them take your daughter. Don’t fight them, they’ll kill you too.”

 Andy was having none of it, still pinned to the bed he felt his veins and muscles swelling with anger. Kicking skyward, he slammed a leg into his captor’s groin. The pressure released on his arm and he bounded off the bed. Never stopping, he delivered a sickening head-butt, grabbed and hurled a man headlong into the medical supply’s cabinet. The door splintered as he crashed through and hit the floor unmoving.

“ANDY!” Abigail screamed as her daughter was wrenched from her arms.

Andy leapt the bed blocking the man’s escape.

Holding the crying baby there was little he could do to protect himself.

Andy’s fist connected with his Adam’s Apple. The proud father took his baby daughter back and watched remorseless as her kidnapper fell gasping to the floor. “Shush, it’s going to be okay, sweetheart. Abby, I think it’s time we left.”

Abigail was way ahead of him. She was already pulling on trousers. “Let’s go!”

“They won’t stop chasing you until they have her,” warned the nurse.

“Why? Why do they want our daughter? Why are they allowed to kidnap babies from this hospital?” Andy demanded to know. He put his daughter in her Moses basket and handed it to Abigail.

“I don’t know. Look, the last one they took was a baby boy. That boy’s grip was so strong, he broke his dad’s finger the first time he held it.”

“What?” Abigail looked down at her daughter. “Are you saying people are given birth to babies with superpowers around here?”

“Maybe, just —” the nurse whipped past Andy, grabbed a stainless-steel bedpan and bludgeoned the skull of one of the men. “Go. Run while you still can!” She urges as the clang died away.

“Thanks!” Andy took Abigail’s free hand and led the way at the run. The lift was coming up and bringing bad feelings with it. “This way!” Andy entered the stairwell and helped Abigail descend as fast as she could. On the first-floor landing, he got a view of the car park from the window and swore.

“What is it?” asked Abigail her voice full of panic.

“More of those men are guarding our car.” Andy pushed through the double doors. No use going all the way down until he had a plan.

“Now, what we do?”

“Find some different wheels!” Andy led on as fast as Abigail could go. The hospital was like a maze. Corridors ran off in all directions.

In the cardiology department, they passed through a waiting room.

“Sorry!” Abigail yelled sending a patient spinning into a chair as she passed by.

“Disrespectful woman. Do you realise nobody can run around here!” moaned the patient.

Andy half-smiled as he shot through another set of double doors. Turning left at the renal department, he saw a black-suited man appearing in the fire exit stairwell. Lowering his head, he ran at the door for all he was worth.

The door opened and the man gulped.

Andy struck hard.

The red woodwork slammed into the man breaking his arm as sending him crashing down the stairs.

“Nice!” Abigail remarked as Andy led her over the unconscious man.

Leading again, he directed her through a side door out of the hospital. Here was the doctor’s car park. “Come on! Come on!” he breathed.

“Where are we —” Abigail gasped.

Andy had seen a Doctor getting into his silver Mercedes. He grabbed him by the arm, pulled him from the car and knocked him out. “Sorry, this is an emergency!”

“Well, this is better than the old Fiesta, that’s for sure.” Abigail raised her eyebrows as Andy helped her into the back.

He pulled a seatbelt through the strap of the Moses basket and secured it alongside her. “There you go, sweetheart. You’ll be safe there,” he said with a smile at his daughter. Jumping behind the wheel, he started the expensive car and drove out of the car park as fast as he safely could.

“What’s the plan?” Abigail asked.

“I don’t know. I don’t think we can go home though.”

“No. I’m not sure there’s anywhere we can go. I mean, how would they know our daughter has superpowers?”

“Perhaps they could tell from your ultrasound scans or blood tests,” Andy made a right turn. His blood still pulsed in his ears as his anxiety kept him checking every car for signs of danger.

“Maybe. What if they can track superhumans? Maybe, they give off radiation or something that they can see with satellites. If that’s the case we’ll never —”

A salvo of bullets shattered the rear windscreen.

Abigail screamed.

Andy yanked on the handbrake and threw the steering wheel hard to the right. The car’s wheels shrieked as it spun across the road and shot between the dual carriageway barriers in an explosion of earth and weeds.

A tanker lorry jack-knifed as its driver tried to avoid them. A car slammed into the back, crossed the white lines, careened into the van and sent them both spinning off the road.

“What the hell are you doing, Andy!” Abigail screamed in the back of the Mercedes.

Andy gritted his teeth as the car shot between the axles of the tanker and passed beneath. “Keeping us alive!”

“Doesn’t feel like it!”

“You want to drive?” Andy accelerated into the roundabout.

“I guess I drive you up the wall every day,” Abigail reached forward and kissed his cheek. “That’s enough for me. Just get us out of this!”

The pursuer Lexus followed and pulled alongside.

“No you don’t and it’s my pleasure!” Andy flipped the driver off, braked, and clipped the back wing of a black car.

The Lexus spun onto a grassy mound. Caught a sign and flipped into the air.

Andy had already left the roundabout. He never saw the flying car. He heard it smashed down on the back of a passing flatbed truck though.

“Ouch!” Abigail remarked.

“Andy, Abigail and baby – three. Bad guys – nil!” Andy said as he took a country lane in the hope of losing his pursuers.

“Andy, Abigail and Marley, you mean.”

Andy looked into the rear-view mirror with teary eyes and smiled, “But we argued last night. You said I couldn’t have that name.”

“The only reason we still have a daughter is because you fought those men and got us out of the hospital alive,” Abigail wiped her eyes. “So, this is your daughter Marley.”

“Thank you, sweetheart.” Andy beamed as he focused on the road again. His elation didn’t last long. He just knew the battle to keep and protect Marley was far from over.

The End

Thanks for reading my friends.

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