Mystery Transport

“I love a good UFO story. All the prompts led me remembering the Rendlesham Forest Incident in late 1980. A series of sightings at RAF Woodbridge just outside the forest lead to a supposed UFO landing that was later dismissed as lights from the nearby lighthouse. This story is fictional but plays off the even a touch.”

I wrote this story in answer to the following prompts:
Pensitivity’s three things challenge – Transport – Dignified – Road
FOWC with Fandango — Impromptu
Word of the Day Challenge — Establishment
AuthorWorld Prompt “Where the sun rays land, invisible to the naked eye is where the Illumina live. The purest form of life…..”

Mystery Transport

As midnight approached, I was sat at home watching an action hero kicking arse on TV. Then the call came in from my boss at Pallet-Tech. The establishment had opened more than fifty years ago as a heavy goods transport service.

Len, there’s a truck and trailer in the yard. I need to come in now. Collect and deliver it as quickly as you can. You’re the only driver I trust. You will be well compensated.

Who was I to turn down an impromptu job like that? Especially when dignified with being the only trustable driver out of thirty on the payroll.

The truck and trailer were black. Pallet-Tech’s vehicles were all green and white so this wasn’t one of ours. I felt the hairs stand on my neck as suspicion rose. The cab was unlocked and the keys in the ignition. The second I closed the door the satnav jumped to life.

‘You will follow the given directions and deliver this cargo. Do not deviate and do not ask questions on arrival. Turn south onto Ipswich Road and keep straight.’

“Right, fine. Here we go then,” I said aloud as I started the engine and pulled out of the yard. The navigation system would keep me heading south.

Now, I was in Suffolk and still heading south. Not long into the journey, I discovered the camera mounted above the sun visor. Its blinking red light proved I was being watched. “So, much for being trusted!”   

I ignored my watcher and focused on the road. The navigation system kept me on main roads until we entered the village of Earl Soham. At that point, things began to change.

Turn right, and continue south for ten miles,

I followed the instruction. This road was nothing more than the country lane. Bordered either side by hedgerows, it too narrow for another vehicle to pass should we meet. It an hour past midnight and so no other vehicles were about. I heard some on the A12 motorway as I passed beneath. The small roads were devoid of life —almost.

Turn left on the A1152 and continue for one mile.

Nodding I peered into the headlights looking for the turning. A green and white sign loomed ahead. “Welcome to Rendlesham,” I read aloud. My breath caught as I instinctively looked behind me. I knew the history of Rendlesham and the airbase. Of course, I couldn’t see through the bulkheads into the trailer. But I was wondering if the cargo I was carrying could be connected.

Blue and red flashing lights split the darkness ahead of me.

I slammed on the brakes almost jack-knifing the lorry across the narrow lane. Ahead four police cars blocked the road preventing me from moving forward.

You will not stop! Turn left on the A1152 and continue for one mile,’ ordered the satnav.

“I don’t have a choice. I’m not ramming the police cars out of the way,” I said aloud. Through the windscreen, I watched four officers disembark. Each drew his or her Taser as they approached me.

You will drive on and escape the police!’

“I’m sorry. I’m just a driver. I’ve not done anything wrong and I’m not about to start now!”

The lorry’s power died thrusting the cab and lane into near darkness. Only the emergency beacons from the police cars stopped the road becoming completely dark.

“Open the driver side door and step out with your hands up!” ordered an officer now alongside the lorry.

“No problem. I’m coming out now.” I replied with full intention to surrender to them. Grabbing the door handle, I realised I had a problem — it was firmly locked. Even the button on the keys wouldn’t get it to disengage.

“I said step out with your hands up!” repeated the officer.

Panic rose within my chest now. I’d become an unwitting pawn in a very dangerous game. “I —I can’t. They’ve locked the bloody doors. I can’t get out!”

“Likely story!” The officer pulled himself up to the door and yanked on the handle.

I watched in horror as a thin blue light shot out of the field. It struck him in an explosion of sparks. He screamed as it sent him flying off the truck. The laser flashed on three more times. The officers didn’t stand a chance as they were cut down and left lying in the road.

The truck’s engine restarted with the roar. Its light came on and it started driving forward. Driverless it gained speed and bore down upon the police cars.

“No! What the hell are you doing?” I yelled as I grabbed onto the steering wheel. I drove the brake pedal to the floor and wrestled for control — I had achieved nothing. “Naaaahhh!” The scream left my lips as the lorry’s immense grill ploughed into the first car. The police cars resembled pins in the bowling alley. The truck smashed them into the air and sent them rolling, tumbling into the hedges.

The steering wheel tore around in my hands. The truck and trailer snapped around the left turn, blasting the final police car through the Rendlesham sign in an explosion of metal. The lorry just kept ploughing on towards its unknown destination.

A sigh of relief escaped my lips. I survived the sudden violence. Whether I survived until sunrise remained to be seen.

The lorry drove on toward the airbase.

I could see the blinking beam from the lighthouse now. It had once been considered the explanation for UFO’s seen in this area. After the last few minutes, I just knew there was a more extra-terrestrial explanation.

Another turn saw the lorry on the dirt track heading into the forest.

I opened my mouth to ask where the hell I was being taken. Not one word left my lips as the whole area was lit up by a brilliant white light. My Retina burned under the intense light. My ears screeched like a thousand bats. I tasted blood on my dry lips and then I passed into a semiconscious state. I could feel my hands all over my body, I was being carried from the vehicle.

“Where the sun rays land, invisible to the naked eye is where the Illumina live. The purest form of life. You have failed us, Len Yates,” said the voice sounding metallic and inhuman.

Through the white light, I could see sallow, skinny beings with large black eyes and grey skin. “Where — you — take … I — drive — police not — my fault,” I mumbled like a near-comatose drunk.

“The Illumina rise from the Plains of Elysium. We enter the dark pollution realm of humans in an attempt to save Earth. You’ve done enough. Goodbye, Len Yates.”

I felt sunlight on my skin as I woke up in my bed. Cold sweat graced my skin as I sat and thought for breath. “What a bloody nightmare!” I said as I almost fell out of bed. Staggering stiffly down the stairs into the kitchen, I gulped a pint of water. Flicking on the television as I did most mornings, I fell shock strike. My jaw almost bounced off the carpet as I fell backwards onto the sofa.  

‘Breaking news. Police are searching for a black truck and trailer. It vanished in Rendlesham Suffolk after the driver murdered four police officers and destroyed their vehicles. The driver at this time is unknown and missing along with the vehicle. If you know anything please call the helpline now.’

I reached over and picked up the phone. I let it slip back on the side table. “Nah, they would believe me anyway!”

The End

Thanks for reading my friends.

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