Raven Thrall

“A little magic to empower your day.”

I wrote this story in answer to the following prompts:
AuthorWorld — First lines
Word of the Day Challenge — Embouchure

Raven Thrall

The raven swooped down and collided directly with my window, leaving a huge crack where it impacted. It flew around in a large circle and was heading in for a second attack. This time it would come out of fiery sun blazing into a golden sunset behind it.

Unfazed, I grabbed my flute from its case beside my desk. Placing the Embouchure reed in my mouth, I began to play for all I was worth.

The large black bird pulled back its wings and raised his talents towards the glass. Feet away it screeched and flapped as though in a panic.

I played on. Filling my tower room with a soothing melody. My music alone saved the bird from a terrible death.

The raven landed upon the windowsill looking dazed.

Finally, the bird seemed calm and I put my flute away. Approaching, I opened the remains of my window. “Welcome dear, Raven. When you have need to visit. Simply knock and I’ll allow you entry.”

The bird tilted its sleek black head focusing one beady red eye upon me. It blinked and let out a single plaintive squawk.

I placed a hand on the windowsill. Allowing the large bird to perch on my arm. I could feel his talons digging through my cloak as it held on. “By the fire in your eyes, I see you were hexed.”

The bird seemed to nod. Ravens are the smartest of all feathered creatures. This one, maybe more so if it was cursed as I suspected.

Reaching my desk, I placed him atop an ancient wooden lectern containing my spellbook. I raised a hand, withered and wrinkled with age. Taking a breath, I pointed the index finger containing a thick silver ring adorned with a ruby wardstone at the bird. ‘Aufer omnis hexagonis traversa!’ I evoked in a way that turned my soft voice deep with power.

The ruby wardstone flashed pure white as a beam of emerald-green dust pulsed from the stone and encompassed the raven.

I don’t know what I expected to happen but I wasn’t this. The bird burst into flames as a wall of magic erupted from its breast. I saw my belongings flying across the room as my desk collapsed. The magic struck me in the chest and threw me against a stone wall.

“Ahh! What the hell?” I gasped. My chest was heaving as I struggled to breathe. My veins and muscles taughtened against the burning pain tearing through me. My room was full of hazy smoke. Through it all, I saw it. The raven was no more, it had become an eight-foot-long, shiny black-scaled dragon. Now the birds red eyes made sense. They belonged to this demonic reptile. Its nostrils smoked and its menacing claws raked the stone floor.

“Wizard Rubaryx, your time is up. Death will become you!” The dark voice echoed from the Dragon. Although I knew it never said a word.

I watched his mouth open wide. The dragon spewed a jet of black fire. “Ignis clypeus! Sanctus aquam!”

My ring erupted with a blue flash that became an orb. The black fire exploded against it and raced around me. As the flames extinguished my second spell came to pass. The ring gushed a wall of sparkling gold water.

The dragon screeched as the holy fluid rushed over its scales, poured down his throat, and sent tumbling against the far wall. As the water receded the raven lay dead upon the stone floor. The dragon was gone.

“Nice trick, Andracath. You necromantic worm. Better luck next time!” I yelled out the window while realising I was lucky to have survived that dark magic. Would I be so lucky next time? For now, only the fates knew.

The End

Thanks for reading my friends.

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Have a great day!

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