Shoulder the Blame

“When you fail as often as I have; you have to look and ask why. Sure, others took advantage of me – my fault. They played me – my fault. They screwed me – my fault. You see, I made the same mistake again and again. I went into battle for my dreams without a shred of knowledge. I gave up control without thinking about consequences. I was like the pheasant watching his family being killed by hunters and I still flew into the sky to be shot. So, I shoulder the blame. I must use it to grow stronger, smarter. I use it to wrest all the control back and ensure I’m never at fault for failing again.”

I wrote this story in answer to the following prompts:
Your Daily Word — Trite
Ragtag Daily Word — Shoulder

Shoulder the Blame

Should I shoulder the blame
I failed all the same
Sure, others played a part
But, I failed from the start

Bad thoughts becoming trite
Shake it off and put it right
So, I’ll shoulder the blame
Use it to up my game

Where did I go wrong,
I was weak, never strong
I let others play me like a game
And so, I shoulder the blame

Still full of shame
While I shoulder the blame
I let me be victimised but I learned
From all the trust you burned

Time to unshoulder the blame
Stand tall and exclaim
The fault was all mine
Now, its my time to shine

Thanks for reading my friends.

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7 thoughts on “Shoulder the Blame

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  1. I don’t believe we “fail.” We don’t know who we are or what we’re doing. We’re just becoming, learning, developing, questioning. None of the answers are forever. Yeah, other people can use us, deceive us and so on but that’s on them, not us and who cares? They’ve got their own weight of confusion and yes, assholeness, to carry around with them. And what’s success anyway? And where is there to “get”? Ultimately we all just die. It’s the least surprising aspect of our existence. The important thing, to me, is finding things and people to love and being open to new experience, being able to surrender to the possibility of not doing well but being grateful for the learning.

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