Death by Chilli

“A complaint: Friday Fictioneers give us 100 words to tell a story about the above image. I could have written a thousand just describing this Chinese street! Haha! Oh well – I did my best. I hope you like it.”

I wrote this story in answer to the following prompts:
Friday Fictioneers – Write a 100-word story based on the Photo Prompt image by Brenda Cox

Death By Chilli

The Trilby hat was Detective Roback’s trademark. He stood a foot taller than anyone within the narrow, colourful, streets of china town. He scowled while searching for Meng. “Gah, it stinks of greasy egg flied lice and rotten fish around here!”

“You go then!” said a woman wearing a hippy bandana.

Roback lunged beneath a red sign into a Chinese food store. “You’re under arrest, Meng.

“I do nothing.”

“You killed Foo with your nuclear-grade chilli powder.”  

“Prove it!”

Roback pinned him down and removed a sachet of chilli from his jacket pocket. “This’ll match that found in the victim.”

The End

Thanks for reading my friends.

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Have a great day!

51 thoughts on “Death by Chilli

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      1. I think so. As a chef I know restaurants always put out a disclaimer warning of the danger of their hottest offerings. So, that’s then the eaters fault if they get sick or worse. So, it can only become a crime if a person deliberately uses chilli as a weapon.

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    1. Hello, Jeanne.
      Meng was a bad guy from a story in a series I wrote and was forced to abandon. It was nice to get him out again. I chose Chilles because I can’t stand food which means a fire extinguisherThanks for reading.


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