Finding Success

“The biggest issue effecting a persons mental state when striving for success; is never attaining there goals. We all start of with a dream. Us writers dream of seeing our books in shops, signing them for fans, and seeing our characters on the big screen. Trouble is for 99.9% of writers that’s impossible. It’s soul destroying and creatively crippling when you realise it wont happen.

Here’s the thing; you can still be successful. To reach ‘The End’ when writing a book is a success. To put that book on Amazon is a success. To sell a few copies and get a nice review is a success.

That’s the secret I learned. Success isn’t the glitz and glamour of your dream but in attaining the goals and climbing the rungs of the ladder. If you reach the top magnificent. If you reach two thirds of the way congratulations that’s a great success. Me — I’m on rung two. I successfully put some books out and made a nice website. Rung three — don’t know what it is. I’ll let you know when I find out. What’s your next rung of success?

I wrote this poem in answer to the following prompts:
FOWC with Fandango — Antithesis
Your Daily Word — Strive

Finding Success

The antithesis of success
Huh, I strive and stress
Smile when I impress
While I make progress

Each day I’ll gain
Reach higher on the chain
Positivity fills my brain
Negativity you will refrain

Victory is a state of mind
Contradictory to what you’ll find
Winning is refined
Beginning with goals you designed

One step at a time
Run fast and climb
Then work overtime
Pen yourself into the prime

Thanks for reading my friends.

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Have a great day!

9 thoughts on “Finding Success

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  1. I agree with you on the levels of success. My writing dreams don’t fly as high as they used to, based on learning of the reality of the market. The ability to write full time would be quite nice, but the successes of finishing stories and putting them in the world are much more achievable. And if someone is entertained by one of those stories, even moved emotionally/thoughtfully by it, then that would be wonderful.

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      1. I’ve wondered about the successes of authors like Hugh Howey and Andy Weir. I enjoyed their books that made it big (“Wool” and “The Martian”), but I’ve also enjoyed books by other self-published authors. Something clicked with Howey and Weir’s books with readers to spread them by word of mouth to make them so popular.

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      2. The only thing that ‘clicked’ is that they would have spent thousands maybe tens of thousands on marketing. The authors who make it big do so by having their book plastered everywhere and by making the population read it because they think its the ‘in’ thing. basically the more money they spend on marketing the more popular it appears and the more people will buy it.

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  2. Great Piece Mason and so true We all have ladders to climb and sometimes getting your foot up another rung is hard but we do it. Love to poem too.

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