Rise of Karrion

“All great things begin with a spark. A decisive turn on the path of life. The most influential from a sudden darkness ruining a happy life. Do you know what it would take to make you go on the war path?”

Discover Charlie’s turning point in Birth of Karrion

I wrote this story in answer to the following prompts:
Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie – First Line Friday — The first sentence of this story.
Your Daily Word — Transit
Word of the Day Challenge — Thelemite

Rise of Karrion

People see what makes sense to them, reality notwithstanding. They live encased in their opaque bubbles while the world crumbles around them. Their lives in constant, selfish transit. Racing towards oblivion regardless of the harm to those around them. For me it’s different. I see reality for what it truly is. My eyes were opened the day my old school nemesis killed my sister and left me for dead. I reaped my own breed of justice upon him. However, the damage was done; I’d changed and could no longer fit within society. I’d become a Thelemite, a vigilante living by his own rules. A vigilante with a mission to rid Earth of the dark and deplorable monsters infesting it. One scumbag at a time.

A full moon rises three days hence. Tonight, the silvery gibbous fills the city with milky light. Evil was lurking, I could smell it. I could feel it in the sirens and flashing lights of the police cars swishing by on the wet roads.

Keeping to the shadows surrounded in my long, leather coat, I waited. I watched and I listened. My fingers brushing the creases of my burnt face. An accident with a kettle long ago. A hideous mask my victims would see every time justice was served.

A scream — I knew it! A scumbag was stalking about this night. Time for me to go to work.

Another terrified scream cut through the air. My heart thundered in my chest as I set off running. My sister’s screams reverberated in my brain. Even though I’d gotten justice for her, the hurt never faded. Rounding a corner into a narrow old street of shops, I saw them. An imperceptible flash emanated from my coat.

She was a pretty young brunette wearing a tiny, revealing, red party dress. It was her screaming and fighting. A scumbag in dark clothes was close to strangling her as he dragged her into an alley.

Boiling with rage for the young lady, I stalked along the cobbles. The knives in my belt tinkled and my coat flapped about my ankles as I reached the alley. Pinning myself to the wall. I peered inside sizing up my prey. My coat flashed again.

“Such a pretty muffin,” he said backing his victim against the wall.

“No, let me go. I beg you let me go!” She shrieked as she fought against him.

He easily overpowered her, driving her into the bricks and forcibly kissing her. “Relax, yer might even enjoy this,” Another flash, time to act.

“You’re right. I will,” I said in my cold, emotionless voice while slinking around the wall into the alley.

“Yer better not be ‘ere to ruin my fun,” grabbing the young lady about the throat he held her between him and me. “Look at ‘er sexy little dress. All the skin she ‘as on show. I’m doing ‘er a service. Giving ‘er what she wants, see?”   

I stepped closer, imagining breaking this creep’s face. “All I see is a scumbag blind with greed. A lady has a right to wear whatever makes her feel good and happy. She has a right to show off her beautiful body in any way she feels. At no point does her outfit give anyone the permission to step into her space and touch her,” my anger began to spill over with my voice becoming a shout, “At no point does a lady want or deserve to be attacked by a creep like you!”

“So, what. Yer gonna be ‘er hero are yer?” the scumbag drew a knife and pressed it into her back.

She tried to scream only for it to catch in her constricted throat.

“You’ll get ‘er killed if yer don’t walk away!”

“There may be a murder in his alley tonight. I assure you she will live — you maybe not so much,” I retorted with my eyes burning into his. Waiting for my moment.

“Really?” The knife twitched his hand as he drew back.

The clouds rolled over the moon creating a deeper darkness across the city. With a flex of my left arm, I sent a throwing knife spinning through the air and followed it.

My aim was good. The blade sliced through his shirt, cutting across his bicep before embedding in the wall. He barely managed to cry out before I rushed past the young lady and smashed his face with a furious fist.

Scumbag staggered back into a rolltop bin. A hollow thud indicating it to be empty. “You’ll pay for that, frog-face!” he yelled.

“Run, young lady. You’re safe now,” I said directing her to leave the alley. Everything I saw had turned red. My sister’s murderer always called me frog-face at school. The memories of hearing her screaming as she killed her flashed back into my mind like the cruellest daggers to the heart. “Come on, scumbag. Make me pay!” I beckoned with my gloved hands.

He rose and charged like an angry sprinter off the blocks.

As fast as he was, I was quicker. Snapping his head back with a brutal knee, I sent him careening into the wall. “That’s so your victim felt. Not nice to be on the rec—”

A flash of silver — he’d remove my knife from the wall and slashed at my throat with a scream of, “Die hero!”  

I was already spinning as the blade came my way. Going under his arm, I caught and tossed him over my shoulder into a pile of rubbish and boxes. “Ha, the festering pile of scum landed in the trash where he belongs.”

Scumbag kicked free, hurling a box at me.

I smashed through it, sending rotten apple pies scattering around the alley. A mistake. The air was driven from my lungs as his shoulder tackled me into the wall.

“Now, I kill yer!” he screamed as his fist connected with my jaw

The pain was immense but it was empowering. I snapped my eyes back to his — focused and cold. A savage head-butt sent him reeling. Grabbing his shirt collar and trousers I hoisted him high and sent him flying over the bin back towards the street.

His cry of terror died as he slammed into the concrete.

Feeling like a Panther about to get his meal, I stalked after him. A warped smile graced my creased face as I watched him crawling toward the road. “I didn’t permit you to leave. Punishment has not been served, yet.”

“No! I beg you please leave me al-argh!”

He screamed as I slammed my foot down on his ankle. “Did you leave the young lady alone when she asked you to?”

“No, I’m sorry!” he gasped.

Reaching down I curled a bicep around his throat and squeezed. “Apology not accepted!” I breathed as I waited for the moment consciousness would leave him.

He writhed against me for more than a minute before he passed out.

Only then did I relinquish my hold. I dragged him into the street and handcuffed him to a lamppost. From inside my pocket, I retrieved an SD card. It had been connected to a buttonhole camera in my coat. Inserting it into my phone I checked the images and smiled. The evidence was concrete. Placing the SD card into his shirt pocket, I made a call to the police. Pacing the street, I detailing the attack I’d witnessed on the young lady and where to find the culprit and evidence. My job was done, I turned to leave and flinched — she was still here.

“You – you saved me. I wanted to stay in thank you,” she said in a small voice.

“No thanks necessary. I’m only doing my duty as a respectful man,” I told her.

“Why didn’t you kill him. I was sure you would.”

“Scare tactics. If I killed him, I’d be as much of a scumbag as he is. This way I’ve given him a good basting and the police can finish his sentence. Now get home before more creeps stalk you.” I turned to leave.

“What do we call you?” she asked.

“They call me, Karrion.” With one last nod, I vanished into the night.

The End

Thanks for reading my friends.

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