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Cassidy Caught

This was a first line Prompt story I wrote a year ago. The prompt was : A packet of chocolate covered raisins lay in the road.

I’m pleased to re-share it for the following prompts:
Fandangos Flashback Friday
Your Daily Prompt – Transit

Cassidy Caught

A packet of chocolate covered raisins lay in the road. A pink Apollo bicycle, broken, on the grass verge nearby.

“So, she was here?” I asked Officer Maxwell Keen, the attending police official.

“Detective Franklin, this one’s a mystery. Mrs Dawkins in number twenty-three over there witnessed the incident.” the officer pointed to a bungalow with a manicured rose garden. “She saw a black E-Car knock Cassidy Lemon off her bike Over there in front of the parked Transit van. By the time she got from her lounge to the front door to offer help, both Cassidy and the car were gone.”

“Right, we know Cassidy never made it home or to the hospital.” I could see no blood around the bike. My only thought was that she’d be abducted.

“Agreed, Mrs Dawkins reported what she’d seen at once. Cassidy’s parents reported her missing shortly after.”   

“It’s been an hour since the incident here. This type of E-Car can theoretically do fifty miles on a charge. It already used some to get here, so it can’t be far.” I took out my radio. “Requesting air support. We need to search the area for any black E-Cars.”

“Roger that, Detective. The helicopter will begin searching shortly.”   

Within a few short minutes, the helicopter pilots had radioed in two sightings that matched the car. One was on a battery charger, I investigated that first. Pulling up at the address, I indicated for Officer Keen to cover the rear gate. The car was warm – recently driven. The front wing told me I needed to speak with the owner. The house was a large red-brick structure with new double-glazing. I knocked on the front door, liking the canary in the stained glass. A curtain twitched in the room on the left, then the door was unlocked and opened.

“Can I help?” Asked a young man peeking out.

He looked tired, confirmed by the redness I saw in his eyes and the dishevelment of his hair and clothes. “I’m Detective Franklin. What’s your name and were you driving that car a while ago.”

“Josh, I … erm … no.” the man gulped. “It’s been there since yesterday.”  

“But you do drive it?” I asked.

“Yes, it is mine.”

“What about the lady on the bike?” I saw momentary panic in his eyes.

“What lady? I only just got up.”

“There is a scratch with pink paint on your car, which says otherwise.” I drew him outside. “Josh, where is she?”

“I never saw any young lady. I told you, I just got up.” Josh tried to creep back inside.

I stayed him with a hand. “I never said she was young.” I felt his heart rate increase beneath my hand. “You stink of beer. You were driving home from a boozy all-night bender and hit her – didn’t you!”

“I don’t, ahh!”

I’d slammed him against the wall. “Fine, we’ll do this the hard way.” I dumped him on the floor and cuffed him. “You’re under arrest for drink driving, assault with a motor vehicle and kidnap.”

I’d arrested him. Was he responsible for Cassidy’s disappearance though? That was the burning question.

To be continued …

Who kidnapped Cassidy? Is Josh the guilty suspect? Head over to PART TWO!

Thanks for reading my friends.

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Have a great day!


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