Scammer’s Beware

“Liars, cheaters and stealers lurk everywhere. Just lately the amount of hackers and scammers have skyrocketed. If you receive an email or phone call saying your bank, or shopping account has been hacked – be careful. This is almost certainly a scam. With the email – disregard it and go to the bank of shopping account directly to verify it. On the phone: hang up and make contact with the bank or shopping account in your usual way to check. A good way to tell, the bank never needs your PIN or payment numbers. They will never ask you to make a new account or transfer money for any reason. You get these questions or requests hang up immediately. In the event of fraud they will send a letter or more normally they close your account and wait for you to call when you cant access it.

Tradesmen are scamming more too. Remember to check everything about the tradesman and use the directories set up to protect you from dodgy companies. For big expensive jobs: never pay upfront. They have accounts with merchants for supplies. Pay in stages as you verify work has been completed to an acceptable standard.

Even With all your online passwords you are vulnerable. Change them often, use things that are unguessable. I like long book quotes as writer. Never tell anyone your password for any reason.

Whatever the case if you have any doubt, say ‘no’ and be safe my friends!”

I wrote this Poem in answer to the following prompts:
Pensitivity’s three things challenge – Lie – Deceit – Gullible
Word of the Day Challenge – Repose

Scammers Beware

Everything is one lie after another
Told by presidents, tradesmen, your brother
Fraud, untruths and deceitful scams
Broken promises, criminality and shams

Dupers will be haimish and kind
Lying, stabbing, stealing from behind
They do it for wealth and fun
Please, don’t be the gullible one

They’ll wait until you are repose
Then steal everything under your nose
Some work in broad daylight
Others lurk in the dead of night

Never believe without concrete proof
Be alert, always question for truth
If is seems to good to be real
Never sign and seal the deal

You have the right to think and decline
Always research, check and take your time
Bank issues – according to that email
Call the bank directly, the scammer will fail

The bank doesn’t need your PIN
If they ask, call the police, turn them in
Need a tradesman to work
Never pay upfront, he’ll shirk.

Remember to always be the boss
Play along at your own loss
If in any doubt
Say no to the possible lout

Liars work in many deceitful ways
Remember though crime never pays
They’ll come a cropper in the end
Question everything, be safe my friend

Thanks for reading my friends.

There’s more in the Poetry CornerShort Stories. and Short Stories 2 and Short Stories 3 tabs.

Have a great day!

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  1. People don’t take cyber security seriously until something bad happens. I use passwords that are 25 characters or more long. I know friends who use their date of birth, 4 digit numbers or even their own name. Makes no sense. My site recently conducted a two part investigation on how hackers obtain your passwords and the security breaches with different companies like Yahoo.

    Part 2 is more in depth showing the websites hackers use to post the stolen personal info and how their website members get to it for their own uses and pleasure.

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