Lucy Dog

“Although this limerick makes Lucy dog seem frightsome, she’s a softy really. She’s a husky-cross-Sheppard, it’s the latter which makes her look fearsome. With those big ears and that intelligent sniffer always on alert. Lucy is my friend and guardian. So much so my own mother can’t even give me a goodnight kiss!”

I wrote this limerick for the following prompt;
Word of the Day Challenge — Sniff

The face one gets when Lucy’s ball is at the bottom of the stairs and she’s waiting for it at the top!

Lucy Dog

This is Lucy Dog, the nose that knows,
The difference between friends and foes
So, run when you hark
Her, deep and bossy bark
Or she’ll sniff out and bite your toes!

Thanks for reading my friends.

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Have a great day!

7 thoughts on “Lucy Dog

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  1. I love barky black dogs. Mine was Dusty T. Dog, a Doberman/lab mix. I got him at the bonita shelter in San Diego I guess 15 years ago now. He sounded fierce, but wasn’t. Give her a big ear scratch and hug for me.

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