True Gifts

“I’ve have family members and people I’ve met with a bad trait. When its present getting time they’re insatiable. If they don’t get what they want. Don’t get more than last year in value or amount. They throw a greed tantrum. For me, a person who’s never been particularly well endowed in the money department — That doesn’t wash. I always remind them that getting anything is a boon, a luxury many people never get. To celebrate my birthday I love to buy something and donate it. Sharing and helping others is a True Gift for me.”

I wrote this poem in answer to the following prompts:
FOWC with Fandango — Confer
Word of the Day — Birthday

True Gifts

We had to confer
Make a plan for her
With her birthday next week
No gifts she’d freak

A party she’d need
And presents to placate her greed
We went to town
To prevent her frown

And so, on her big day
She unwrapped a block of clay
Happy Birthday, greedy Honey
Don’t cry, we thought it funny

It’s not good being greedy
Selfish or needy
Be happy with your haul
Poor people get sod all

You’re lucky to get anything
Many get nothing
So, on your next birthday
Celebrate by gifting something away

Thanks for reading my friends.

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Have a great day!

6 thoughts on “True Gifts

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  1. I love this! It’s so true that receiving any gift at all is a blessing, and one that many people don’t have the fortune of experiencing. Donating is a great way to help others and give them a gift instead!

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