Consult of Statues

“Sometimes prompts take me to the most ridiculous and outré of places. I usually refrain and bin such story lines. Today I thought ‘What the hell – share it!’ If you read on; promise me you wont send the men in white coats with a straight-jacket. Thank you.”

I wrote this story in answer to the following prompts:
Pensitivity’s three things challenge – Frightened – Heel – Locked
FOWC with Fandango — Insolent
Word of the Day — Outré
Your Daily Word — Reconnoitre
Ragtag Daily Word — Consult
Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie – Photo challenge — The picture above

Consult of Statues

Wade was always the last one at work and today that ethic would cost him. He was the under-manager of a large car parts dealership. The warehouse located within an old farm building. When darkness descended each day, Wade became the only person for a mile in all directions. Growing up as a lone child, having no friends and lacking a love life left the loneliness of work normal to him.

This particular night, Wade finished his orders at nine PM. The last had been a set of new brake discs for a vintage Lotus. Taking the labelled box, he walked through the large warehouse lined with shelves of vehicle parts to the loading dock.

“Right, I’ll load this in the van and then go home for some steak and kidney pudding,” he said to himself. “Might have a bee—”

A vibration hummed through the concrete floor. It rose through his legs until it reverberated in his chest. The trembling grew so intense that all the metal racking began shaking.  

Wade swallowed and took a shaky, deep breath. “No need to be frightened. Probably just an earthquake.” Chastising himself, he moved on again despite the vibration never ceasing. As if a great weight were pushing down upon him, he felt himself slowing, becoming heavier. His left heel seemed to become glued to the floor and then the right followed until he was locked in place. The box fell from his hands crashing to the floor

Brilliant white light flashed into existence. Cutting through the high skylights and blazing through any gaps in the wood-panelled walls. It was as if a massive laser beam had been turned on the warehouse.

A human statue, Wade discovered only his eyes would move. Despite that, he still felt the adrenaline coursing with cold fear through his body. His pulse pounded in his head as if a heart attack was imminent. Then he saw them.

Three beings entered the room, emerging from the brightness. Leading the way was a short, rotund figure. His head and body clad in a shimmering silver spacesuit like nothing NASA had ever built. Flanking him, two nine-foot-tall beings of impossibly narrow stature.

‘Holy shit! Where’s Mulder and Scully when you need them!’ Wade thought as they neared him. Each revealing large black oval eyes and slit-like apertures for breathing on their scaly helmeted heads.

The short being raised a hand and emitted a groan of exertion.

Wade buckled — the air driven from his lungs as pain exploded in his abdomen. It was as though he’d been shot by a cannon. On his knees, he realised he was free to move again. Little comfort when under assault by aliens. “W-who are you?” He gasped.

<We are the Consult of Statues. It’s our duty to reconnoitre souls and return them to our Emporer.>

The being hadn’t spoken; the metallic voice had echoed deep within Wade’s brain. ‘Telepathy – they’re bloody using telepathy!’ He realised with growing shock situation.

<Yes, we do not need to speak words. Our brains are evolved to levels you cannot even begin to comprehend.>

Wade didn’t know why but this alien came off as an arrogant git and so infuriating. Sucking up his pain, he punched the floor and stood. “So, you have a very high level of smart-arsery and yet you still can’t knock on the door and speak to people respectfully!”

<Do not be insolent human. You will regret it!> the short alien made a dinosaur footprint gesture with his three fingers. His lanky protectors stepped forward enforcing his words.

“Fine — then how about you tell me what you want. I can order you Roswell bumper stickers for your spaceship. Maybe you’d like some digital radio antennas for your helmet. Maybe they’ll increase your telepathic range. I know, perhaps you’d like a chrome exhaust to help remove the alien fart gas from your —aaaah!” Another ball of energy thundered into his body. Wade flew backwards until he slammed into a shelving rack. He crashed to the floor amid a cascade of wheel lug nuts and miscellaneous bolts. The whole time, mechanical laughter bounced around inside his skull.

<HA—HA—HA — this human funny. We keep him.> said a tall one.

<Silence your thoughts. Take him.> The short alien turned his back and vanished.

Wheezing and broken on the floor, Wade blacked out. Next, he knew, he was awake and yet paralysed again. Once again only his eyes would move. What he saw was nothing short of terrifying. He was within a white room surrounded by statues. Most appeared to be marble ladies in varying poses. Wade’s focus became locked upon a mirror. He was no longer human having been transformed into the most grotesque black marble statue. His oversized head seemed to have melted as it lay moulded around the top of a concrete column. By comparison, his body had shrunken to around two feet as it hung limply beneath the enormous head. ‘I look like a baby with a giant’s head but at least they gave me a six-pack,’ he thought in the attempt to the horror clawing at his sanity. ‘Who am I kidding! I’m a freaking hideous statue!’

Days and even weeks passed by to people shopping for artwork. The sound of an artist chiselling new sculptures came and went too. Then Wade was sold. He was boxed up and delivered to his new home outside an art gallery. Try as he might there was nothing he could ever do about his predicament. Some people seemed to see his eyes move. None realised he was alive within the statue. After weeks of unbridled fear, he became numb to his situation. Resigning to the simple fact. ‘I’m now an outré ugly, immortal statue with the sole job of being a fricken pigeon toilet!’

The End

Thanks for reading my friends.

There’s more in the Poetry CornerShort Stories. and Short Stories 2 tabs.

Have a great day!

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    1. Hi, Victoria.
      I wasn’t expecting such a wonderful comment for today’s weird outpouring of words. So thank you so much for taking the time to read and commenting.

      I love dinosaurs. So when I saw he had three fingers I immediately went to the classic dino footprint Glad you liked it.


    1. Well, thank you very much. I felt a bit silly writing something this weird. Seem I did okay though.

      You’re most welcome. I always try to read all the entries for the prompts so long as they get in before its too late in the day.

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