Cave of Discovery

“I’ve ventured into this cave a lot over the last few years. Made great sacrifices to slay the beast and gain even the smallest amount of treasure. It takes great drive, energy and courage but always stay in the light!”

I wrote this poem for;
Pensitivity’s Three Things Challenge — Crescent, World, Bathed

Cave of Discovery

Beneath the Crescent moon it lies
Glowing with spectral silvery light
The gloomiest cave to meet the eyes
What’s inside may scare or delight

Hiding a great treasure, a mystery beast
A cavernous sanctuary, a world away
It hides within temporal hills to the east
‘Do not venture there,’ wise men say

This is no ordinary rocky cave
It belongs and is visible only to you
Take a deep breath, enter, be brave
You may discover a secret or two

The cave-like sanctuary is your mind
Treasures: your imagination, memories too
The beast: mental demons your worldly bind
The cave holds what’s special to you

Go ahead, venture inside
You’ll discover what gives you drive
And the things which make you hide
Better yet, slay the beast and thrive

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Thanks for reading and have a great day!

8 thoughts on “Cave of Discovery

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    1. Hi Emily, nice to meet you.

      Pleased you like my story.

      The follow but is bottom right. If its missing scroll to the top of the page and look agaim. It should appear.

      Thanks again fir reading!


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