A Life Resolved

This story was written for a competition requiring five prompt words: Absolution, Evolution, Execution, Retribution, Revolution. Somehow I included them all.

Today I share it for
Fandango’s Flashback Friday — January 15
Ragtag Daily Prompt – Comeuppance
I hope you like it.

A Life Resolved

I had woken up in a new year – a new decade – and I was ready for a personal revolution. As midnight struck, I’d made four resolutions and it was time to carry them out. 

I dressed in my cheap jeans and a shirt, leaving my rat-infested bed behind – briefcase in hand. Driving away, my first stop toward a happier future was the red door I’d visited daily – at least, until I’d caught Cara in bed with another man. I knocked twice. She answered pretty quickly, dressed in a white robe. 


‘Absolution,’ I thought while taking in her beautiful features and absorbing brown eyes. “Hello, Cara. I understand why you slept with Fred. I…”

“Ira, what—”

Shush… listen.”


“I completely forgive you for what you did. I understand and I’m sorry for my part. I love you Cara-Bear, I would love us to try again,” I said with all the passion I could muster in my quavering voice. 

“Ira… I-”

“Think about it, Cara. You know how to reach me.” Smiling I returned to my beaten-up car and drove away. My part was said, the choice was hers. 

To get rid of my demons and become a new man, I needed to change. I drove to the garage and wandered among the cars. 

‘Evolution,’ I thought. Selecting a brand-new Porsche, I set up a finance deal with the saleswoman. I hid a grin, I technically couldn’t pay for the car – yet. Leaving the forecourt in my new midnight-blue sports car, I smiled at myself and drove the Mall. There, I emptied my bank account, buying a smart black suit, tie and sunglasses. I changed in the mall toilets, leaving my old self and clothes in the bin. Back in my Porsche, I drove on with two of my resolutions complete. 

I was soon parked in a bay behind an office block. With my briefcase in hand, I entered the foyer of the place I’d worked for years. The receptionist Jean didn’t recognise me in my new outfit and sunglasses. I signed in with an alias and headed aloft in the lift. I didn’t stop on my floor, the IT Department, I went to the top of the building. Flashing my fake ID at a secretary, I entered the CEO’s office. Reaching the large smoked glass desk, I opened my briefcase and connected my computer to the one on the desk. A few button clicks saw an executable working on the desktop. 

‘Execution,’ I smiled. Mr Renton, wouldn’t steal from anyone again. With the office computer data stored on my cloud in a file marked ‘Evidence.’ I sent an email and left the building again. 

Three down one to go. I drove my new Porsche to the home of Mr Renton. A large and sprawling mansion. I parked ready for a quick escape, entered the porch and rang the doorbell. An aide answered, my false ID and a cover story got me into a lavish lounge.

“Good Morning, Mr Delph. I would normally decline unexpected visitors but Melany said it was urgent.” Renton strode in like a confident peacock, wearing his stalwart white suit and glasses. 

‘Retribution,’ I thought. “Morning, David,” I replied in my calmest voice despite nervous tremors in my limbs.

“You know me?”

“Of course, boss. You paid my wages for years.” I removed my sunglasses revealing a cold hard stare.

“You – You’re not Mr Delph, you’re Ira Dale from the IT department.” Renton looked shocked just as I hoped.

“Well spotted. Check your emails.” 

“What? Why?” Despite himself Renton used his diamond-studded I-phone to check. “You’re blackmailing me?” he said having found my email.

“I know you were firing me and my grossly underpaid team without reason and pay. The link in your email proves I have evidence for all the illegal deals you’ve done.” I smiled. “Soon the police will too.” 

“I’ll get you for this – You!

“Shut-up! If anything happens to me Interpol gets the evidence. You defy me, they get the evidence. I want one million pounds in each employees bank account, now!” 

Renton argued but complied in the end. I used my own phone to watch the money transfer. When it was done, I left with a final undefiable warning. Handing Mr Renton his comeuppance had been more fun than I hoped it’d be.

By the end of the day, I owned a nice little apartment and was lying in bed with Cara and a glass of Champagne. I, Ira Dale, had made and kept my New Year’s Resolutions and become a new man.

The End

Thanks you for reading. Do head over to my Short Stories and Short Stories 2 pages for more great little reads.

Have a great day!

13 thoughts on “A Life Resolved

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    1. Aw, thanks, Jim. I just love to take a prompt and twist it on its head to make something creative and fun to write and read. Glad you liked it.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s a News Resolution to be proud of. 😊 I couldn’t come up with a story for just one prompt word, so I allowed Ira to use them all. Maybe for a fun story. Glad you liked it, Miranda.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I loved using all the prompts as a check-list for a multi-stage resolution! I loved the happy ending and the way everything came together, and that final line about “I, Ira Dale, had made and kept my New Year’s Resolutions and become a new man.” tied it all together perfectly! Great job!


    1. Thank you, David. I admit I couldn’t come up with a story for a single prompt. So, I had to go outside the box and use the lot! I’m glad you enjoyed it, it was a fun write, for sure.


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