Mystery Leg

“Sometimes an every day object can become the biggest mystery and that makes it all the more fun.”

I wrote this Story in answer to the following prompts:
Your Daily Word Prompt — Lapse
Ragtag Daily Prompt— Sangfroid
Three Things Challenge #478 – Change– Dash – Teasing

Mystery Leg

“Lexi, can you come to me, please?” George requested. Lexi had been his girlfriend for a year and he adored her.

“Why?” she called from amid a field of wildflowers alive with butterflies.

George gave her a fond smile. He thought she looked adorable wearing little pink shorts and white strappy mini-dress, with her blonde pigtails catching the sun over her tanned shoulders. He snapped a picture of her surrounded by poppies, daisies and cornflowers. “Because I want a kiss.”

Lexi gave the cutest giggle over her shoulder, “Nope! Lexi doesn’t want a kiss from a monster. That would be gross!” She teased in her most enchanting voice.

“Aww! I want to kiss my princess?” George pouted and started walking toward her.

“Are you calling me a princess?” Lexi took a coy stride away.

“The most beautiful princess in the world.” George increased his pace. “Kisses from princesses change monsters into handsome princes,” he explained before making kissing noises.

“Ut-ah, you’re a sweetie monster – not a frog. No kisses for Georgie Monster!” Lexi dashed away with a squeal.

George just laughed as he ran after her. He loved it when Lexi was being playful like this. “Kissy-Kissy!”

Lexi ran through the flowers; giggling every step of the way. “Lexi has no kisses for you, monster. Leave her alone!”

“That’s too bad, Georgie Monster wants lots of kisses.” He lunged for her waist and felt his fingers pass over her shapely belly for a second. Then she was spinning away from him again. Whether it was a lapse of concentration he didn’t know, but his foot slammed into something unseen. He crashed into the thick grasses and flowers with the loudest crack.

“Oh no! Are you okay, sweetheart?” Lexi’s playful moment had gone replaced by concern.

George groaned as he rolled onto his side and reach for his knee. “Ouch! Think I broke a leg.”

“Okay, sweetheart.” Lexi could be heard walking back to him. Her voice relaxed and in control. “Stay still and calm. I’ll phone an ambulance.”

George smiled, her sangfroid attitude toward bad situations always amazed him. It didn’t matter how dangerous or trying an event might be, she always remained cool and calm. “Don’t bother, Lexi. It wasn’t mine,” he said sitting now.

Having arrived his side, Lexi gasped, “That’s a leg!”

“Yup, there’s no two ways about it – this is a human right leg,” George remarked while realising his weight had snapped the femur in two. It was sticking straight up out of the ground when I fell over it!”

“It’s female too. The foot’s still wearing a lady’s sandal and has pink painted toes.” Lexi noted.

“Yeah. What concerns me, is where’s the rest of her?” George hauled himself to his feet. Lexi remained quiet, George looked her way and saw a look of contemplation etched on her pretty face.  “What’s are you thinking?”

“That’s not a real leg. It’s not bleeding, it doesn’t smell like it’s rotting.” Lexi began scanning the field. “There aren’t even any insects devouring the limb.”

“Good spot. I bet the rest of the body isn’t even here.”  

“Maybe, other than our tracks through the grasses there’s no sign anybody’s been through here. So, how did the leg get speared into the ground in the middle of this field? It’s pretty clean, so hasn’t been here long.”

“Good question. I bet it’s some kind of sick joke. Come on, let’s go get some lunch.” George swooped in and kissed her, sighing as her energy relaxed him. “Ha! Georgie Monster got himself a kiss-kiss!” he teased.

Lexi pulled on the playful scowl with hands-on-hips. “Sneaky, darling!” Tucking the leg under an arm, she set off across the field ahead of him.

“Erm, why are you taking that with you?” George held her free hand as he fell into step with her.

“I thought it might be a good idea to show the police. If nothing else it gives me an extra leg kick your bum with!”

“You have two perfectly beautiful legs already. That one’s definitely surplus to requirements.”

“Aww, Georgie Monster just earned himself a kiss for that remark.” Lexi beamed and allowed him the smooch as they headed for home.

 The police weren’t interested in the leg. It wasn’t part of an ongoing investigation and so trash to their way of thinking. Lexi took it home, determined to solve the mystery.

George went with her and watched with admiration as she began a diligent investigation.

Lexi found a code number on mannequin’s foot. Using that and her laptop, she discovered the leg was part of a lifelike dummy made in Amsterdam.  More searching brought her to a Facebook page. “Gotcha!” she said as she read with delight.

‘To everybody living in the Norfolk area specifically those in the north-east of Norwich. Due to a cargo bay door malfunction, I lost a mannequin as I flew in to land at the airport. The body has been recovered but the right leg is missing. I offer a £50 reward for its recovery. Thanks for your help Benjamin Verne, clothier,’

“Well done, Lexi. You solve the mystery.” George smiled as he put his arms around her supple, smooth shoulders. “You’re amazing you know that?”  

She seemed to glow as he held her, “Thank you, Georgie. I just knew there was a reason behind the leg being in the field. I had to try and find it.”

“Yeah, and now you’ve done that, Georgie Monster is going to reward you with three-million kisses.” George put on a devious laugh and set upon his squealing girlfriend; smooching every inch of her he could reach. Despite the discovery of a disarticulated leg, it had been a really good day for him.

The End

Thanks for reading my friends. There’s more in the Short Stories. and Short Stories 2 tabs.

Have a great day!

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