“Hello my friends. I’m afraid there will be no poem or story from me today. My brain decided not to cooperate. No its not writers block or anything sinister just lack of muse today.

My daily assignment since giving up as a novelist is a simple one. To search out the prompts placed by the wonderful WordPress blogs who give up their time to inspire us daily. Those like Fandango, RDP, Wordofthe Day, and Pensitivity101 to name a few. The challenge to take their words and prompts and turn them into dazzling stories, a treasure chest of adventures, romances, a few horrors and mysteries, is one come to adore. Especially as I see the delight in the comments my reader give my stories. If I’d had started out this way as a writer in the past, who knows maybe things would have been different for me and my literary career. Alas we do not control of path through life, That belongs with the fates.

No matter the assignment we cannot do it every day. For me today is that day and I’m sorry no magic today.

To all my readers
One last thing before I go. I often feel bad through the likelihood of not seeing your posts when you comment on mine. I wish for you to know that I miss you posts due to time zone difference alone, I would read them all if they were on the list when I get chance to check it. There’s also the issue that WordPress unfollowed all those I was following via email address and no longer accepts my email address when trying to follow your blogs. So, I apologise to anyone who feels wronged by me not following them – this is why. So, a remedy: when you comment on my stories, you may leave your link if I missed yours so I can read it then.

Until the next tale appears. Why not catch up on an older one within my Short Stories. and Short Stories 2 tabs. Thank you all for following and reading my stories and poems.

Have a great day!

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  1. I call hem ‘brain breaks’, and they are entirely essential. You know very well how often I indulge in these, even if involuntarily, at times. Rest your frontal cortex, and you’ll be back with another amazing story in no time! Hugs!!

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