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My Mission Statement

“A new year and a new mindset for me. I spent far too long wallowing in self-pity because I couldn’t find my success. So, now to change the game and be happy!”

I wrote this poem for the Three Things Challenge #468 – Determined – Sneer – Treat

My Mission Statement

I am a determined man
I’ll do all I can
To make my writing fun
And so, my goals are none

This is no sneer at success
I refuse to stay under duress
To fight battles, I cannot win
For the sake of the tales, I spin

Writing should be a treat
Finishing stories, a great feat
Telling tales is something to enjoy
So, that is the mindset I shall employ

Thank you for reading my friends. Always remember what’s important and that’s your personal happiness. Check out more of my poetry in the Poetry Corner.

Have a great day!


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