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A New year’s Wish

“It’s time to make those resolutions and wishes again, my friends. I hope you all have a wonderful 2021 and that all your dreams come true and success finds you as the new year unfolds. Be careful what you wish for though. You might get more than you bargained for!”

I wrote this Story in answer to the following prompts:
FOWC with Fandango — Lucky
Your Daily Word Prompt — Resolution
Ragtag Daily Prompt — Understated Elegance
Word of the Day Challenge — Turn
Three Things Challenge #464 – Gain – Purge – Dip

A New year’s Wish

It was only a few hours to the start of the New Year. Elle Welsh had already made her resolution. Having been dumped by her boyfriend of four years on Boxing Day, she resolved never to speak to another male again. No, she wasn’t going to become a lesbian although the idea had appealed briefly. She was just going to use her worst Boxing Day ever to galvanise her future and purge herself of love, lust and hate. She’d forgive Steve for what he did — his loss anyway — and turn her attention to becoming a successful woman.

With three hours until the sky would be lit up by fireworks ushering in the New Year, Ellie decided to take a Yorkshire terrier, Wilbur out for a walk. She pulled her patchwork trench coat on over her white jumper, black jeans and leather boots. With a catwalk turn, Elle smiled at her reflection in the mirror. ‘A picture of understated elegance,’ she decided as she pulled her caramel hair into a ponytail.

“Come on, Wilbur. Let’s go,” she said as she stepped out and locked the door behind her. The night was mostly clear save for a little frosty mist. Elle gazed to the stars. Her focused pulled to one above the distance city skyline. The star seemed to glint between blue and white more than the others. “You must be the New Year’s star. Don’t bring me any men next year. I don’t want to see another dick again!”

Wilbur gave a ‘yip!’ As he bounded along just in front of her.

Elle lived in a little village. Her cottage was alone on its stretch of the country lane. The main village was a way to the right past the school. There was a line of five houses along Hawkes Lane. Elle made the turn towards those. It was there as she walked along the hedgerow; the star caught her attention again. The bright, blue and white light seemed lower as it sparkled like a strobe. It seemed to gain a little height and then dip toward the horizon. “Look, Wilbur. That strange star’s dancing up there.”

Wilbur yipped and disappeared headfirst into the bushes, leaving Elle laughing.

“That’s it, go on, chase the poor hedgehogs.” Elle tugged his lead and coaxed him on again. The houses here were all red-brick built and old. Each was easily six bedrooms in size and boasted large garden’s back and front. It was abundantly clear something was wrong here this night. The road and gardens were lit up by people searching with torches.

“Graham! Dylan! … Silly sods, where are you?” yelled a woman turning her light full on Elle’s face. “Ah, Elle. You haven’t seen Graham and Dylan, have you?”

Half blinded, Elle put her hand over her eyes. “No sorry, Caroline. I only just stepped out to take Wilbur for a walk. Have they taken your dog for a walk perhaps?”

“Fred!” Screamed the next neighbour along. “Oh dear, Caroline. Fred’s buggered off without his walking stick; he’ll have an accident, I know it.”

“Evening, Gertrude. My Graham and Dylan have disappeared too.” Caroline replied looking mystified behind her glasses.

Elle opened her mouth to speak. Running footsteps silenced her.

Wilbur recognised the little girl. She often came to say ‘hi!’ when he was enjoying his walk. He gave an excited ‘Yip!’ and jumped up to greet her.

“Hey, Willie! S’cuse me, my mummy wanted me to ask if you’ve seen my little brother David and my daddy?” She asked while petting the dog.

“Hello, Hilary. I’m afraid we all seem to be missing our men tonight.” Caroline told her.

Elle gazed up at the star which was now exhibiting a strange blue light. ‘Surely not!’ She thought with a burgeoning smile.

“Why are you smiling?” Asked young Hilary looking confused.

“Erm … Nothing. I do hope you find everybody soon.” Elle made a quick turn and walked back towards her home. A hand on her shoulder prevented her getting far.

“Elle, if you know something you must tell us. We’re all getting worried,” Caroline demanded.

“Okay, fine. It seems I wished all the males away.”

“You did what! Wish them back again this instant!” Gertrude yelled with a wave of her walking stick.

“No, don’t bother.” Hilary grinned. “Without my brother ripping the heads of my dolls; The New Year will be much nicer—”

“Oh, shut up everybody! It’s not possible for someone I go to wish people away. The whole idea is preposterous,” Caroline interjected while giving Elle a perplexed look. “What makes you think you did that?”

Elle scooped Wilbur into her arms and sighed, “Well, my boyfriend dumped me on Boxing Day. To galvanise myself for a successful year ahead, I made the resolution, never to speak to or see another man again. It seems in doing that, I managed to purge Earth of all males.”

“Ha! Bullshit! I bet they’re all off planning a New Year surprise for us all.” Caroline replied looking scornful.

“I wouldn’t bet on it. The last time Hilary’s dad tried to surprise us he bought us puppy but left the Ad on the screen so we all knew about it. He couldn’t surprise us properly if his life depended …”

Elle never heard the rest of what she said. All the torches had been shone away from her. The darkness gave her the chance to slip away unnoticed. Moving fast, she dashed around the corner with a giggle. “A New Year without men, what could go wrong!”

The End

Thanks for reading my friends! We’ll see you next year for more exciting tales. Until then head over to the Short Stories and Short Stories 2 tabs for more stories.

Happy New Year, my friends!


16 thoughts on “A New year’s Wish

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  1. Love it!! I could take a world with less of certain kinds of men, that’s for sure. But, let’s keep the good ones, shall we? 😜 Great story, Mason!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So love this story Mason. I had a “Ray Bradbury” moment at ““Hello, Hilary. I’m afraid we all seem to be missing our men tonight.” Caroline told her.”
    Thanks for joining in and Happy New Year Mason 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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