The Your Daily Word Prompt word today is ‘Wassail’ and as it doesn’t fit well in stories. Here’s a recent post I made about it.

Wassailing in the UK dates back to the Anglo Saxon times and involved going door to door giving gifts and celebrating a bountiful harvest. It also involved everybody drinking alcoholic beverages usually cider from a many handled wassailing jug or cup in the orchard again to celebrate a productive year and pray for a good one next year. In truth a good reason to get blind drunk!

Anyway, Here is a peek at Holly finding a wassailing cup in one of her never to be read mysteries.

From the Hautbois Lurker

“I don’t know what’s in here but I think the prize is down there,” Holly said excitedly having flicked the latch off the chest. She noticed it wasn’t against the wall, in fact it was nearly two feet away. Between it and the wall was a yawning void with a very old ladder leading down to the bottom of the house.

“Well spotted! I was so engrossed in the chest, I didn’t even realise we weren’t near the wall.” Samuel opened the chest in a shower of dust and put his light inside. All that remained in the depths was the disintegrated remains of a sheet or two and a bizarre black glazed bowl. It possessed twelve mug like handles around the sides and was about four times the size of a regular mug.

“I wonder what they did with this in King Henry VIII’s time,” remarked Holly holding it gently. She couldn’t imagine cooking with it. The handles would get in the way.

“I reckon that’s a communal drinking vessel. I remember reading about such things in my history GCSE learnings,” Samuel said correctly.

It was in fact a wassailing cup. The tradition of wassail dates back to the Anglo Saxon times and is an excuse to drink copious amounts of alchohol ‘usually mulled cider or ale’ in an orchard while praying for a bountiful harvest next year and celebrating the one just passed.  

“It’s certainly interesting.” Holly said while carefully putting the bowl back in the chest. Then she set her attentions on the ladder.

Samuel closed the chest and flinched,

Holly had pulled her phone out to send her safety texts and put its light on without warning him. “Sorry, sweetheart. It’s twelve thirty, I had to send another text and thought I might as well add some more light to the subject. We might need it down there.” she told him lightly with her eyes on the black void behind the chest. 

“That’s alright. I can see my precious lady better now.” Samuel replied fondly having gone around the chest. The ladder was on the other side of the void meaning one had to step across the gap to reach the rungs. The footballer wasn’t ready to do that and drop into the unknown!’

“Wassail! My friends. Thanks for reading!”

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    1. You’re welcome, Melanie. When researching for my failed mysteries i came upon a cup like the one I pictured. It prompted me to lwarn about it and use it in a story. I was pleased you brought it up with your word of the day.

      I appreciate you giving us the opportunity with tbe words yoy give us.


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