Cupid’s Blessing

“There’s nothing more painful than a broken heart. Especially if it broke over something you didn’t intentionally do. If that happened to you. Don’t just lay there moping – do all you can to apologise!”

I wrote today’s story in answer to the following prompts:
FOWC with Fandango — Virtuous
Your Daily Word Prompt— Reconcile
Ragtag Daily Prompt— Compact
Word of the Day Challenge — Sublime

Cupid’s Blessing

The girl with the luscious, auburn hair and heart-warming smile in the photograph, is Taylor Laine. Sean loved her so much. He wiped his eyes and forced himself to look away from her picture. Saturday, he made a terrible mistake. It happened whilst clubbing with Taylor. She’d gone to refresh herself in the ladies. Sean took the chance to get more drinks. At the bar, a curvaceous blonde had approached and kissed him. Taylor had seen the uninvited smooch and fled. Now, she wouldn’t even answer a text or call from him.

Sean couldn’t take the pain of hurting the one he loved. “I’m so, sorry for hurting you,” he told her picture with tears moistening his cheeks. Moving to collapse on his bed, he watched a seashell tumble from the chest of drawers to the floor. Nothing and nobody had been near it perplexing him. He understood and nodded toward it though, “Good idea, thanks!”

He pulled on his trainers and fled the house to clear his head. Living in the crabbing town of Cromer was ideal for that. He ran to the clifftop and down the winding slope to the beach promenade. It ran for over a miles either side of the pier. The beach here was very stony to protect the eroding clay cliffs. It did have wonderfully sandy areas and rock pools between some revetments too.

Sean jogged toward the pier avoiding inquisitive dogs, children having fun and a few couples enjoying the late afternoon. The sun would soon touch the horizon with its golden fingers creating a beautiful late afternoon.

Someway ahead of him, a female wearing a cream dress caught his attention. She took a phone from her pink-hoodie pocket. In doing so, something fell and skittered off the promenade and fell onto the beach. She never seemed to notice as she carried on toward the pier.

Sean leapt the four feet down onto the beach and jogged over the stones and sand. There was the object between a large flint and smaller pebbles, a pretty mother-of-pearl compact mirror and make-up case.

Scooping it up, Sean made for the next steps and regained the promenade. He was forced to duck through a cloud of seagulls attempting to mug a gentleman of his fish and chips. Grinning, he scanned the path for the lady. She was a good way ahead and passing the pier, and so he set off to catch her.

The pier boasted a cafe, gift shop, theatre, and the lifeboat station on the seaward end. None of those interested the lady, she walked right on by and followed the slope to the next section of the beach.

Sean followed and caught her just as she arrived at the sand. “Excuse me, madam. You dropped your compact back there.”

The lady removed her hood revealing glossy auburn hair. Turning to greet him, her soft face turned harsh with bitterness. “You! Get away from me!”

“Taylor!” Tears stung Sean’s eyes as he saw the anguish etched on her face. “Oh, Taylor. I’m so sorry. Please let me talk to you. I never meant for any of this to happen.”

The breeze blew her hair about her face as she hugged herself. “Why should I? You kissed that blonde bimbo right in front of me.”

“No. No, Taylor. I was at the bar ordering drinks. She came onto and kissed me without my permission. I never asked for it, I never wanted it. I—”

“How can I trust you again!” Taylor wiped her eyes and made to walk away.

“Please give me a chance!”

“No — go away!” Taylor stomped her foot, burst into tears and started running.

Sean caught and turned her to face him. “Wait. Let me talk to you.”

“I don’t want to hear it. If you can kiss a vivacious woman like her. There’s no hope for you loving plain old me,” she cried behind her hands.

“Look, I don’t claim to be the most virtuous, ethical man on the planet.” Sean took her shaking hands.  “On my honour, I love you just as you are. You have the most beautiful mind, body and soul. All she had was big breasts and the attitude of a hideous succubus. I could never love her.”  

“Easy for you to say that after what you did with her!” Taylor freed herself stalked off again.

“Please. Don’t go!” Sean found himself under the disapproving gaze of two elderly ladies. He glared at them before trudging after the one he loved. “Taylor, look. Take my phone and check the contacts and social media. You know how to search for new numbers and connections.”

 Taylor reached the wooden revetment covered in seaweed and barnacles before she came to a stop. “What with the prove, huh?” She demanded to know but took her compact back and the phone all the same.

Sean watched her unlock and begin checking the phone. He hid a smile; she was giving him a chance. “If the kiss-stealer meant anything to me, she’d be in there, right? She’s not there, she never will be. If you’d have looked back in the nightclub; you would have seen me push her off and come to apologise to you.” Sean bit back tears, “But you ran away from me —you never gave me a chance.”

Silence fell to Taylor flicking about on the phone.

All he could do was watch her. He could tell by the reflections in her pretty hazel eyes, she was checking his Facebook and Twitter among other places.

“You don’t love her?” She said at last with a shudder of emotion. The setting sun worked its magic turning her tears golden upon her cheeks.

Sean shook his head, “Never. I’m so, so sorry you saw her kiss me. She meant nothing to me and never will.” Sean dropped to a knee before her and held out a hand. He had to do all he could to reconcile with her. He was lost so long as Taylor wasn’t by his side. “My love and my heart belong to you.”

Taylor removed her hoodie revealing the pretty lace bodice of her dress. She hung the garment on the revetment and placed her sandals beneath. Ignoring Sean’s hand, she walked down to the shore and allowed the gentle waves to curl over her toes.

 Sean sighed and shook his head as he watched her. His heart was close to breaking at the realisation he may never reconcile with her. Standing again, he removed his trainers and followed her. “Look, if you need more proof, we can even examine the CCTV at the nightclub. I’m sure they won’t mind.”

She shook her head, “I saw the messages you left me and the missed calls. I’m sorry, I didn’t answer you.”

“No, don’t be. After what you saw; why would you?” He gave her a small smile. “You know, this is the first time I left my room since that happened. Without your love, encouragement and beautiful smile I have nothing worth living for.”

Taylor blushed, she dipped her foot in the salty water and flicked it at him. Her aim was good, soaking his shirt and trousers.   

“Hey, Cheeky!” Sean chuckled and made to splash her back. He adored the squeal and smile she gave him. He didn’t carry through with the threat. Instead, stopping and adoring her. “This is what I imagine my life with you to be like. Romantic frivolity every day. I love you, Taylor.”

As the sky turned a sublime orange, she approached and took his hand. “Today was the first day I left my home too. I don’t know why but something told me I should go for a walk. When I took my phone out and lost my compact, I had a Facebook message. I thought it was from you.” Gazing into his eyes, she seemed to take a minute to contemplate the situation. “It was a spam thing from a dating site. Weirdly, the message was completely blank.”

“Makes perfect sense to me.” Sean took a deep breath, bringing her close and absorbing her energy. Feeling her living and breathing against him, left him feeling alive and euphoric. “Cupid brought us together. He made us both come out for a walk. He allowed me a chance to apologise by giving me your compact. I want to thank you for letting me talk with you. I also understand if you don’t trust and can’t be with me any—”

“Thank you, Sean.” Taylor dropped her hand on his shoulder and brushed her nose against his as they kissed. They stood together silhouetted in the sun for a long moment. Neither saw it vanish over the horizon or felt its last rays. Even the rising water failed to register with them. They were lost in each other and love once more.

The end

Thanks for reading my friends, I really do appreciate it.

Don’t forget there’s always plenty more stories for you in the Short Stories and Short Stories 2 tabs.

Have a great day!

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